A General Bibliographical Dictionary, Volume 3

University Press, 1837

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Pagina 1035 - XIIIe siècle, ou recueil de lais, fables et autres productions de cette femme célèbre ; publiées d'après les manuscrits de France et d'Angleterre, avec une notice sur la vie et les ouvrages de Marie ; la traduction de ses lais en regard du texte, avec des notes, des commentaires, des observations sur les usages et coutumes des François et des Anglois dans les XIIe et XIII
Pagina 1386 - An Inquiry into the History of Scotland, preceding the Reign of Malcolm III. or the Year 1056, including the Authentic History of that Period.
Pagina 1047 - Ы. 12s. 6d. Ex Otio Negotium : or, Martiall his Epigrams translated. With sundry Poems and Fancies by R. Fletcher. Lond.
Pagina 1456 - The Travels of Marco Polo, a Venetian, in the Thirteenth Century ; being a Description by that early Traveller of remarkable places and things, in the Eastern parts of the World. Translated from the Italian, with Notes, by William Marsden, FRS &c.
Pagina 1147 - A most pleasant, fruitful, and witty work, of the best state of a public weal, and of the new isle called Utopia...
Pagina 1035 - Description des travaux qui ont précédé, accompagné et suivi la fonte en bronze d'un seul jet de la statue équestre de Louis XV, le BienAimé, Dressée sur les Mémoires de M. Lempereur, ancien Echevin, par M. Mariette, Honoraire Amateur de l'Académie royale de Peinture et Sculpture (Paris, 1768, mais en réalité, 1771).
Pagina 1231 - An Inquiry into the Origin and Early History of Engraving upon Copper and in Wood, with an Account of Engravers and their Works, from the Invention of Chalcography by Maso Finiguerra, to the Time of Marc- Antonio Raimoudi.
Pagina 1058 - History of Hindostan ;" its Arts and its Sciences, as connected with the history of the other great empires of Asia, during the most ancient periods of the world; with numerous illustrative Engravings,
Pagina 1035 - Madrid, 1820; en 12.°, ptas 2 18589 —Ensayo histórico-crítico sobre la antigua legislación y principales Cuerpos legales de los reynos de León y Castilla, especialmente sobre el Código de D.
Pagina 1480 - A Translation of the Six Books of Proclus, on the Theology of Plato ; to which a Seventh Book is added in order to supply the deficiency of another book on this subject, which was written by Proclus, but since lost; also a translation of Proclus

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