Actas, Volume 2;Volume 14,Nummer 2

W. Kohlhammer, 1906

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Pagina 350 - The working of metals is among the most important activities of civilized man, und has been a chief agency in the development of culture, as is especially manifest in gigantic forward steps of recent years. Although the general course of metallurgic development and the mutual relation of its successive stages of progress are well made out, much remains to be learned, and...
Pagina 526 - The moving and placing of such monoliths point to a dense population, to an organized government, and consequently to a large area under cultivation, with arrangements for the conveyance of supplies from various directions. There must have been an organization combining skill and intelligence with power and administrative ability.
Pagina 353 - ... one hand, or above, on the other, the range observed among the living or historic tribes. There is nothing so unique that it might not belong to known tribes or their immediate ancestors. It has been sought to differentiate a paleolithic culture and period in America but without tangible result. So far as the use of the terms " paleolithic " and " neolithic " are concerned they may both be omitted from the nomenclature of American archeology without loss, if not to possible advantage. The simplest...
Pagina 346 - ... the Old World. The stone age and the red race stand practically alone within the field of study. In America the high-water mark of culture barely reached the lower limit of civilization.
Pagina 693 - Sun god, whose power had been gradually falling off since the great feast associated with him on the first of August, succumbed to his enemies, the powers of darkness and of winter. It was their first hour of triumph after an interval of subjection, and the popular imagination pictured them stalking abroad with more than ordinary insolence and aggressiveness.
Pagina 605 - Schipibo, del Ucayali, que es el mismo que el Pacaguara del Beni y Madre de Dios. Este es un dialecto de la lengua Pana, que es la lengua general del Huallaga, del Ucayali y de sus afluentes.
Pagina 697 - Wolkenhauer. Beiträge zur Geschichte der Kartographie und Nautik des 15. bis 17. Jahrhunderts.
Pagina 346 - ... can be expected to assist, especially, in building up the substructure of human history : it can be expected to furnish a fuller reading of the early chapters of culture progress than any other part of the world. The position of aboriginal America in the field of culture history and the area of that history which American archeology, as well as American ethnology, can be expected to illumine is clearly indicated in the accompanying diagram. In this diagram the whole field of human history is...
Pagina 355 - Mémoire historique sur les Indes Braves et les Forbans françois du golfe de Darien...
Pagina 350 - ... meagerly recorded in the extant art works of Hellas. The earlier steps are represented by isolated bits in many places, but the primitive phases of the art are by no means so fully exhibited as in America. We have there a vast body of material covering every stage from the very beginning of stoneshaping up to full relief and realistic portrayal of the human subject. No people known to us has within the culture range of the Americans shown such versatility and power with the hammer and chisel...

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