The History of New South Wales from Its First Discovery to the Present Time: Comprising an Accurate and Interesting Description of that Vast and Remarkable Country and of the Persons, Manners and Customs of the Natives : with a Succinct Detail of the Establishment and Progress of the English Colony : to which is Added a Description of Van Diemen's Land and Norfolk Island : with Reflections on the Importance of the Southern Continent

Mackenzie and Dent, 1811 - 624 pagina's

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Pagina 18 - Where Sydney Cove her lucid bosom swells, Courts her young navies and the storm repels, High on a rock, amid the troubled air, Hope stood sublime, and wav'd her golden hair...
Pagina 520 - And when the sun begins to fling His flaring beams, me, Goddess, bring To arched walks of twilight groves, And shadows brown that Sylvan loves Of pine, or monumental oak, Where the rude axe with heaved stroke Was never heard the Nymphs to daunt, Or fright them from their hallowed haunt.
Pagina 581 - No person shall be liable to be tried and punished by a general court-martial for any offence which shall appear to have been committed more than two years before the issuing of the order for such trial, unless the person, by reason of having absented himself, or some other manifest impediment, shall not have been amenable to justice within that period.
Pagina 531 - By the Command of His Royal Highness The Prince Regent in the Name and on the behalf of His Majesty BATHURST.
Pagina 562 - Atkins, more particularly, he has been accustomed to inebriety; he has been the ridicule of the community; sentences of Death have been pronounced in moments of intoxication ; his determination is weak; his opinion floating and infirm; his knowledge of the Law insignificant and subservient to private inclination...
Pagina 77 - ... to remit, either absolutely or conditionally, the whole or any part of the time or term for which any such felons or...
Pagina 121 - The word which in their language signifies father was applied to their old men ; and when, after some time, and by close observation, they perceived the authority with which Governor Phillip commanded, and the obedience which he exacted, they bestowed on him the distinguishing appellation of Be-anna, or father.
Pagina 269 - Stephens, into which he carried three fathoms water in the shoalest part of its entrance, finding deep water and good anchorage within. " The entrance of this river was but narrow, and covered by a high rocky island lying right off it, so as to leave a good passage round the north end of the island between that and the shore. A reef connects the south part of the island with the south of the entrance of the river.
Pagina 531 - Captain General and Governor in Chief of the territory of New South Wales, from lat.
Pagina 607 - I had understood the Government at home had particularly recommended me to his notice. He replied, ' I have heard of your concerns, sir; you have got 5,000 acres of land in the finest situation in the country ; but, by God, you shan't keep it...

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