Papers on the subject of sir Charles Warre Malet's application for precedency in the order of baronets


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Pagina 31 - of his Majesty's Commissions; and that he ** was authorized to do any thing comprised in those " commissions; but he had no authority to do any " thing else ; and therefore there being no mention " in either of his commissions, of those papers, or " the publishing any thing of that nature, he could " not, nor would not do it;
Pagina 42 - and Declaration be registered in our College of Arms, to the end that our Officers of Arms, and all others, may take full notice, and have knowledge thereof, for which this
Pagina 32 - of the House of Peers, could not regularly be summoned by any other authority), to Kingston, in Surrey, where the Judge was keeping the general Assizes for that county ; and, to the unspeakable dishonor of the public justice of the kingdom, and the scandal of all ministers or lovers
Pagina 32 - as the fomenter and protector " of a malignant faction against the Parliament." And, upon this charge, a troop of horse was sent to attend an Officer, who came with a warrant from the Houses, or some Committee, (whereas Justice Mallet, being an
Pagina 31 - and title of a Committee of Parliament, came to the Bench, and producing some votes and orders, and declarations of one or both Houses, " required " him, in the name of the Parliament, to cause those " papers (being on the behalf of the Ordinance of the Militia, and against the Commission of Array), " to be read." He told them
Pagina 32 - justice, in that violent manner took the Judge from the Bench, and carried him prisoner to Westminster ; from whence, by the two Houses, he was committed to the Tower of London, where he remained for the space of above two years, without ever being charged with any particular crime, till he was redeemed by his Majesty by the exchange of another, whose liberty they desired.
Pagina 42 - knowledge thereof, for which this shall be your warrant. Given at our Court at St. James's, the
Pagina 36 - Britain, France, and Ireland, Defender of the Christian Faith, Duke of Brunswick and Lunenburgh, Arch Treasurer and Prince Elector of the Holy Roman Empire, &c. to
Pagina 17 - shall be unto all Men whom it shall concerne a sufficient Warrant and Discharge for the doeing and executing of all and
Pagina 21 - have the honor to be, with great esteem, Sir, Your most obedient And most humble

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