Metal Casting: Principles And Practice

New Age International, 2007 - 304 pagina's
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In This Book, The Topics/Syllabus Adequately Cover Metal Casting Subject In The Courses Of Mechanical, Production And Metallurgy Branches For B.E., B.Tech. As Well As Production And Industrial Metallurgy For M.Tech.With His Direct Experience In Metal Casting Industry And Teaching Academics The Author Attempts To Bridge The Gap Existing Between Essential Theory In Books And Vital Practical Applications In Industry.It Contains All The Molding Processes Normally Used With Details Of Ingredient Testing,Different Stages Of Casting Production Essential Theory Of Gating And Risering, As Well Asfinishing, Inspection And Quality Control.Over 80 Line Sketches Facilitate Easy Understanding. Information Given Through Over 20 Tables Help Easy Comprehension, Comparison And Remembrance. Exhaustive Examples Of Specific Components Normally Made By Casting Process Help To Build Confidence When Entering Industry. Over 200 Technical Books And Research Papers Upto May 1996 Are Referred. Examples Of Working Computer Programs Given, Form The Basis For Modern Practice-Oriented Projects In Final Year.For Practising Engineers, Managers And Entrepreneurs, This Book Provides Useful Theory And Practical Aspects On Foundry Management. Exhaustive Treatment Of Critical Gating & Risering With Many Industry Examples, Practical Solutions To Melting Problems, Casting Defects Analysis Through Cause-Effect Diagrams Will Be Very Useful. Essential Information. On Energy Conservation And Environmental Pollution Control Is Also Given In The Last Chapter.

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Melting furnaces and techniques
Sand molding processes
Molding processes using metal molds
Solidification gating risering and casting design
Finishing operations
Inspection and quality control
Foundry mechanization
Planning and management foundry
New developements in metal casting
Suggested experiments practicals in metal casting lab
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Pagina 1 - Metal casting is the process of forming metallic objects by melting metals, pouring it into the shaped cavity of a mould and allowing it to solidify. The process of casting involves the basic operations of pattern making, sand preparation molding, melting of metal pouring of moulds, cooling, shake-out, felling, heat treatment, finishing and inspection.
Pagina 290 - Coupled Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow in the Filling of Castings", AFS Transactions. Vol. 96, 1988, pp. 733-740. 11. GH Geiger and DR Poirier. Transport Phenomena in Metallurgy. Addison- Wesley, 1973, p. 330. PSEUDO "FERROALLOYS" AND THEIR APPLICATIONS IN THE DEOXIDATION OF MOLTEN STEEL Glenn Canfield, Jr.

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