Wright, George, Clerk of the Crown, iii.
351 n.

Wright, Joseph Michael, notice of, ii.
137 and n., 195, 209; paintings by,
360 and n.

Wright, Sir Nathan, Lord Keeper, notice

of, iii. 351 and n.
Wright, Travels, i. 227 n.

Wright and Bartlett's Essex, cited, ii.
139 n.

Wriothesley, Thomas, Earl of South-
ampton, daughter of, iii. 114 n.
Wyche, Sir Cyril, President of Royal
Society, iii. 117; married a niece of
Evelyn's, ib. n., 295, 343; Lord
Justice in Ireland, 295 n., 304;
alluded to, 295 n.

Wyche, Lady, wife of Sir Cyril, and niece
of Evelyn, iii. 295, 343, 344
Wyche, Sir Peter, iii. 343 and n.
Wyche, Bishop Richard de, tomb at
Lucca, i. 271 and n.

Wye, Mr., Rector of Wotton, his death,
iii. 355

Wythens, Sir Francis, iii. 117, 263 n.

Xaverius, i. 162

Yachts first used in England, ii. 172
Yarborough, Sir Thomas and Lady, iii.
102 and n.

Yarmouth, a frigate, ii. 227 and n.
Yarmouth, Sir Robert Paston, Earl of,
ii. 110 and n., 230
Yaverland, Isle of Wight, i. 17
Yew Tree, deadly species of the, i. 270;
large one, ii. 204 and n.; on planting
it, Druids' Grove, ii. 104 and n.

[blocks in formation]

Zaccara (Daniele ?), painting by, i. 250
Zacharias, or Zachary, of Genoa, anecdote
of his shipwreck, i. 129
Zealand, a captured vessel, ii. 232
Zecca, or Mint at Venice, i. 295
Zenno, Signor, Venetian Ambassador,
iii. 193; alluded to, 194

Zeno, monument of, at Venice, i. 291
Zinnar tree, quality of, iii. 109
Zinzendorp, Count de, iii. 96
Zitelle, procession of, at Rome, i. 203,
253, 257

Zuccaro, Frederico, paintings by, i. 155,
207 n., 269

Zuccaro, Taddeo, painting by, i. 207 n.;
burial-place, 250

Zulestein, Mons., ii. 317

Zulichem, Christian Huyghens van, ii.
161 and n., 168

Zulichem, Constantine Huyghens, Sei-
gneur de, father of above, ii. 212
and n.,
213, 326


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