The Chinese as They are: Their Moral and Social Character, Manners, Customs, Language: with Remarks on Their Arts and Sciences, Medical Skill, the Extent of Missionary Enterprise, Etc


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Pagina 36 - And let this apparel and horse be delivered to the hand of one of the king's most noble princes, that they may array the man withal whom the king delighteth to honour, and bring him on horseback through the street of the city, and proclaim before him, Thus shall it be done to the man whom the king delighteth to honour.
Pagina 33 - Whoever is guilty of improper conduct, and of such as is contrary to the spirit of the laws, though not a breach of any specific part of it, shall be punished at least forty blows; and when the impropriety is of a serious nature, with eighty blows.
Pagina 44 - In return for your Majesty's bounties, it is your handmaid's duty to brave death to serve you. I can cheerfully enter into this foreign alliance, for the sake of producing peace, and shall leave behind me a name still green in history. — But my affection for your Majesty, how am I to lay aside ! EMPEROR.
Pagina 29 - In our general conduct, not to be orderly is to fail in filial duty ; in serving our Sovereign, not to be faithful is to fail in filial duty ; in acting as a magistrate, not to be careful is to fail in filial duty...
Pagina 44 - Since the princess was yielded to the Tartars we have not held an audience. The lonely silence of night but increases our melancholy ! We take the picture of that fair one and suspend it here, as some small solace to our griefs. [To the attendant.'] Keeper of the yellow gate, behold, the incense in yonder vase is burned out : hasten then to add some more. Though we can not see her, we may at least retain this shadow ; and, while life remains, betoken our regard.
Pagina 44 - K'HAN. The autumnal gale blows wildly through the grass, amidst our woolen tents. And the moon of night, shining on the rude huts, hears the lament of the mournful pipe : The countless hosts, with their bended horns, obey me as their leader. Our tribes are ten distinguished friends of the family of Han.
Pagina 63 - In obedience to the commands of a parent, he had given up the certain pursuit of a livelihood abroad, and returned to take a very precarious chance at home. The reader will not be sorry to hear that this man...
Pagina 77 - But the lout, instead of exulting in his new preferment, bemoans his lot in the most awkward strains of lamentation. He feels his incompetency, and cries "0 dear, what shall I do?" with "such piteous action," and yet withal so truly ludicrous, that the spectator is at a loss to know whether he is to laugh or to weep. The courtier who had taken off the heir, and broken the father's heart, finds the new king an easy tool for prosecuting his traitorous purposes, and the state is plunged into the depths...
Pagina 34 - Thus books are multiplied, at a cheap rate, to an almost indefinite extent ; and every peasant and pedlar has the common depositories of knowledge within his reach. It would not be hazarding too much to say, that in China there are more books, and more people to read them, than in any other country of the world.
Pagina 44 - My sorrows are beyond control. " Cease to upbraid this excess of feeling, since ye are all subject to the same. Yon doleful cry is not the note of the swallow on the carved rafters, nor the song of the variegated bird upon the blossoming tree. The princess has abandoned her home ! Know ye in what place she grieves, listening like me to the screams of the wild bird ?

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