The naval service, or, officer's manual for every grade in his majesty's ships, Volume 1

Saunders and Otley, 1836

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Pagina 77 - An Act to explain and amend an act made in the twenty-second year of the reign of His late Majesty King George the Second, intituled, ' An Act for amending, explaining, and reducing into one Act of Parliament the laws relating to the government of His Majesty's ships, vessels, and forces by sea...
Pagina 82 - ... disclose or discover the vote or opinion of any particular member of the court-martial, unless required to give evidence thereof, as a witness, by a court of justice, in a due course of law. So help you God.
Pagina 299 - Something must be left to chance ; nothing is sure in a Sea Fight beyond all others. Shot will carry away the masts and yards of friends as well as foes ; but I look with confidence to a Victory before the Van of the Enemy could succour their Rear...
Pagina 300 - The second in command will in all possible things direct the movements of his line by keeping them as compact as the nature of the circumstances will admit. Captains are to look to their particular line as their rallying point. But, in case signals can neither be seen or perfectly understood, no captain can do very wrong if he places his ship alongside that of an enemy.
Pagina 287 - A friend in need is a friend indeed," was never more truly verified than by your most noble and gallant conduct yesterday, in sparing the Captain from further loss ; and I beg, both as a public officer and a friend, you will accept my most sincere thanks.
Pagina 186 - ... then on the other, and at length for a Lieutenant. Captain Collingwood, who had been observing this in silence, ordered his boat to be manned, as he would go too. On his arrival on board, he desired the Lieutenant, when the order was copied, to bring it to him ; and he read it while he was walking the quarter-deck with Lord St. Vincent and Sir Robert Calder. It was merely an order for the Excellent to receive on board two bags of onions for the use of the sick ; and on seeing it he exclaimed,...
Pagina 19 - I have seldom known any one who deserted truth in trifles, that could be trusted in matters of importance. Nice distinctions are out of the question, upon occasions which, like those of speech, return every hour. The...
Pagina 288 - Commodore on the distinguished part which he ever takes when the honour and interests of his Country are at stake. It added very much to the satisfaction which I felt in thumping the Spaniards, that I released you a little. The highest rewards are due to you and Culloden : you formed the plan of attack, — we were only accessories to the Don's ruin ; for, had they got on the other tack, they would have been sooner joined, and the business would have been less complete.
Pagina 19 - Yor which this rule leaves no foundation. The faith indeed of a hearer must be extremely perplexed, who considers the speaker, or believes that the speaker considers himself, as under no obligation to adhere to truth, but according to the particular importance of what he relates.
Pagina 232 - These fillings occasion no consumption of useful timber, as one-fourth of the produce of a slab, and other offal now sold as fathom wood, would supply a sufficient quantity for the consumption of the whole navy. • ę The advantages obtained by filling in the openings are these : To add to the strength and durability of the fabric, to preserve the health of the crew from the effects of the impure air arising from the filth which soon collects in these openings, to render the ship less liable to...

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