Journal of the British Archaeological Association

British Archaeological Association., 1866

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Pagina 193 - Essay on the Ancient Weights and Money and the Roman and Greek Liquid Measures ; with an Appendix on the Roman and Greek Foot...
Pagina 51 - Annual Accounts of the Revenues of the Crown for the Counties of Cumberland, Westmorland, and Durham, during the Reigns of Henry II, Richard I, and Johu." After this, in 1859, a paper was read by Mr. Hodgson Hinde at the Carlisle meeting of the Archseological Institute, " Ou the Early History of Cumberland," which appeared in the Archseological Journal, vol.
Pagina 426 - He cnose his lordly seat at last, Where his cathedral, huge and vast, Looks down upon the Wear...
Pagina 331 - A Relation of the Case of Thomas Hardy Kirman, with Remarks on Corpulence.
Pagina 97 - ... graces that cannot be described, and surrounded it with such a flowing shade of hair as sets all its beauties in the most agreeable light : in short, she seems to have designed the head as the cupola to the most glorious of her works ; and when we load it with such a pile of supernumerary ornaments, we destroy the symmetry of the human figure, and foolishly contrive to call off the eye from great and real beauties, to childish gew-gaws, ribbons, and bone-lace.
Pagina 195 - Mrs., or rather Miss Manley, for she was never married, is best known as the authoress of the ' New Atalantis,' a scandalous work, which she published at the end of the seventeenth or the beginning of the eighteenth century.
Pagina 243 - Gallus, and many of his friends and soldiers, about the first hour, when I heard the sound ; but whether it came from the base, or from the colossus, or was made by some one of those around the base, I cannot affirm.
Pagina 332 - A History of Egyptian Mummies, and an account of the worship and embalming of the sacred animals by the Egyptians; with remarks on the funeral ceremonies of different nations, and observations on the mummies of the Canary Islands, of the Ancient Peruvians, Burman Priests, etc.
Pagina 156 - We have undoubted proofs, from history and from existing remains, that the earliest habitations were pits or slight excavations in the ground, covered and protected from the inclemency of the weather by boughs of trees and sods of turf.

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