Kenelm Chillingly, his adventures and opinions, by the author of 'The Caxtons'.


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Pagina 183 - Is it not strange that we mortals, placed amid perpetual agitation and tumult and strife, as if our natural element, conceive a sense of holiness in the images antagonistic to our real life; I mean in images of repose? I feel at the moment as if I suddenly were made better, now that heaven and earth have suddenly become yet more tranquil. I am now conscious of a purer and sweeter moral than either I or you drew from the insect you have sheltered. I must come to the poets to express it, — " ' The...
Pagina 353 - His praise, ye winds, that from four quarters blow, Breathe soft or loud : and wave your tops, ye pines, With every plant, in sign of worship wave.
Pagina 354 - an innocent " ! — this a girl who had no mind to be formed! In that presence he could not be cynical ; could not speak of Nature as a mechanism, a lying humbug, as he had done to the man poet. He replied gravely, — " The Creator has gifted the whole universe with language, but few are the hearts that can interpret it. Happy those to whom it is no foreign tongue, acquired imperfectly with care and pain, but rather a native TOL. I. — 27 language, learned unconsciously from the lips of the great...

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