Parliamentary Papers, Volume 19


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Pagina 11 - ... British ships, or which, not having colonial possessions, shall place the commerce and navigation of this country, and of its possessions abroad, upon the footing of the most favoured nation, unless his majesty, by his order in council, shall, in any case, deem it expedient to grant the whole, or any of such privileges, to the ships of any foreign country, although the conditions aforesaid shall not in all respects be fulfilled by such foreign country.
Pagina 5 - ... nation upon vessels wholly belonging to citizens of the United States or upon the produce, manufactures, or merchandise imported in the same from the United States or from any foreign country...
Pagina 13 - Minister of The United States, has the honour to acknowledge the receipt of the Note addressed to him on the...
Pagina 5 - States, by the government of any foreign nation, that no discriminating duties of tonnage or impost are imposed or levied within the ports of the said nation, upon vessels wholly belonging to citizens of the United States, or upon merchandise, the produce or manufacture thereof, imported in the same, the President is hereby authorized to issue his proclamation, declaring that the foreign discriminating duties of tonnage and impost within the United States, are, and shall be, suspended and discontinued,...
Pagina 3 - Negotiations respecting it \vere expected to come to a definitive issue before the next Session of Congress; and that it was not, therefore, expedient at that time to legislate on the subject. This Report was made to the Senate on the 3 1st of March 1826, nine days after Mr. Vaughan's Communication on the renewal of the Negotiations. It was re-committed, with an understanding that a Bill should be brought in, repealing 'the discriminating Duties. Such a Bill was accordingly reported, a Copy of which...

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