Eye of a Needle: Receive and Achieve Prosperity and Purpose

Morgan James Publishing, 2006
?The purpose for the Kingdom-economy is to expand the Church by transforming Wealth-builders that prosper through serving man into Kingdom-builders that prosper through serving God? - Frank Schipula. Frank Schipula shares the secrets of how a three-time bankrupt businessman turned a lost-life into a prosperity-enriched life by choosing Christ over money. Discover the same practical insights and principles for growing healthy in Christ's abundance that Schipula now lives by.

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Over de auteur (2006)

Born in Columbus Texas in 1955, Frank Schipula is an independent businessman and consultant with a business degree in Organizational Management and Development. He lives in Newport News Virginia with his wife Karen and five-year-old daughter - Catherine Elizabeth. His statement and declaration is ?I have found my balance.? Education: B.S. Organizational Management & Development (OMD) Ranger College Tidewater Community college Bluefield College Unpublished & Unrelated: M.U.S.T. (Multi Use Sales Training) Dozegram (Behavior and Motivational Assessments)

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