1325 CIVIL WARS.-England's Worthies, under whom all the Civil and Bloody Warres since Anno 1642 to Anno 1647 are related, by John Vicars, Author of " England's Parliamentary Chronicle," &c.&c. Royal 12mo, reprinted in the old style (similar to Lady Willoughby's Diary) with copies of the 18 rare portraits after Hollar, &c. hf. mor. 58 1845 Copies of the original edition sold £16 to £20.

The portraits comprise-Robert Earl of Essex; Robert Earl of Warwick; Lord Montagu, Earl of Denbigh; Earl of Stamford, David Lesley, General Fairfax, Sir Thomas Fairfax, O. Cromwell, Skippon, Colonel Massey, Sir W. Brereton, Sir W. Waller, Colonel Langhorne, Gen. Poyntz, Sir Thomas Middleton, Gen. Brown, and Gen. Mitton.

1326 CIVIL WARS.-Mercurius Rusticus, or the Countrie's Complaint of the barbarous outrages committed by the Sectaries of this late flourishing Kingdom (Dr. Bruno Ryves). 8vo, calf. 58 1685 1327 CIVIL WARS.-Catalogue of the Lords, Knights, and Gentlemen, that compounded for their Estates during the Civil Wars. Small 8vo, old calf gilt. 68 Chester, 1733 1328 CLAPPERTON'S Journal of a Second Expedition into the Interior of Africa, and Lander's Journal from Kano to the Seacoast. 4to, portrait and map, boards. 12s

1829 1329 CLARENDON.-Proceedings in the House of Commons touching the Impeachment of Edward Earl of Clarendon. 12mo, neat. 2s 1700 1330 CLARENDON (Edward Earl of) Brief View and Survey of the dan


gerous and pernicious Errors to Church and State in Mr. Hobbes's "Leviathan." 4to, frontispiece, LARGE PAPER, cf. nt. 58 Oxford, 1676 1331 CLARENDON (Henry Hyde, Earl of) Correspondence, also that of Lau. Hyde, Earl of Rochester, with their Diaries, 1687-96, containing minute particulars of the Revolution, and Laurence Hyde's Embassy to Poland. Edited by Singer. 2 vols. 4to, boards. 188 1332 CLARENDON'S History of the Rebellion and Civil Wars in England, 1641-1660, 6 vols. Orf. 1712-Appendix to the History, 1724The History compleated in a series of the heads of the great men on both sides, 88 plates, 1715-History of the Civil Wars in Ireland, 1721-Life and Continuation of the History, 3 vols. Orf. 1759. In all 12 vols. 8vo, old calf gilt. £2. 28 1333 CLARENDON (Earl of) State Papers from the year 1621, containing the Materials from which his History of the Great Rebellion was composed, and the Authorities on which the truth of his relation is founded. 3 vols. 8vo, calf neat. 1334 CLAREMONT (a Poem) addressed to the Earl of Clare, with Remarks and Annotatious Variorum. 8vo, calf, curious. 38 N.D. about 1750 1335 CLARISSIMORUM Philosophorum Pet. Victorii et Joan. Caselii Epis


Oxford, 1767

tola, Francof. 1597-Casæ (Jo.) Galateus seu de Morum Honestate, ib. 1597. In 1 vol. 12mo, vellum. 38

1336 CLARK (W. G.) Gazpacho, or Summer Months in Spain. Post 8vo, cloth (a very amusing book). 38 1850 1337 CLARKE (Rev. Dr. John) Demonstration of some of Sir Isaac Newton's Principles of Natural Philosophy. 8vo, calf neat. 28 1730 1338 CLARKE (S. R.) Vestigia Anglicana, or Illustrations of the more interesting and Debatable Points in the History and Antiquiries of England, from the earliest ages to the Accession of the House of Tudor. 2 vols. 8bo, boards. 68


1339 CLARKE (Dr. Edward Daniel) Travels in various Countries of Europe, Asia, and Africa. 5 vols. 4to, maps and numerous plates, half calf gilt.

£1. 10s


1340 CLARKE.-Life and Remains of Dr. Edward Daniel Clarke, the traveller. By W. Otter (Bp. of Chichester). Th. 4to, bds. 7s 6d 1824 1341 CLARKSON'S (the venerable Thos.) Researches, Antediluvian, Patriarchal, and Historical. 8vo, cloth. 38



1342 ELIANI Operum, tomus I. Variam historiam continens præfatus est et Iddicis Vocum subiecit M. Chr. Kretzschmar. Thick 8vo, no more published, in consequence of the death of the Editor, vel. 38 Dresda,1746 1343 ALDI MANUCCI.-Locutioni dell' Epistole di Cicerone scielte utilissime al comporre nell' una e l'altra lingua. 12mo, calf gilt. 28 6d Como, 1618 1344 ANALECTA Veterum Poetarum Græcorum. Editore R. Fr. P. Brunck. 3 vols. 8vo, FINE PAPER, calf gilt. 188 1345 ANGUILLARA (G. And. dell') Edippo Tragedia.

morocco extra, gilt leaves.


1346 ANTONINUS'S (The Emperor) Meditations.

Collier. 8vo, neat.


Argentorati, 1776 12mo, fine copy, red Vinegia, 1565

Translated by Jeremy


1347 ANTONINUS'S (Marcus) Commentaries. Translated by Thompson. 8vo, half calf. 28


1348 APOLLONII Rhodii Argonautica Græci cum Scholiis, with Manuscript Notes by Brunck. 2 vols. 12mo, vellum. 58 Paris, 1541 1349 APOLLONIUS Rhodius. Translated by F. Fawkes, with Translation

of Coluthus's Poem on the Rape of Helen. 8vo, front. cf. nt. 3s 1780 1350 APPIANI Alexandrini Romanarum Historiarum Gr. et Lat. A. Tollius correxit et H. Stephani ac Annotationes adjecit. 2 vols. 8vo, frontispiece, new and elegant in calf. 148 Amst. 1675 1351 ARISTOPHANIS Comœdiæ ex Opt. Exemp. emendatæ studio R. F. P. Brunck. 4 vols. 8vo, frontispiece, calf, very neat, contents lettered.


Argent. 1783

1352 ARISTOPHANIS, Aves, ad Codicum, fidem recensuit et commentario, instruxit F. H. Blaydes. 8vo, cloth. 28 6d Oxonii, 1842 1353 ARISTOPHANES.-Essay on the Birds of Aristophanes. By J. W. Süvern. Translated by W. R. Hamilton. 8vo, boards, sc. 48 1835 1354 ARISTOPHANES.-The Frogs. Translated by Charles Cavendish Clifford. 8vo. 18 6d

Oxford, 1848 1355 ARISTOPHANES.-Süvern's Two Essays on the Clouds, and on the TAAE of Aristophanes. Translated by W. R. Hamilton. 8vo, cloth. 38 6d



1356 RICCOBONI Paraphrasis in Rhetoricam Aristotelis. 8vo, 28 1822 1357 ARISTOTLE'S Art of Poetry. Translated, with M. Dacier's Notes. 8vo, neat. 28 1750 1358 ARRIANI de Expedit Alex. Magni, Historiarum lib. VII. ejusdem Indica Nic. Blancardus recensuit, Gr. et Lat. 8vo, FINE COPY, vellum. Amst. 1668 1359 BURNEII (Carolus) Tentamen de Metris ab Eschylo in Choricis Cantibus adhibitus. 8vo, neat, scarce. 78 6d-Another, hf. cf. 68 1809 1360 CÆSAR'S Commentaries of the Wars in Gaul, translated by Captain Bladen. 8vo, frontispiece and maps, fine copy, calf neat. 1712 1361 CANTELIO (P. J.) De Romana Republica, sive de re Militari et Civili, Romanorum ad Explicandos, Scriptores antiquos. 12mo, map and plates, vellum. 38

1362 CARTARI (Vicenzo) Imagini de gli Dei delli antichi.

curious woodcuts, vellum. 48 6d



4to, numerous Padova, 1626

1363 CATAPLUS, or Æneas his descent into Hell, a Mock Poem. 12mo, neat. 38 6d 1672. 1364 CENSORINUS, de Die Natali, H. Lindenbrogius, recensuit et Notis illustravit. 12mo, neat. 28 6d


Camb. 1695

1365 CHANDLER'S (Dr. R.) History of Ilium or Troy, including the adjacent Country and opposite Coast of the Chersonesus of Thrace. 4to, map, boards. • 1802 1366 CIACCONIUS (P.) De Triclinio sive de modo convivandi apud priscos Romanos, et Fulvi Ursini Appendix. 12mo, plates,vell. 3s Amst. 1664 1367 CICERONIS Epistolæ ad Familiares. Folio, very good sound copy of a rare edition, calf neat. 158 Venetiis, MCCCCLXXXIII. 1368 CICERONIS (M. T.) De partitione oratoria Dialogus Jacobus Lodoici Strebaci Commentariis illustratus; and other Latin Classical Works in the Volume. 4to, old calf.


1369 CICERO, on the Complete Orator. Translated, with

Barnes. 8vo, calf. 38

1370 CICERO'S Tusculan Disputations, in Five Books. Gentleman. 8vo, calf neat.


Paris, 1538 Notes, by Geo. 1762

Translated by a 1758

1371 CICERO'S Five Books, de Finibus, done into, English by S. P., revised by Jeremy Collier. 8vo, portrait, calf. 38 6d 1702 1372 CICERO'S Morals, containing his Conferences de Finibus et Academics. Translated by W. Guthrie. 8vo, calf neat. 48 6d 1744 1373 CICERO'S Epistles to Atticus, with Notes. Translated by W.

Guthrie. 2 vols. 8vo, calf neat. 68 6d


1374 CICERO'S Letters to his Friends, with Remarks. By W. Melmoth.

3 vols. 8vo, calf neat.


1753 1375 CICERO'S Epistles to Brutus and of Brutus to Cieero, with the Latin Text opposite, and English Notos, by Dr. Middleton. 8vo, cf.nt. 48 1743 1376 CICERO.-Les Epistres familieres de Marc Tulle Ciceron, ensemble

celles de plusieurs autres Seigneurs Romains à Ciceron traduites de Latin en François, par E. Dolet et Belleforest (with the Latin Text). 12mo, fine copy, ruled with red lines, calf neat. 68 Paris, 1566

1377 CLAUDIANA (C. C.) Opera recensuit N. Heinsius notis addidit accedunt selectia variorum Commentaria. 8vo, engraved title, calf, marbled leaves. 48 Amst. (Elzev.) 1665 1378 CORSINI (Edv.) Dissertationes IV. Agonisticæ quibus Olympiorum, Pythiorum, Nemeorum atque Isthmiorum tempus inquiritur ac demonstratur. 8vo. 3s Lips. 1752 1379 CLAUSIUS (J.) Notæ et Additamenta ad Prosodium Græcam, Jena, 1676-Matthiæ (Aug.) Obs. Crit. in Tragicos, Homerum, Appollonium, &c. Gott. 1789. In 1 vol. 12mo, half calf. 28 6d 1380 DARES Phrigius de Excidio Troie. 4to, very curious woodcuts, russia, gilt leaves, bound by Roger Payne. 158 Paris, 1527 1381 DEMOSTHENIS et Æschinis Opera, Gr. et Lat. cum notis edidit J. Taylor. 4to, Vols. 2 & 3 (Vol. 1 never pub.) cf. nt. 7s 6d Camb.1748-57 An edition highly esteemed for the notes, and the beauty of the typography. 1382 DEMOSTHENES, Orations. Translated by Thos. Leland. 2 vols. 1757 1383 DIBDIN (Rev. T. F.) Introduction to the Knowledge of the rare and valuable Editions of Greek and Latin Classics, Greek Bibles and Testaments, Greek and Latin Fathers, &c. 2 vols. 8vo, last edition, new, half calf gilt. 128

8vo, calf neat. 68

1827 1384 DIODORUS the SICILIAN.-Historical Library, containing the Antiquities of Egypt, Asia, Africa, Greece, the Islands, and Europe. Translated by G. Booth. Folio, maps, calf neat. £1. 48


1385 ELTON (C. A.) Specimens of the Classic Poets, in a Chronological Series, from Homer to Tryphiodorus. Translated into English Verse, with Biographical & Critical Notices. 3 vols. post 8vo, bds. 68 6d 1814 1386 EPICTETI Enchiridion, made English in a Poetical Paraphrase, by Ellis Walker of Londonderry, 1692-Epicteti Enchiridion una cum Cebetis Thebani Tabula, Gr. et Lat. 1670. In 1 vol. 8vo, curious frontispiece, calf. 38 6d

4s 6d


Paris, 1802

1387 EPICTETUS'S Manuall, Cebes's Table, Theophrastus's Characters. Translated by Jo. Healey. 12mo, calf, scarce. 1616 1388 ESCHENBURG, Manuel de Litterature classique ancienne, traduit de l'Allemand, avec des Additions par C. F. Cramer. 2 vols. 8vo, calf, marbled leaves. 1389 ESCHENBURG (J. J.) Classical Antiquities, being part of the Manual of Classical Literature. Translated from the German, with Additions by Professor Fiske. Royal 8vo, calf neat. 38 Philadelphia, 1837 1390 EURIPIDIS Opera omnia, Gr. et Lat. cum Notis variorum. 9 vols. 8vo, GOOD SET in russia, marbled leaves. £2. 158 Glasg. 1821 1391 EURIPIDIS Tragœdiæ priores quatuor et notis. Edidit R. Porsou, recensuit Jac. Scholefield. 8vo, calf gilt. 48


Cantab. 1829 1392 FLETCHER (Thos.) Poems and Translations, wherein the First and Second Books of Virgil's Æneids are attempted in English. Small 8vo, calf. 58 1393 FLORILEGIUM Epigrammatum Græcorum eorumque Latino versu à variis redditorum. 12mo, curious folding engraving of a sphere, half calf. 38 Lond. F. Kingston, 1629 1394 FLORUS (Lucius) The Roman Histories, from the foundation of Rome. Translated by W. Stansby. 12mo, engraved title by Simon Passe, vellum. 68 6d (about 1620) 1395 GAZAE (Theod.) Grammatica Græca una cum Interpretatione Latina. 8vo, morocco elegant, gilt edges, very scarce. 786d Venet. (Sessa) 1545 1396 GAZAE (Theodori) Geor. Lecapeni, Emin. Moscopuli et Hephæston, Grammatices, Græce. 12mo, neat, a rare edition. 68 Venet. P. Junta, 1526 1397 GRAMMATICA VETERES.-Enchiridion Grammaticalis Introductionis. Erotemata Chrysoloræ. Theodori Grammaticalis Introductio, &c. Græcé. Small 8vo, calf, fine copy, from Brunck's Library, with some MS. Notes. 158 P. Junta, 1514 1398 GREEK ANTHOLOGY.-Collections from the Greek Anthology, by Bland and others. Edited by Merivale. Post 8vo, best edit. boards. 48 6d

1399 GUALTERI de Syllabarum et Carminum Ratione liber. 28 6d


12mo, rare.

Tig. 1554

1400 HERODOTUS.-History of. Translated from the Greek, by Isaac Littlebury. 2 vols. 8vo, calf, neat and clean. 4s 6d 1737 1401 HESIODI Græce et Latine, cum Not. Var. ex recens. Jo. Clerici. 2 vols. in 1, 8vo, frontispiece, vellum. 58 Amsterdam, 1701 1402 HOMERI Odyssea, Batrachomyomachia, et Hymni, Gr. 4to, large copy, half calf. 48

Lovan. 1535

1403 HOMERI et Hesiodi Certamen, nunc primum luce donatum. Matronis et aliorum parodiæ ex Homeri versibus consutæ. Homericorum Heroum Epitaphia, Gr. et Lat. 12mo. 38 6d


1404 HOMERI Odyssea, Interp. R. Volaterrano Batrachomyomachia, interprete Aldo Romano. 12mo, neat, RARE. 58

Venet. 1528

This translation is in prose, and unknown to Panzer.

1405 HOMER.-The Iliads of Homer, PRINCE OF POETS, never before in any language truly translated, with a Comment on some of his chief Places. Done according to the Greek, by George Chapman; with Introduction and Notes by Richard Hooper, M.A. 2 vols. fcap. 8vo, elegantly printed by Whittingham, with port. & front. cloth. 128 1857 1406 HOMER'S Odysseys, translated by George Chapman, with Introduction and Notes by Rev. R. Hooper. 2 vols. fcap. 8vo, frontispiece, 1857 1407 HOMER'S Batrachomyomachia, Hymns, and Epigrams; Hesiod's Works and Days; Museus's Hero and Leander, and Juvenal's Fifth Satire, with Introduction and Notes by Rev. R. Hooper. Feap. 8vo, frontispiece, cloth. 68

cloth. 128

1858 "The translation of Homer, published by George Chapman, is one of the greatest treasures the English language can boast."--GODWIN.

"With Chapman, Pope had frequent consultations, and perhaps never translated any passage till he read his version."-DR. JOHNSON.

"He covers his defects with a daring, fiery spirit that animates his transla tion, which is something like what one might imagine Homer himself to have writ before he arrived at years of discretion."--POPE.

"Chapman's translation, with all its defects, is often exceedingly Homeric, which Pope himself seldom attained."-HALLAM.

"Chapman writes and feels as a poet-as Homer might have written had he lived in England in the reign of Queen Elizabeth."-COLERIDGE.

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1408 HOMER'S Iliad and Odyssey. Translated by Pope. 12 vols. post 8vo, numerous fine plates by the best artists of the time, boards, uncut, scarce in this state. £1.88 · Du Roveray, 1806 1409 HOMER.-Penn (Granville) Examination of the Primary Argument of the Iliad. Svo, boards. 38 1821 1410 OBSERVATIONS on the Poems of Homer and Virgil, translated from the French by John Davies of Kidwelly. Small 8vo, calf. 38 1672 1411 HOLE (Richd.) Essay on the Character of Ulysses as delineated by Homer. Post 8vo, boards. 1807 1412 WOOD (Robert) Essay on the Original Genius and Writings of Homer. Svo, map, calf neat.




1413 SPENCE (Rev. Jos.) Essay on Pope's Odyssey, in five Dialogues.

8vo, frontispiece, neat. 28

1414 HORATII Opera in usum Delphini. 8vo, neat. 28



1415 HORACE'S Odes. Translated by Sir Thos. Hawkins. 12mo, extra boards. 38

1638 1416 HORACE.-Poems, consisting of Odes, Satyres, and Epistles in English Verse, by several persons. Edited by Alexander Brome. 8vo, original binding. 38

1666 1417 HYPERİDES' Oration against Demosthenes, respecting the treasure of Harpalus, the fragments of the Greek Text. Now first edited from the facsimile of the MS. discovered at Egyptian Thebes in 1847, with Dissertation and Notes by C. Babington. 4to, sewed. 68 1850

1418 HYPERIDES' Orations for Lycophron and for Euxenippus, in facsimile, with Account of the Discovery of the Original Manuscript, by Jos. Arden, Esq., the Text edited, with Notes and Illustrations, by Rev. C. Babington. Royal 4to, half morocco. 128 6d Cambridge, 1853 1418* HYPERIDES' Funeral Oration over Leosthenes and his Comrades in the Lamian War. Now first edited, from a Greek Papyrus, by Churchill Babington. 4to, facsimiles. 10s 6d


1419 LEMPRIERE (J.) Classical Dictionary, with the Value of Weights, Coins, and Measures, among the Greeks and Romans. Thick 4to, brown calf neat. 48 6d


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