The American Journal of Science and Arts

S. Converse, 1864

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Pagina 456 - Manual of Elementary Problems in the Linear Perspective of Form and Shadow I2mo, i oo Plane Problems in Elementary Geometry I2mo, i 25 Primary Geometry I2mo, 75 Elements of Descriptive Geometry, Shadows, and Perspective 8vo...
Pagina 137 - Annual Report of the Regents of the University of the State of New York, on the Condition of the State Cabinet of Natural History, and the Historical and Antiquarian Collection annexed thereto.
Pagina 385 - They affirmed at the same time, that igneous meteors were extremely rare on those coasts after two in the morning. The phenomenon ceased by degrees after four o-clock, and the bolides and falling stars became less frequent ; but we still distinguished some toward the north-east by their whitish light, and the rapidity of their movement, a quarter of an hour after sunrise.
Pagina 385 - Bonpland relates, that from the beginning of the phenomenon there was not a space in the firmament equal in extent to three diameters of the moon, that was not filled at every instant with bolides and falling stars.
Pagina 447 - Resolved by the National Academy of Sciences, That, in the opinion of this academy, the volumes entitled "Sailing Directions," heretofore issued to navigators from the Naval Observatory, and the "Wind and Current Charts," which they are designed to illustrate and explain, embrace much which is unsound in philosophy, and little that is practically useful ; and that therefore these publications ought no longer to be issued in their present form.
Pagina 289 - Memoir of the Life and Medical Opinions of John Armstrong, MD ; to which is added an Inquiry into the facts connected with those forms of Fever attributed to Malaria and Marsh Effluvium.
Pagina 196 - ... great cold which would reign at all times and in all places, and the moderate warmth which in reality exists on our globe, intermediate temperatures may be imagined ; and it is easily seen that the mean temperature would decrease if the atmosphere were to become more and more rare. Such a rarefaction of a valve-like acting atmosphere actually takes place as we ascend higher and higher above the level of the sea, and it is accordingly and necessarily accompanied by a corresponding diminution of...
Pagina 138 - Preliminary Notice of the Fauna of the Potsdam Sandstone ; with remarks upon the Previously known species of Fossils, and Descriptions of some New Ones, from the Sandstone of the Upper Mississippi Valley. Ibid., pp. 119-209, 6 plates. 127. Supplementary Note on the Potsdam Sandstone.
Pagina 188 - When accident brings them into the immediate neighbourhood of the earth, they produce the phenomena of shooting-stars and fireballs. It has been shown by repeated observation, that on a bright night twenty minutes seldom elapse without a shooting-star being visible to an observer in any situation. At certain times these meteors are observed in astonishingly great numbers; during the meteoric shower at Boston, which lasted nine hours, when they were said to fall " crowded together like snow-flakes,"...
Pagina 190 - ... through which the weight falls increases. This velocity, however, if it be only produced by the fall, cannot exceed a certain magnitude ; it has a maximum, the value of which depends on the volume and mass of the attracting celestial body. Let r be the radius of a spherical and solid celestial body, and g the velocity at the end of the first second of a weight falling on the surface of this body ; then the greatest velocity which this weight can obtain by its fall towards the celestial body,...

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