No. 539. They are Hyteroclyte.

540. Another is not wanting.

541. 'Tis Nature ftill that doth the Change begin, She fashions and the forms our Souls within, To all the Changes and the Turns of Fate, Now fcrew our Mind to an unusual Height, And fwells us into Rage, our bending low, She cramps our Souls with dull contracting Woe. She makes us ftoop beneath a weighty Wrong, Then tells the various Paffions with her Tongue. 542. And laughs to hear himself prefer'd before himself. BT743. All are not like, nor yet unlike.

444Never did Man caft up the Bufinefs or his Life fo exactly, but fill Experience, Years and Cuftom will bring in fome new Particular, that he was not aware of, and fhew his Ignorance of what he thought he knew, and after Trial make him reject his former Opinions.

545. 'Tis better ended in a lafting Peace,
And join'd for e'er in hymeneal Bands.
546. Laying every Thing open, fo that what the Seller
knows, the Buyer may by no Means be ig
norant of.

547. Suppofe you had a Wound, and one. had fhew'd
An Herb, which you apply'd but found no Good,
Would you be fond of this? increase your Pain,
And ufe the Fruitless Remedy again?

548. There's none but hath fome Fault, and he's the beft,
Moll virtuous he that's fpotted with the leaft.
549. Although confounded by the Retirement of my
old Friend, I cannot but commend him.
550. What did he worth a Gape fo large produce.
551. And hence the Poets got their first Repute.
552. For thofe are hated that excel the reft,

Altho' when dead they are belov'd the best.
553.Once to be wild is no fuch foul Disgrace,
But 'tis fe, ftill to run the frantick Race.
554 New Ways I muit attempt, my groveling Name
To raife aloft, and wing my Flight to Fame.
555. Reject what thou art noc.

The End of the Mottoes to the Seventh Volume,

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