The Life of Jedidiah Morse, D.D.

Anson D.F. Randolph, 1874 - 333 pagina's

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Pagina 276 - The chamber where the good man meets his fate Is privileged beyond the common walk Of virtuous life, quite in the verge of Heaven.
Pagina 104 - American Unitarianism ; or a brief History of the Progress and present state of the Unitarian Churches in America; compiled from Documents and Information communicated by the Rev. James Freeman, DD and William Wells, jun. Esq. of Boston, and from other Unitarian Gentlemen in this Country. By the Rev.
Pagina 12 - I determined to know nothing among you save Jesus Christ, and -him crucified.
Pagina 115 - Grand), a man who had studied divinity, and Jewish and Christian antiquities, more than any clergyman now existing in New England. More than fifty years ago, I read Dr. Clarke, Emlyn, and Dr. Waterland : do you expect, my dear doctor, to teach me any thing new^ in favour of Athanasianism ? — There is, my dear Doctor, at present existing in the world a Church Philosophick, as subtle, as learned, as hypocritical, as the Holy Roman Catholick, Apostolick, and (Ecumenical Church.
Pagina 12 - Cambridge, in New England, or to the president and fellows of Harvard College, or to the said college, by some other description, under several charters successively ; it is declared, that all the said gifts, grants, devises, legacies and conveyances, are hereby forever confirmed...
Pagina 115 - Rev. Mr. Gay, of Hingham, were Unitarians. Among the laity how many could I name, lawyers, physicians, tradesmen, farmers ! But at present I will name only one, Richard Cranch, a man who had studied divinity, and Jewish and Christian antiquities, more than any clergyman now existing in New England.
Pagina 115 - I have turned over its leaves, and found nothing that was not familiarly known to me. In the preface, Unitarianism is represented as only thirty years old in New-England. I can testify as a witness to its old age.
Pagina 12 - Their unanimous advice was that I should insist on it, to have such an Obligation as strong as may be, according to your Promise in former letters I should have, that in all times coming the Corporation will perform my Trust in manner apointed by my Orders, and not divert the moneys devoted — Principle or Increase — to any other uses...
Pagina 204 - The only part of your account of Virginia, which, on a bare perusal, might seem to need correction, is that related to the manners of the country; and here a native should always be diffident, especially when the colours of the picture appear to him to be unjust to the original, towards which he may be supposed not to be impartial."21 But on February 1, 1800, Madison wrote to Jefferson: "Morse is a blockhead.
Pagina 115 - Dr. Jonathan Mayhew of the West Church in Boston ; the Rev. Mr. Shute, of Hingham ; the Rev John Brown, of Cohasset ; and perhaps equal to all, if not above all, the Rev. Mr. Gay, of Hingham, were Unitarians.

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