The Poems of Ebenezer Elliott

Leavitt & Company, 1850 - 288 pagina's

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Pagina 209 - The lone wild flowers from blowing. " High, high above the tree-tops The lark is soaring free ; Where streams the light through broken clouds, His speckled breast I see : Beneath the might of wicked men The poor man's worth is dying ; But thank'd be God, in spite of them, The lark still warbles flying. " The preacher prays, Lord bless us...
Pagina 64 - A stately pilgrim, watched by all the hills. Say, shall we wander where, through warriors' graves, The infant Yewden, mountain-cradled, trills Her doric notes ? Or, where the Locksley raves Of broil and battle, and the rocks and caves Dream yet of ancient...
Pagina 202 - Tis mute as death ! — but in my soul It roars, and ever will. What forests tall of tiniest moss Clothe every little stone ! What pigmy oaks their foliage toss O'er pigmy valleys lone ! With shade o'er shade, from ledge to ledge, Ambitious of the sky, They feather o'er the steepest edge Of mountains mushroom high.
Pagina 50 - In railing foully, and in writing ill. 0 that my poesy were like the child That gathers daisies from the lap of May, With prattle sweeter than the bloomy wild ! It then might teach poor Wisdom to be gay As flowers, and birds, and rivers, all at play, And winds, that make the voiceless clouds of morn Harmonious. But distemper'd, if not mad, 1 feed on Nature's bane, and mess with scorn.
Pagina 195 - Lo, heaven's bright bow is glad ! Lo, trees and flowers all clad In glory, bloom ! And shall the mortal sons of God Be senseless as the trodden clod, And darker than the tomb ? No, by the mind of man ! By the swart artisan ! By God, our Sire ! Our souls have holy light within. And every form of grief and sin Shall see and feel its fire.
Pagina 201 - Light ! minutely fair, Divinely plain and clear, Like splinters of a crystal hair, Thy bright small hand is here. Yon drop-fed lake, six inches wide, Is Huron, girt with wood ; This driplet feeds Missouri's tide — And that Niagara's flood. What tidings from the Andes brings Yon line of liquid light, That down from...
Pagina 236 - Theirs be no flower that withers on the stalk, But roses cropp'd, that shall not bloom in vain, And Hope's bless'd sun, that sets to rise again ! Be chaste their nuptial bed, their home be sweet, Their floor resound the tread of little feet ; Bless'd beyond fear and fate, if bless'd by thee, And heirs, O Love, of thine eternity...
Pagina 201 - And wakes the earliest bee ! As spirits from eternal day Look down on earth secure, Gaze thou, and wonder, and survey A world in miniature ! A world not scorn'd by Him who made Even weakness by his might ; But solemn in his depth of shade, And splendid in his light. Light ! not alone on clouds afar O'er...
Pagina 214 - The coffin'd infant lies ! Look, mother, on thy little one ! And tears will fill thine eyes. She cannot weep— more faint she grows, More deadly pale and still : Flowers ! oh, a flower ! a winter rose, That tiny hand to fill. Go, search the fields ! the lichen wet Bends o'er the unfailing well ; Beneath the furrow lingers yet The scarlet pimpernel.
Pagina 229 - O'er all the fragrant bowers, Thou needst not be ashamed to show Thy satin-threaded flowers ; For dull the eye, the heart is dull, That cannot feel how fair, Amid all beauty beautiful, Thy tender blossoms are, How delicate thy gauzy frill, How rich thy branchy stem, How soft thy voice- when woods are still, And thou sing'st hymns to them ; While silent showers are falling slow, And, 'mid the general hush, A sweet air lifts the little bough, Lone whispering through the bush ! The primrose to the grave...

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