The Monthly Magazine, Volume 23

R. Phillips, 1807

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Pagina 473 - Constantinople, and the latter, of an unlucky attempt, in which the marines and boats' crews of the Canopus, Royal George, Windsor Castle, and Standard, had been engaged. " It is now my duty to acquaint your lordship with the result of the resolution which, for the reasons I have already detailed, I had adopted, of forcing the passage of the Dardanelles. My letter of the 21st is dated at anchor eight miles from Constantinople, the wind not admitting of a nearer approach ; but the Endymion, which...
Pagina 440 - And behold, it shall come to pass that my servants shall be sent forth to the east and to the west, to the north and to the south; 64.
Pagina 473 - March, such was the unfortunate state of the weather, that it was not at any time in our power to have occupied a situation which would have enabled the squadron to commence offensive operations against Constantinople.
Pagina 473 - Bey, a minister of the Porte, came off, from whose expressions Mr Arbuthnot thought it impossible not to believe, that in the head of the government — for in the present instance every circumstance proved, that between him and the armed populace a great distinction is to be made — there really...
Pagina 473 - Had it been then in our power, we should then hare taken our station off the town immediately; but as that could not be done from the rapidity of the current, 1 was rather pleased than otherwise with the po.
Pagina 504 - Alps, as well as to the greater part of calcareous, schistous, and pyritick rocks, and also to the whole chain of the Jura. It was about a week after the fall of the mountain, that our route through Switzerland led us to visit this scene of desolation ; and never can I forget the succession of melancholy views, which presented themselves to our curiosity. In our way to it, we landed at Art, a town situated at the southern extremity of the lake of...
Pagina 465 - CHEMISTRY, intended for the Instruction and Entertainment of Young People; in which the First Principles of that Science are fully explained. To which are added, Questions and other Exercises for the Examination of Pupils.
Pagina 419 - In building and furniture of their houses, till of late years, they used the old manner of the Saxons ; for they had their fire in the midst of the house against a hob of clay, and their oxen also under the same roof ; but within these forty years it is altogether altered, so that they have built chimnies, and furnished other parts of their houses accordingly.
Pagina 475 - ... weight, made such a breach between wind and water, as they have done in our sides, the ship must have sunk ; or had they struck a lower mast in the centre, it must evidently have been cut in two; in the rigging too, no accident occurred that was not perfectly arranged in the course of the next day. The sprit-sail yard of the Royal George...
Pagina 475 - Talbot, Harvey, and Moubray, which, from my being under the necessity of passing the Point of Pesquies before the van could anchor, he had a greater opportunity of observing than I could, cannot but be highly flattering ; but I was a more immediate witness to the able and officer-like conduct which Captain Moubray displayed in obedience to my signal, by destroying a frigate with which he had been more particularly engaged, having driven, her on shore on the European side, after she had been forced...

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