Agricultural Trade - Transforming the Informal Economy: Spore Magazine 188

CTA, 20 mrt. 2018 - 48 pagina's

Spore Magazine 188: Agricultural Trade - Transforming the Informal Economy

The informal sector provides income and jobs for the most vulnerable populations in developing countries and, if gradually formalised, has potential to become a major lever for growth and development.

SPORE is the quarterly magazine of the Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation (CTA), offering a global perspective on agribusiness and sustainable agriculture. CTA operates under the Cotonou Agreement between the countries of the Africa, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) group and the European Union and is financed by the EU.


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Over de auteur (2018)

 B Addom (CTA), O Alawode (Nigeria), S Alfred (St Lucia), M Andriatiana (Madagascar), J Bodichon (France), I Boto (CTA), B Carreon (Palau), H Castell (UK), B Châtel (France), V Defait (India), N Dookie (Trinidad and Tobago), V Fautrel (CTA), O Frost (UK), A Gross (UK), A Guillame-Gentil (France), Y Islam (USA), D Juchault (France), B Koigi (Kenya), M Laplace (Senegal), S Lynch (UK), D Manley (France), A Miller (UK), S Reeve (UK), B Rioba (Kenya), P Sawa (Kenya), A Shepherd (CTA), A Twahirwa (Rwanda), R Vaz da Silva (Portugal), J Wanzala (Kenya)

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