94 AN ESSAY on the Roman Villas of the Augustan Age, their Architectural
Disposition and Enrichments, and on the Remains of Roman Domestic
Edifices discovered in Great Britain. By Thomas Moule. 8vo, 2
plates, cloth. 48 6d (original price, 8s)


95 ANDERSON (Eneas) Narrative of the British Embassy to China in
1792-3, and 1794, Customs and Manners of the Chinese, &c. 8vo,
half calf. 28
96 ANDERSON (James) Account of the present State of the Hebrides and
Western Coasts of Scotland. 8vo, map, calf. 38 Edinb. 1785

97 ANDERSON (Charles) Ancient Models, or Hints on Church Building.
12mo, frontispiece and woodcuts, cloth. 28

78 6d


98 ANDILLY (Arnauld d') Vies de plusieurs Saints illustres de divers Siècles.
Thick folio, neat and clean.
Paris, 1664
99 ANDREWS (J. P.) History of Great Britain (Henry Eighth to James
First) being a continuation of Dr. Henry's History on the same plan.
2 vols. 8vo, calf, very neat.
100 ANECDOTES du Nord, comprenant la Suede, la Danemarck, la Pologne,
et la Russie. 8vo, neat. 3s 6d
Paris, 1770




101 AKERMAN'S (J. Y.) Spring-Tide; or, the Angler and his Friends.
12mo, SECOND EDITION, portrait and plates, cloth. 38 6d 1852
"Never, in our recollection, has the contemplative man's recreation been
rendered more attractive, nor the delights of a country life set forth with a truer
or more discriminating zest, than in these pleasant pages.”—Gent.'s Mag.
102 ALEXANDER'S (W., late Keeper of the Prints in the British Museum)
Journey to Beresford Hall, in Derbyshire, the Seat of Charles Cotton,
the celebrated Angler. Crown 4to, fine frontispiece and vignette title-
page, cloth. 58


203 ANDERDON'S (J. L.) River Dove, with some Quiet Thoughts on the
Happy Practice of Angling. 12mo, printed in the old style, cloth.
Pickering, 1847
104 BARKER'S Delight, or the Art of Angling, 1657, reprinted. 12mo,


sewed. 18


105 BENNETT (J. W.) The most remarkable and interesting of the Fishes
found on the Coast of eylon. 4to, 30 coloured plates, with letter-


press description, boards.
106 BLAKEY'S (Robt.) Historical Sketches of the Angling Literature of all
Nations, to which is added, a Bibliography of English Writers on
Angling. Fcap. 8vo, cloth. 58
107 BIBLIOGRAPHICAL Catalogue of English Writers on Angling and
Ichthyology. By John Russell Smith. Post 8vo, sewed. 18 6d 1856
A few copies separately printed on large paper from the foregoing work.
108 CLARKE'S (Capt.) Angler's Desideratum. 12mo, cuts, sewed. 1s 1839
109 COLLECTION of Right Merrie Garlands for North Country Anglers.
Post 8vo, woodcuts by Bewick, cloth. 12s 6d Newcastle, 1842

This copy has a portrait of Robert Roxby, and three additional Garlands
printed subsequently inserted, making the collection quite perfect.
110 COLQUHOUN (John) The Moor and the Loch, containing practical.
Hints of most of the Highland Sports, and Notices of the Habits of
the different Creatures of Game and Prey in the Mountainous Districts
of Scotland, with Essay on Loch Fishing. 8vo,woodcuts, cl. 4s 6d 1840
111 FLY-FISHING in Salt and Fresh Water. 8vo, plates coloured, repre-
senting flies in their full size, cloth. 58
Van Voorst, 1851

112 KLEIN, Historia Piscium Naturalis. 4to, plates, sewed. 58 Lips. 1744
113 LANMAN (Charles) Adventures of an Angler in Canada and the United
States. Post 8vo, portrait and woodcuts, cloth. 58


114 MEDWIN (Capt.) The Angler in Wales, or Days and Nights of Sports-
men. 2 vols. 8vo, plates and woodcuts, boards. 6s 6d

115 MONRO (Dr. Alex.) On the Structure and Physiology of Fishes. Folio,
many plates, boards, scarce.
Edinb. 1785
116 O'CONNOR'S Field Sports of France, in Hunting, Shooting, and Fish-
ing. 12mo, cloth. 48 6d
St. Omer, 1846


117 PHELPS (S.) On the Importance of extending the British Fisheries.
8vo, boards.


118 PULMAN'S (G. P. R.) Vade Mecum of Fly-fishing for Trout. 12mo,
cloth. 28 6d
119 PULMAN'S (G. P. R.) Book of the Axe, containing a Piscatorial De-
scription of that Stream, and a History of all the Parishes and re-
markable Spots upon its Banks. Thick post 8vo, maps and many
interesting plates, cloth. 12s (pub. at 158)


120 SCHULTES'S Aquatic Rights, or the Law relating to Fishing. Svo,
boards. 28

121 SOUTH (Theophilus) The Fly-fisher's Text Book.
half calf gilt. 58

122 STODDART (Thomas Tod) Angling Reminiscences.
cloth. 28 6d


8vo, plates, new,


12mo, woodents,
Edinb. 1837

123 STODDART (Thos. Tod) The Angler's Companion to the Rivers and
and Lochs of Scotland. Thick post 8vo, plates, cloth. 58 1847
124 THE TREATYSE of Fysshynge, with an Angle attributed to Dame
Juliana Berners (supposed to be the first printed Treatise in the Eng-
lish Language), reprinted from the Book of St. Alban's. Post 8vo,
woodcuts, sewed.
Pickering, 1827
125 TRUE ART of Angling, or the best way of taking all sorts of Fresh-
water Fish. By J. S. 48mo, frontispiece and cuts, calf neat. 58 1696
126 VENABLES (Col. R.) Experienced Angler, 1662, with Life. 12mo,

28 6d

cuts, half mor. gilt top. 3s-LARGE PAPER, half mor. 4s 6d 1827
127 WALTON and Cotton's Compleat Angler. Edited by Moses Browne.
12mo, plates, calf, clean copy. 68
128 WALTON and Cotton's Angler. A set of the 12 Copper-plates by
Absolon and Wilmore, and also the 62 Woodcuts illustrating the third
edition of Walton and Cotton, edited by John Major. ENGRAVER'S
PRINTED ON INDIA PAPER. In royal 8vo, only 12 copies taken off.

These illustrations are different to those used in Major's first and second
editions; they are admirably adapted to illustrate those, or Sir Harris Nicolas's
edition of this popular work.

129 TESTIMONY of Antiquitie, shewing the Ancient Faith of the Church
of England touching the Sacrament. Edited by Fox, the Martyro-
logist. Anglo-Saxon, with English translation. 12mo, calf. 188
Printed by John Daye, N.D. (about 1560)
130 CASAUBONI (Merici) De quatuor Linguis Commentationis, pars prior
quæ de Lingua Hebraica et de Lingua Saxonica, 1650-Somneri
(Giul.) Adverba Vetera Germanica Notæ. In 1 vol. 12mo, vellum. 58

131 SAXON Treatise concerning the Old and New Testament, written about the time of King Edgar, by Elfricus Abbas, with English Translation by William L'Isle, of Wilburgham; also a Testimonial of Antiquitie, and touching the Sacrament, English and Saxon. 4to, old calf gilt.



132 HICKESIO (Geo.) Institutionis Grammaticæ Anglo-Saxonicæ et MoesoGothicæ. 4to, calf neat. 88 6d

Oxonii, 1689 133 CHRONICON Saxonicum nunc primum integrum, edidit ac Latinum fecit E. Gibson. 4to, clean, in old calf. 108 6d Oxon. 1692 134 VOCABULARIUM Anglo-Saxonicum Lexico, Gul. Somneri, magna parte auctius opera Tho. Benson. Royal 8vo, numerous MS. additions in the margins by E. Sawyer 1754, calf. 10s 6d Oxonii, 1701 135 VOCABULARIUM Anglo-Saxonicum Lexico, Gul.Somneri, magna parte auctius, opera Tho. Benson. 8vo, front. cf. nt. 7s 6d Oxon. 1701 136 AN ANGLO-SAXON Homily on the Birthday of St. Gregory, with a Translation and Notes by Miss Elstob. 8vo, calf. 78 6d


1709 137 WOTTONUM (Gul.) Linguarum Vett. Septentrionalium Thesauri Grammatico-Critici et Archæologici, auctore Geo. Hickesio, conspectus brevis. 12mo, calf. 38 6d 138 THWAITES.-Grammatica Anglo-Saxonica ex Hickesiano Ling. Septr. Thesaur. Excerpta. Royal 8vo, front. L. P. COPY, bds. 5s Oxon. 1711 139 ELSTOB (Mrs. Elizabeth) Rudiments of Grammar for the EnglishSaxon Tongue, with Apology for the Study of Northern Antiquities. 4to, sewed. 58 1715 140 WOTTON'S Short View of George Hickes's Grammatico-Critical and Archæological Treasure of the Ancient Northern Languages, with Notes by Mr. Shelton. 4to, calf. 78 6d

1735 141 WOTTON'S View of George Hickes's Grammatico-Critical and Archæological Treasury of the Ancient Northern Languages, with Notes. LARGE PAPER, 1737-Dr. Johnson's Plan of a Dictionary of the English Language, addressed to the Earl of Chesterfield, 1747. In 1 vol. 4to, calf gilt. 10s 6d


142 BOSWORTH (Rev. Dr. J.) Elements of Anglo-Saxon Grammar, with copious Notes, illustrating the Structure of the Saxon and Formation of the English Language. Royal 8vo, boards. 1823 143 ANCIENT History, English and French, exemplified in a regular Dissection of the Saxon Chronicle, preceded by a Review of Wharton's Utrum Elfricus Grammaticus, Malmesbury's Life of St. Wulstan, and Hugo Candidus's Peterborough History, wherein the principal Saxon Annalists are (for the first time) identified. 12mo, new, hf. cf. 58 1830 144 CEDMON'S Metrical Paraphrase of Parts of the Holy Scriptures in Anglo-Saxon, with English Translation and Notes by Thorpe. Royal 8vo, boards. 108 6d


145 ANGLO-SAXON Version of the Story of Apollonius of Tyre;-upon which is founded the Play of Pericles, attributed to Shakespeare;from a MS. with a Translation and Glossary. By Benjamin Thorpe. 12mo, cloth. 38 6d (original price 68)

1834 146 LIBRI Psalmorum Versio Antiqua Latina, cum Paraphrasi AngloSaxonica, edidit B. Thorpe. 8vo, cloth. 10s (pub. at £1. 1s) Oxon. 1835 147 BOSWORTH'S (Dr.) Larger Preface to his Anglo-Saxon Dictionary. Royal 8vo, folded for binding. 78 6d 1838

This is of use but to those who have copies of the Dictionary without the large Preface; when it was first published it was sold with, and without. 148 WACKERBARTH on the Music of the Anglo-Saxons. 8vo. 3s 1837

149 BEOWULF, an Anglo-Saxon Poem, translated, with copious Glossary, Preface, and Notes, by John M. Kemble. Thick 12mo, cloth, SCARCE. 128 Pickering, 1837 150 ANGLO-SAXON.-Fragment of Elfric's Anglo-Saxon Grammar, Elfric's Glossary, and a Poem on the Soul and Body of the XIIth Century, discovered among the Archives of Worcester Cathedral. BySir Thos. Phillipps, Bart. Fol. PRIVATELY PRINTED, sewed, 1s 6d 1838 151 ANGLO-SAXON Homily on St. Gregory's Day, with English Trans- lation by Elizabeth Elstob. 8vo, boards. 48 Pickering, 1839 152 POPULAR Treatises on Science, written during the Middle Ages, in Anglo-Saxon, Anglo-Norman, and English, with Translations and Notes by T. Wright. 8vo, cloth. 38

Royal 8vo. 48


153 BOSWORTH'S Essentials of Anglo-Saxon Grammar, with an Outline of Rask and Grimm's Systems. 1841 154 WRIGHT'S (Thos.) Biographia Britannica Literaria, the Biography of the Literary Characters of the Anglo-Saxon Period, with Introductory Essay on the State of Literature and Learning. Thick 8vo, cloth. 68 (pub. at 128)



155 ANGLO-SAXON Version of the Holy Gospels. Edited from the original MS. By Benjamin Thorpe, F.S.A. Post 8vo, cloth. 68 (original price 128) 156 ELFRIC Society's Publications, viz., The Homilies of Elfric-Poetry of the Codex Vercellencis-Anglo-Saxon Dialogues of Salomon and Saturn. Edited by Thorpe and Kemble. 15 nos. quite a perfect set. £2. 28 157 LANGLEY'S PRINCIPIA SAXONICA, comprising Elfric's Homily on the Birthday of St. Gregory, with a Preliminary Essay on the Utility of the Anglo-Saxon, Illustrations from Bede and the Saxon Chronicle, and a copious Glossary. 12mo, boards. 28 6d 1844


Elfric's Homily is remarkable for beauty of composition, and interesting as setting forth Augustine's mission to the "Land of the Angles."

158 SEMI-SAXON.-The Departing Soul's Address to the Body, a Fragment of a Semi-Saxon Poem, discovered among the Archives of Worcester Cathedral, by Sir Thos. Phillipps, Bart., with an English Translation by S.W. Singer. 8vo, only 100 PRIVATELY PRINTED. 28 1845 159 ANALECTA ANGLO-SAXONICA.-A Selection, in Prose and Verse, from Anglo-Saxon Authors of various ages, with a Glossary. By Benjamin Thorpe, F.S.A. A new edition, with corrections and improvements. Post Svo, cloth. 8s (original price 12s)


160 ANGLO-SAXON Version of the Hexameron of St. Basil, and the Anglo-Saxon Remains of St. Basil's Admonitio ad Filium Spiritualem; now first printed from MSS. in the Bodleian Library, with a Translation and Notes. By the Rev. H. W. Norman. 8vo, SECOND EDITION, enlarged, sewed. 4s 1848 161 BARNES'S (Rev. W.) Anglo-Saxon Delectus, serving as a first ClassBook to the Language. 12mo, cloth. 28 6d



"To those who wish to possess a critical knowledge of their own Native English, some acquaintance with Anglo-Saxon is indispensable; and we have never seen an introduction better calculated than the present to supply the wants of a beginner in a short space of time. The declensions and conjugations are well stated and illustrated by references to the Greek, Latin, French, and other languages. A philosophical spirit pervades every part. The Delectus consists of short pieces on various subjects, with extracts from Anglo-Saxon History and the Saxon Chronicle. There is a good Glossary at the end."Athenæum, Oct. 20, 1849.

162 ANGLO-SAXON Version of the Life of St. Guthlac, Hermit of Croyland. Printed, for the first time, from a MS. in the Cottonian Library, with a Translation and Notes. By Charles Wycliffe Goodwin, M.A., Fellow of Catherine Hall. Cambridge. 12mo, cloth. 58 1848 163 ANALECTA ANGLO-SAXONICA.—Selections, in Prose and Verse, from Anglo-Saxon Literature, with an Introductory Ethnological Essay, and Notes, Critical and Explanatory. By Louis F. Klipstein, of the University of Giessen. 2 thick vols. post 8vo, cloth. 128

(original price 188)


Containing an immense body of information on a language which is now becoming more fully appreciated, and which contains fifteen-twentieths of what we daily think, and speak, and write. No Englishman, therefore, altogether ignorant of Anglo-Saxon, can have a thorough knowledge of his own mothertongue; while the language itself, to say nothing of the many valuable and interesting works preserved in it, may, in copiousness of words, strength of expression, and grammatical precision, vie with the modern German.

164 A GUIDE to the Anglo-Saxon Tongue: a Grammar after Erasmus Rask, with Readings in Prose and Verse, and Notes for the Use of Learners, with an Appendix by E. J. Vernon, B.A., Oxon. 12mo, cloth. 5s 1850 "Mr. Vernon has, we think, acted wisely in taking Rask for his model; but let no one suppose from the title that the book is merely a compilation from the work of that philologist. The accidence is abridged from Rask, with constant revision, correction, and modification; but the syntax, a most important portion of the book, is original, and is compiled with great care and skill; and the latter half of the volume consists of a well-chosen selection of extracts from Anglo-Saxon writers, in prose and verse, for the practice of the student, who will find great assistance in reading them from the grammatical notes with which they are accompanied, and from the glossary which follows them. This volume, well studied, will enable any one to read with ease the generality of Anglo-Saxon writers; and its cheapness places it within the reach of every class. It has our hearty recommendation."-Literary Gazette.

165 CÆDMON'S BIBLE POETRY. Edited, with Notes (in German), by Bouterwek, with copious Anglo-Saxon and Latin Glossary. 2 vols. 8vo, sewed.

8s 6d

Elberf. 1851

This is the best text of one of the most interesting relics of Anglo-Saxon literature that has descended to us; the Glossary is very copious, extending over nearly 400 pages.

166 A COMPENDIOUS Anglo-Saxon and English Dictionary. By the Rev. Joseph Bosworth, D.D., F.R.S., &c. 8vo, closely printed in treble columns.




LARGE PAPER. Royal 8vo, cloth. £1


"This is not a mere abridgment of the large Dictionary, but almost an entirely new work. In this compendious one will be found, at a very moderate price, all that is most practical and valuable in the former expensive edition, with a great accession of new words and matter."-Author's Preface. 168 ORMULUM (The) Semi-Saxon Homilies in Verse, now first edited, with Notes and Glossary, by Rev. Dr. R. M. White. 2 vols. 8vo, cloth. Oxford, 1852 169 THE ANGLO-SAXON Poems of Beowulf, the Scôp or Gleeman's Tale, and the Fight at Finnesburg, with literal Translation, Notes, and Glossary, by B. Thorpe. Post 8vo, cloth. Oxford, 1855 170 ALFRED'S (King) Description of Europe, and the Voyages of Othere* and Wulfstan, written in Anglo-Saxon by King Alfred, containing a facsimile of the whole of the Anglo-Saxon Text from the Cottonian MS. and also the first part of the Lauderdale MS., on 29 pages, with a printed Anglo-Saxon Text and a literal Translation, with Notes, &c. By Rev. Dr. Bosworth. Royal 4to, only 50 copies printed. £2. 28

138 6d


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