427 ATLAS. American Military Pocket Atlas of the British Colonies; especially those which now are, or probably may be, the Theatre of War. London: 1776. 8°.



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A new Atlas of the Brit. West Indies, to accomp. Edwards' Hist. of the W. I. Baltimore: 1810. 4°.

430 Atlas Geographus: or, a Compleat System of Geography (Ancient and Modern) for Africa. London: 1714. 4°. Many


Many Maps.

A Complete hist., chron., and geog. American Atlas. Phila.:

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A New and Elegant General Atlas; 63 Maps, by Arrowsmith & Lewis. For Morse's Geography. Boston: May, 1812. 4°.

433 Atlas Elémentaire, geog., hist., chron., et généalogique.

Paris: 1829. Fol.

or a Compleat [etc.], for America.

London: 1717. 4°.

434 Ancient and Modern. Pub. by Cummings and Hilliard. Boston. [n. d.] 4°.

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435 ATLASES. Worcester's Atlas, 1824; Huntingdon Atlas, 1835; Field, B., Atlas, 1831. 3 eds. 5v. 4°.

436 ATTHILL, WILLIAM. Documents relating to the Foundation and Antiquities of the Collegiate Church of Middleham, etc. Camden Soc. London: 1847. 4°.

437 ATWATER, CALEB. History of the and Civil. 1st ed. Cincinnati: 1838. 8°. 438 Essay on Education. Cincinnati: 1841. 439


Remarks on a Tour to Prairie du Chien; thence to Washington City, in 1829. Columbus (O.): 1831. 12°.

440 AUBREY, JOHN, Esq. Letters by Eminent Persons in the seventeenth and eighteenth Centuries; also, Hearne's Journey to Reading and to Whaddon Hall. 3 vols. London: 1813. 8°. Miscellanies upon various Subjects.

4th ed.


1857. 12°. Illus.

442 AUCHINLECK, G. History of the War between Great Britain and the U. States of America, 1812, 13, and 14. Toronto: 1855. 8°. 443 AUCHMUTY, SAMUEL, D.D. Serm. at the Opening of St.

State of Ohio, Natural

Paul's Chapel, in the City of New York, 30 Oct. 1766. N. Y. 4°. 444 AUNGIER, GEORGE JAMES. Chroniques de London, depuis L'an 44 Hen. III jusqu'à l'an 17. Ed. III me. Edited from a MS. in the Cottonian Library. London. Print'd. for the Camd. Soc., 1844. 4°.

445 AUSTIN, BENJ., JR. Constitutional Republicanism in Opposition to Fallacious Federalism, as published under the Signature of Old South. To which is prefixed a Prefatory Address to the Citizens of the United States, never before published. Bost.: 1803. 8°.

446 AUSTIN, JAMES T. Life of Elbridge Gerry from the Close of
the Amer. Revolution. Boston: 1829. 8°. 2 vols.
447 AUSTIN, WILLIAM. Essay on the Human Character of Jesus
Christ. Boston: 1807. 8°.


Letters from London: written during the years 1802 and 1803. 8°. Boston: 1804. Auto. of Gov. Eustis.

449 AUTHENTIC HISTORY (An) of the Lawrence Calamity: Desc. of the Pemberton Mill, a detailed acct. of the catastrophe. Bost. 1860. 8°.

450 AUTHORSHIP: A Tale. By a New Englander. Bost.: 1830. 12°. 451 AUTOBIOGRAPHY (The) of a Lady of the Old School, with Personal Sketches of Eminent Characters, Places, and Miscellaneous Items. Boston: 1854. 12°. Portraits.

452 AVERY, DAVID. Poetical Address on Temperance. Pawtucket, R. I.: 1855. 12°.

453 AVES ISLAND PAPERS. Message and Docs.


1861. 8°.

454 AYRES, J. A. Legends of Montauk. With an Historical Appendix. N. York: 1849. 8°.

Valuable for its notes on the Indians. - S. G. D.

455 AYSCOUGH, S. General Index to Monthly Review, from its commencement to end of 70th v. London: 1786. 2v. 8°.

456 B. J. Algiers Voyage in a Jovrnall or Briefe Reportary of all occurrents. No place: 1621. 4°.

457 BABSON, JOHN J. History of Gloucester, Cape Ann, including Rockport. Gloucester: 1860. 8°. Map and Plates.

A large portion of the edition was destroyed by fire.-D.

458 BACK, GEORGE (CAPT.). Narrative of the Expedition south of the Great Fish River and along the shores of the Arctic Ocean in 1833, 1834, and 1835. Map. Phila.: 1836. 8°.

No voyage of its time so thoroughly engaged public interest as this.

459 BACKUS, CHARLES, D.D. Discourses on the Doctrine of Regeneration. Boston: 1839. 18°.

460 BACKUS CHARLES. Five Discourses on the Truth and Inspiration of the Bible. Hartford: 1797. 12°.

461 BACKUS, ISAAC. Appeal to the Public for Religious Liberty, against the Oppressions of the Present Day. Boston: 1773. 8°. 462 Abridgment of the Church History of New England, from 1602 to 1804. Boston: 1804. 8°.


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Church Hist. of New England, from 1620 to 1804. With a Memoir of the Author. Phila.: 1839. 12°. Portrait.

464 History of N. England, with particular Reference to the Baptists. Vol. 1, 1777; vol. 2, 1784; vol. 3, Boston: 1796. 8°.

Very scarce. Vols. 2 and 3 are entitled A Church History of N. E. A storehouse of facts relative to early American History; contains numerous original documents, among which are several letters written by Roger Williams.

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mological Dict. London: 1730.

486 BAILY, NATHAN. Dictionarium Britannicum; Univer. EtyIllustr. with 500 cuts. rev. and impr. with add. Fol.

Contains doubtful and indelicate words and local phrases that other lexicographers dared not give. Nich. Biddle (President of the U. S. Bank) said $100 would not tempt him to part with his copy.

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Same. 10th ed. London: 1742. 2v. 8°.
Same. 25th ed.


London: 1790. 8°.

489 English and Latin Exercises for School Boys. 13th ed. London: 1755. 12°.


M. Justini ex Trogi Pompeii Historiis Externis.

Libri 44.

To which are added the words of Justin, with corresponding English words. London: 1732. 491



Ovid's Tristia, in Five Books in English. Lond.: 1729. 18°. The Five Books of the Æsopian Fables. London: 1823. 8°. 493 Phædri Augusti Cæsaris Liberti, Fabularum Æsopearum Libri Quinque. Editio Tertia. Londini: 1725. 8°. 494 P. Ovidii Nasonis Epistolarum Hersidum. Londini: 1728. 8°. Ovid's Tristia, in Five Books, with Arguments and Notes of John Minellius. Trans. into English. London: 1740. 120. 496 BAILEY, PHILIP JAMES. The Mystic and other Poems. Boston: 1856. 12°.


497 BAILEY, RUFUS WM. The Issue Presented in a Series of Letters on Slavery. N. York: 1837. 12°.

498 The Patriarch; or, Family Library Magazine. New York: 1841. 8°.

499 BAILEY, WM. Records of Patriotism. Washington: 1826. 8°. 500 BAIRD, ROBERT. Transplanted Flowers; or, Memoirs of Mrs. Rumpff, Daughter of John Jacob Astor, Esq., and the Duchess of Broglie, Dau. of Mad. de Staël. New York: 1839. 18°.

Christian Retrospect and Register. N. York: 1851. 12°.
Religion in America. N. York: 1844. 8°.

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503 The Christian Retrospect and Register, with a Supplement bringing the Work down to the Present Time. N. York: 1855. 12°. 504 BAKER, GEORGE E. Life of Wm. H. Seward, with Selec

tions from His Works. New York: 1855. 12°. Portrait.

505 BAKER, JAMES (REV.). Life of Sir Thomas Barnard, Bart. London: 1819. 8°. Portrait.

506 BAKER, JOHN M. View of the Commerce of the Mediterranean. View [Plan] of Port Mahon, with the United States Squadron at Anchor, Nov. 1815. Washington: 1819. 8°.

507 BAKER, RACHEL (MISS), Life of. By several Medical Gentlemen; also, Devotional Somnum; or, a Collection of Prayers and Exhortations uttered [by her] in the City of New York in the Winter of 1815, during Her abstracted and unconscious State. New York: 1815. 12°. Portrait.

508 BAKER, RICHARD (SIR). Chronicle to the Death of King James I, with Continuation to 1660, by E. Phillips; and to Geo. I, by an Impartial Hand. London: 1733. Fol. Portraits in Vignette. 509 Chronicle of the Kings of England unto the Raigne of Our Soveraigne, Lord King Charles Second. 6th ed. Lond.: 1670. Port. Ill'd title page.

510 BAKEWELL, FREDERICK C. Philosophical Conversations, familiarly explaining daily occurring Natural Phenomena. 2d ed. London: 1842. 16°.

511 BAKEWELL, ROBERT. An Introduction to Geology, with an Outline of the Geol. of England and Wales. 1st Amer. from 3d London ed. New Haven: 1829. 8°. Autog. of Jas. Kent. 512 BALDWIN, EBENEZER. Annals of Yale College.

Haven: 1831. 8°. [Scarce.]

513 Same. 2d ed. [cont. to 1838]. New Haven: 1838. 8°.
514 BALDWIN, JOHN D. The Story of Raymond Hill, and other
Poems. Boston: 1847. 12°.
sippi. A Series of Sketches.
3d ed. Map. Phila.: 1847.
517 BALFOUR, WALTER. Letters on the Immortality of the Soul,
The Intermediate State of the Dead, and a Future Retribution, in
Reply to Mr. Charles Hudson, Westminster, Mass. Charlestown:

Flush Times of Alabama and Missis-
New York: 1853. 12°.
A Universal Pronouncing Gazetteer.



Letters to Rev. Moses Stuart.
519 BALLADS, Scottish and English.
burgh. [n. d.] 16°.


bration, Augt. 29, 1862. Portland: 1863. 8°.

521 BALLARD, JOSEPH. Account of the Poor Fund, and other charities held in trust by the Old South Soc. Boston: 1868. 8°. Port.

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Boston: 1833. 18°.

Illust. by J. Lawson. Edin

522 BALLOU, HOSEA. Treatise on Atonement. Randolph: (Ver.) 1805. 8°.

Memorial of the Popham Cele

523 Letters in Defence of Divine Revelation; in Reply to Rev. Abner Kneeland's Serious Inquiry. Boston: 1820. 12°.

524 Sermons on important Doctrinal Subjects. With Memoir of the Author, written by Himself. Boston: 1832. 12°.


Candid Review of a Pamphlet, entitled, A Candid Reply. Portsmouth, N. H. [s. t.] 12°.


Universalist Magazine. Edited by Rev. H. Ballou. 2 vols. 4°. Boston: 1819-21.


An Examination of the Doctrine of Future Retribution. Boston: 1834. 12°.

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