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THE nature of this publication, and the humble pretensions that it makes to the approbation of its readers, are so fully described in the first of these Letters, that it is unnecessary to make a long, formal introduction. The Writer hopes that the descriptions and anecdotes here collected will be found interesting, especially to young minds; and that the reflections interspersed will contribute to the diffusion of candid, serious, and cheerful sentiments. It is a real journey which is here detailed, but at the same time, it is ground that has frequently been trodden. Larger accounts of the several places are easily to be met with, but if these sketches combine, in any tolerable degree, information and amusement, and extend entertainment beyond a circle of partial friends, the Writer will be fully rewarded for the pains he has taken to revise and augment them. Of his wishes to afford innocent pleasure he is fully conscious; of the manner in which they are executed it is not for him to judge. Private friendship, he thinks, will be gratified; and he ventures to hope that those to whom he is unknown will peruse with indulgence what he has written.



For the Frontispiece the Author is indebted to the friendly and elegant pencil of Hubert Cornish, Esq.; and he feels happy in thus acknowledging his obligations, for a drawing of one of the most interesting bathing-places in the kingdom.

The view is taken at low water, and from Salcombe-hill, which rises on the east side of the town. A part only of Sidmouth is included; but the Beach, and the distinguishing features of its coast, are sketched with fidelity and spirit.

The cliffs of Torbay are seen in the western distance-High Peak succeeds; and Peak-hill, with its signal-post, near which runs the road to Exmouth, exhibits the western side of Sidmouth valPeak-house, the residence of Mr. Baruh, and the elegant cottage of Miss Floyd, are seen above the town.



DEPARTURE from Sidmouth. Sidford. Sidbury.
Lace-makers. Gittisham. Honiton. Monkton.
Dr. William Harris. Up-Ottery. Taunton. North
Petherton. Bridgewater. Queen Anne. Battle
of Sedgemoor. Cruelties of Feversham, Kirke, and
Jefferies. Fate of the Duke of Monmouth. Death
and Tomb of James II. Sacheverell. Admiral
Blake. Cheddar cliffs. Cross. Bedminster.........



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