The Characters of Schiller

Otis, Broaders, 1839 - 296 pagina's

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Pagina 151 - From the highest. As from the vilest thing of every day He learns to wean himself; for the strong hours Conquer him. Yet I feel what I have lost In him. The bloom is vanished from my life. For O ! he stood beside me, like my youth, Transformed for me the real to a dream, Clothing the palpable and familiar With golden exhalations of the dawn. Whatever fortunes wait my future toils, The beautiful is vanished — and returns not.
Pagina 179 - They all were aliens: thou wert Our child and inmate. Max! Thou canst not leave me; It cannot be; I may not, will not think That Max can leave me. Max.
Pagina 151 - He, the more fortunate ! yea, he hath finished ! For him there is no longer any future, His life is bright — bright without spot it was And cannot cease to be. No ominous hour Knocks at his door 'with tidings of mishap. Far off is he, above desire and fear ; No more submitted to the change and chance Of the unsteady planets. O 'tis well With him...
Pagina 149 - With My fortune, and my seeming destiny, He made the bond, and broke it not with me. I am but the ship in which his hopes were...
Pagina 179 - Max., remain with me. Go you not from me, Max.! Hark ! I will tell thee— How when at Prague, our winter quarters, thou Wert brought into my tent a tender boy, Not yet...
Pagina 177 - God of heaven ! what a change is this. Beseems it me to offer such persuasion To thee, who, like the fixed star of the pole, Wert all I gazed at on life's trackless ocean ? Oh ! what a rent thou makest in my heart ! The ingrained instinct of old reverence, The holy habit of obediency, Must I pluck live asunder from thy name ? Nay, do not turn thy countenance upon me — It always was as a god looking at me.
Pagina 179 - Thou wouldst not let them go. At that time did I take thee in my arms, And with my mantle did I cover thee; I was thy nurse, no woman could have been A kinder to thee; I was not ashamed To do for thee all little offices, However strange to me; I tended thee Till life returned; and when thine eyes first opened, I had thee in my arms.
Pagina 163 - The oak-forest bellows, the clouds gather, the damsel walks to and fro on the green of the shore ; the wave breaks with might, with might, and she sings out into the dark night, her eye...
Pagina 141 - do not ride to-day The dapple, as you're wont ; but mount the horse Which I have chosen for thee. Do it, brother ! In love to me. A strong dream warned me so.
Pagina 167 - What other angel seek I ? To this heart, To this unerring heart, will I submit it, Will ask thy love, which has the power to bless The happy man alone, averted ever From the disquieted and guilty — canst thou Still love me if I stay ? Say that thou canst.

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