Literary Odysseys: An Interactive Introduction to the Short Story

University of Michigan Press, 2000 - 245 pagina's
Literary Odysseys is an introduction to the strategies that enable readers to analyze the short story form. Like persons on an odyssey, students will become involved in the "world" of each text and how it relates to their own lives and to the larger world. This journey should lead students to feel "at home" and comfortable when they talk and write about literature, particularly the short story form.
Literary Odysseys is not set up like many anthologies in which students read a text in isolation, answer a few questions, listen to lectures, and then write an essay. Instead, each of the seven short stories presented in this textbook is related to a social, historical, or philosophical context. The idea is for students to become familiar with some of the major trends that have influenced and shaped literature--as well as humanity--so that they have the concepts and vocabulary they need to answer the question: "What did you think about the story?"
Literary Odysseys includes
Interactive activities
Supplementary readings
Cross-cultural component
Recycled information
Answer key
Writing guidelines
Biographical information

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