The Voyage of the 'Fox' in the Arctic Seas: A Narrative of the Discovery of the Fate of Sir John Franklin and His Companions

Ticknor and Fields, 1860 - 375 pagina's
The voyage of the "Fox" in the Arctic Seas.

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This short book was not a literary endeavor, but rather a spare description of an arctic voyage to find the remains of a previous exploratory voyage consisting of two ships and their crews that never ... Volledige review lezen

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Includes a large foldout map showing their voyage. Volledige review lezen

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Pagina 257 - America, must be a matter of opinion ; but this the document assures of, that Sir John Franklin's Expedition, having accomplished this examination, returned southward from latitude 77į north, which is at the head of Wellington Channel, and re-entered Barrow's Strait by a new channel between Bathurst and Cornwallis Islands. Seldom has such an amount of success been accorded to an Arctic navigator in a single season, and when the ' Erebus' and
Pagina 13 - I can have no misgiving. It will be yours as much if you fail (since you may fail in spite of every effort) as if you succeed ; and be assured that, under any and all circumstances whatever, such is my unbounded confidence in you, you will ever possess and be entitled to the enduring gratitude of your sincere and attached friend, JANE FRANKLIN.
Pagina xviii - The Aberdeen whaler braves the icy regions of the Polar Sea, to seek and to battle with the great monster of the deep : he has materially assisted in opening these icebound regions to the researches of Science ; he fearlessly aided in the search after Sir John Franklin and his gallant companions, whom their country sent forth on this mission, but...
Pagina 206 - The door was now blocked up with snow, the cooking-lamp lighted, foot-gear changed, diary written up, watche* wound, s'eeping bags wriggled into, pipes lighted, and the merits of the various dogs discussed, until supper was ready; the supper swallowed, the upper robe or coverlet was pulled over, and then to sleep. Next morning came breakfast, a struggle to get into frozen mocassins, after which the sledges were packed, and another day's march commenced. In these little huts we usually slept warm...
Pagina 260 - A sad tale was never told in fewer words. There is something deeply touching in their extreme simplicity, and they show in the strongest manner that both the leaders of this retreating party were actuated by the loftiest sense of duty, and met with calmness and decision the fearful alternative of a last bold struggle for life, rather than perish without effort on board their ships ; for we well know that the Erebus and Terror were only provisioned up to July, 1848...
Pagina 259 - of Graham Gore ! The spring of 1847 found them within 90 miles of the known sea off the coast of America ; and to men who had already, in two seasons, sailed over 500 miles of previously unexplored waters, how confident must they then have felt that that forthcoming navigable season of 1847 would see their ships pass over so short an intervening space ! It was ruled otherwise. Within a month after Lieutenant Gore placed the record on Point Victory, the much-loved leader of the expedition, Sir John...
Pagina 12 - ... suffering, if not at an earlier period. .' I am sure you will do all that man can do for the attainment of all these objects : my only fear is that you may spend yourselves too much in the effort ; and you must therefore let me tell you how much dearer to me, even than any of them, is the preservation of the valuable lives of the little band of heroes who are your companions and followers. ' May God, in His great mercy, preserve you all from harm...
Pagina 363 - ... limestone, casts of fossil shells abound. Inland of these, the ordinary pale carboniferous sandstone and cherty limestone reappeared. The fossils are all small, and of only a few varieties, some being ammonites, but the greater part bivalves.
Pagina 12 - I have no temptation to do so, since it appears to me that your views are almost identical with those which I had independently formed before I had the advantage of being thoroughly possessed of yours. But had this been otherwise, I trust you would have found me ready to prove the implicit confidence I place in you by yielding my own...
Pagina 228 - ... at the time. They both told us it was in the fall of the year — that is, August or September — when the ships were destroyed; that all the white people went away to the " large river," taking a boat or boats with them, and that in the following winter their bones were found there.

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