The Origin and History of the First Or Grenadier Guards: From Documents in the State Paper Office, War Office, Horse Guards, Contemporary History, Regimental Records, Etc, Volume 1


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Pagina 300 - greatest personal obligations imaginable to your Majesty. This, sir, could proceed from nothing but the inviolable dictates of my conscience, and a necessary concern for my religion (which no good man can oppose), and with which I am instructed nothing ought to come in competition ; heaven knows with what partiality my dutiful opinion of your Majesty
Pagina 300 - any other change of Government, may reasonably convince your Majesty and the world, that I am acted by a higher principle, when I offer that violence to my inclination and interest, as to desert your Majesty at a time when your affairs seem to challenge the strictest obedience from all your subjects, much more from one who lies under
Pagina 75 - Colours of the same sort as those of Colonel Russell's for the use of our said Regiment in Dunkirk, for which this shall be your warrant. Given at our Court at Whitehall, the
Pagina 300 - I will always with the hazard of my life and fortune (so much your Majesty's due), endeavour to preserve your Royal Person and lawful rights, with all the tender concern and dutiful respect that becomes, Sir, Your Majesty's most dutiful and most obliged subject and servant,
Pagina 300 - my dutiful behaviour to your Majesty in the worst of times (for which I acknowledge my poor services much overpaid), may not be sufficient to incline you to a charitable interpretation of my actions, yet I hope the great advantages I enjoy under your Majesty, which I can never expect under any other change of Government, may reasonably convince your Majesty and the world, that I
Pagina 54 - so doing this shall be your warrant. Given under our sign manual, at our court at Whitehall, this 13th day of February, 1660. To our right trusty and right well-beloved cousin and councillor, Edward Earl of Sandwich, Master of our Great Wardrobe, or his Deputy. By his Majesty's
Pagina 315 - resolved, without a division, that the Prince and Princess of Orange should be declared king and queen of
Pagina 192 - immediately after, and all other Colonels to take place according to the dates of their commissions. 2nd. That the several regiments that are not of our Guards, take place according to their respective seniority from the time they were
Pagina 224 - yourself that I shall ever be it. I never shall; and if occasion were, I hope God would give me grace to suffer death for the true Catholic religion, as well as banishment.
Pagina 174 - That the King's Regiment of Horse take place immediately after the Guards, and the Colonel of it to have precedency immediately after the Captains of the Guards, and before all other Colonels of Horse.

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