The Origin and History of the First Or Grenadier Guards: From Documents in the State Paper Office, War Office, Horse Guards, Contemporary History, Regimental Records, Etc, Volume 2

J. Murray, 1874

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Pagina 179 - The procession through a line of foot guards, every seventh man bearing a torch, the horse guards lining the outside, their officers with drawn sabres and crape sashes on horseback, the drums muffled, the fifes, bells tolling, and minute guns, — all this was very solemn.
Pagina 421 - No expressions of mine could do justice to the conduct of the troops throughout. Nothing less than the almost unparalleled exertions of every officer, the invincible bravery of every soldier, and the most determined devotion to the honour of his majesty's arms in all, could have achieved this brilliant success, against such a formidable enemy, so posted.
Pagina 421 - A reserve formed beyond the narrow valley, across which the enemy was closely pursued, next shared the same fate, and was routed by the same means. ' Meanwhile, the right wing was not less successful. The enemy, confident of success, met General Dilkes on the ascent of the hill, and the contest was sanguinary ; but the undaunted perseverance of the brigade of Guards, of Lieut.
Pagina 80 - June, 1722, general commanding-in-chief, master-general of the ordnance, and colonel of the First Regiment of Foot Guards.
Pagina 427 - Governor will adopt provisionally and recommend to the confirmation of his Royal Highness the Prince Regent, in the name and on behalf of His Majesty...
Pagina 463 - Spanish troops one piece of cannon in those carried by them. ' I had particular satisfaction in observing the steadiness and gallantry of all the troops. The 9th British regiment were very strongly opposed, charged with bayonets more than once, and have suffered ; but I am happy to add, that in other parts of these corps, our loss has not been severe.
Pagina 309 - French nations, they have been accustomed to consider each other in the light of generous as well as brave enemies, while the Hanoverians, for a century the allies of the former, have shared in this reciprocal esteem.
Pagina 256 - I conceived to be a sense of my duty, which loudly called upon me to take measures, however disagreeable, to prevent a repetition of those enormities which have been the subject of discussion. And that this important end is likely to be answered, without the effusion of the blood of an innocent person, is not a greater relief to you, than it is to, sir, your most obedient and humble servant.
Pagina 422 - ... guards, under your command in the glorious and severely-contested action of the 5th. While I congratulate you and them on the successful result of an action in which their efforts were so conspicuous, and so deserving of the admiration with which all have viewed them, I cannot conceal my deep , feelings of regret, that it has been attended with so severe and painful a loss of officers and men, which upon this occasion, perhaps, makes a deeper impression upon me, as many of the latter were old...
Pagina 435 - I must, however, mention the detachment of the King's German Legion, commanded by Cornet Wieboldt ; the artillery, by Captain Roberts; detachment of 95th, by Captain Cadoux ; and the grenadiers of the 1st Regiment of Guards, by Captain Thomas. To Colonel Maitland, 1st Regiment of Guards, (second in command,) I am much indebted from the commencement of this service ; and in the attack of Seville his military talents, intrepidity, and zeal, were particularly conspicuous. I am also much indebted to...

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