Asia in the Making of Europe, Volume II: A Century of Wonder. Book 2: The Literary Arts, Volume 2

University of Chicago Press, 15 jan. 2010 - 432 pagina's
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Praised for its scope and depth, Asia in the Making of Europe is the first comprehensive study of Asian influences on Western culture. For volumes I and II, the author has sifted through virtually every European reference to Asia published in the sixteenth-century; he surveys a vast array of writings describing Asian life and society, the images of Asia that emerge from those writings, and, in turn, the reflections of those images in European literature and art. This monumental achievement reveals profound and pervasive influences of Asian societies on developing Western culture; in doing so, it provides a perspective necessary for a balanced view of world history.

Volume I: The Century of Discovery brings together "everything that a European could know of India, Southeast Asia, China, and Japan, from printed books, missionary reports, traders' accounts and maps" (The New York Review of Books). Volume II: A Century of Wonder examines the influence of that vast new body of information about Asia on the arts, institutions, literatures, and ideas of sixteenth-century Europe.

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Pagina 382 - Againe many things may be told which cannot be shewed: if they know the difference betwixt reporting and representing. As for example, I may speake though I am here, of Peru, and in speech digresse from that, to the description of Calecut : But in action, I cannot represent it without Pacolets Horse.
Pagina 383 - Indias of their treasure spoile; What needeth you to seeke so farre in vaine ? For loe, my Love doth in her selfe containe All this worlds riches that may farre be found : If Saphyres, loe, her eies be Saphyres plaine ; If Rubies, loe, hir lips be Rubies sound; If Pearles, hir teeth be Pearles, both pure and round...
Pagina 383 - The Andalusian merchant, that returns Laden with cochineal and china dishes, Reports in Spain how strangely Fogo burns Amidst an ocean full of flying fishes : These things seem wondrous, yet more wondrous I, Whose heart with fear doth freeze, with love doth fry.

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Donald F. Lach is the Bernadotte E. Schmitt Professor Emeritus in modern history at the University of Chicago.

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