Dividend Policy: Theory and Practice

Elsevier, 24 jun. 2003 - 384 pagina's

Dividend Policy provides a comprehensive study of dividend policy. It explores the puzzle presented by dividends: irrational and subject to fashion, yet popular and desirable, they remain a priority among managers, even while perceived as largely symbolic.

After exploring the history of dividend payments, from the emergence of the modern corporation to current perspectives, it traces the evolution of academic models on dividend policy. Here the authors review models of symmetric and asymmetric information before analyzing academia's accomplishments in solving the dividend puzzle. Related subjects, such as valuation and wealth distribution, round out the authors' presentation about new ways to think about one of the most intriguing subjects in financial economics.

The book is recommended for professors and students in departments of finance and business, corporate finance staff, and financial regulators.

  • The only comprehensive study of dividend policy
  • Covers the historical evolution of dividends and academic research on dividend policy
  • Presents new ways of thinking about dividends and dividend policy

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The Evolution of Academic Research on Dividend Policy
What Academic Research Proves and What It Does Not Prove
New Ways of Thinking About Dividends and Dividend Policy

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