The English Review, Or, An Abstract of English and Foreign Literature, Volume 14

J. Murray, 1789

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Pagina 123 - ... than the intended bore of the barrel. The edges of the plate are made to overlap each other about half an inch, and are welded together by heating the tube in lengths of two or three inches at a time, and hammering it with very...
Pagina 267 - ... Should it please God to cut off my life in the prosecution of this design, let not my conduct be uncandidly imputed to rashness or enthusiasm, but to a serious, deliberate conviction, that I am pursuing the path of duty ;. and to a sincere desire of being made an instrument of more extensive usefulness to my fellow-creatures, than could be expected in the narrower circle of a retired life.
Pagina 347 - The prince is to the nation he governs what the head is to the man; it is his duty to see, think, and act for the whole community, that he may procure it every advantage of which it is capable.
Pagina 6 - The calm philosopher in ether sails, Views broader stars, and breathes in purer gales; Sees like a map, in many a waving line, Round earth's blue plains her lucid waters shine ; Sees at his feet the forky lightnings glow, And hears innocuous thunders roar below.
Pagina 192 - April 18th, 1676, and lye buried in this place." *' This monument stands to the west of Sudbury causeway, about one mile southward of the church in old Sudbury, and about a quarter of a mile from the great road, that leads from Worcester to Boston.
Pagina 441 - The clothing of both •exes is the same, consisting entirely of the hides of oxen, which are as pliant as cloth. The men wear tails of different animals tied round their thighs ; pieces of brass in their hair, and large ivory rings on their arms ; they are adorned also with the hair of lions, and feathers fastened on their heads, with many other fantastical ornaments.
Pagina 37 - ... and calling this a sidereal stratum, an eye placed somewhere within it will see all the stars in the direction of the planes of the stratum projected into a great circle, which will appear lucid on account of the accumulation of the stars, while the rest of the heavens at the sides will only seem to be scattered over with constellations, more or less crowded, according to the distance of the planes or number of stars contained in the thickness or sides of the stratum.
Pagina 263 - An Account of the principal Lazarettos in Europe ; with various Papers relative to the Plague ! together with further observations on some Foreign Prisons and Hospitals, and additional Remarks on the present state of those in Great Britain and Ireland.
Pagina 441 - Tambufhie, who has obtained the latter denomination from his mother, a woman of the tribe of Hottentots, called Tambukies. This man was the fon of a chief, called Pharoa, who died about three years before, and left two fons, Cha Cha Bea, and another named Mrika, who claimed the fupreme authority on account of his mother being of the CafFre nation.
Pagina 371 - State was well nigh swept away by the Corporation Act, which compelled every mayor, common councilman, alderman, or any other officer in a corporation to take an oath against the Solemn League and Covenant and to "declare that it was not lawful upon any pretence whatever to take arms against the king ; and that he did abhor the traitorous position of taking arms by his authority against his person, or against those commissioned by him.

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