This work having been undertaken for the especial convenience and benefit of BOOKSELLERS and PUBLISHERS, throughout the United States, the undersigned would now most respectfully, but earnestly bespeak their hearty concurrence and support. He would beg leave to suggest two or three ways in which they can yield such support, and at the same time, it is believed, advance their own interests more effectually than by any similar plan yet devised. At any rate, he is anxious that the experiment may be fairly made.

The first and most important object, both for the proprietors and patrons of this work, as a means of their mutual benefit, is its wide circulation. It were unnecessary, perhaps, to say, that it is for the interest of both parties that it be placed permanently in the hands of every Bookseller, Librarian, or private gentleman, who is an habitual customer of Booksellers and Publishers. To all these the information it contains cannot but be highly valuable.

WILEY & PUTNAM and D. APPLETON & Co. as specimens of the manner of making up Trade-Lists for our future use.

We want concise, but full descriptions, so that the particular edition of the work can be identified, and its general character ascertained, without actual inspection. It will be apparent to all, that unless the publishers themselves will take pains promptly to forward us their several lists containing this information, it cannot be obtained (at an expense which the profits of this work will warrant) in any other way. Publishers will, therefore, decide for themselves, as to the fullness of description they will please to have given their respective publications in future editions of this work -it being understood that it does not come within our plan to embrace merely commendatory matter

The undersigned would also respectfully request Publishers to see that the manuscript copy furnished us is plainly written, especially the names of books. In many instances we have been compelled, in Yankee phrase, to guess out the copy furnished; and, in sending us new lists, or additions to their old ones, for our Supplement, Publishers will please point out any errors they may discover in this edition. It is in contemplation to issue the Supplement early in February, if sufficient returns be made on or before the first of January next.

The undersigned would beg leave to suggest, in the second place, that the utility and permanency of this work will mainly depend on the promptitude and fidelity with which Publishers hereafter make their returns. In many of the Trade-Lists, furnished for this volume, it will be seen that the names, alone, of important books have been given. This is a defect that, as a general thing, can be remedied by the respective publishers, only. It will be seen at a glance, that a principal object of this work, is to give 'such a description of each book, published in the United States, as will enable the inquirer, whether a wholesale or retail dealer, or a purchaser of a single copy, to ascertain by it, with considerable precision, the actual contents or character of the work he is in search of, its size, style of binding and price. Now, it is my earnest desire to be furnished hereafter with such lists. I would cite the lists of the Messrs. HARPER,

[blocks in formation]



ed cover,

Arnold.—The History of Rome, from the Earliest Period.

By Thomas Arnold, D. D. Reprinted entire from the last English edition.
Two vols., 8vo.,

$5 00 Arnold. The later Roman Commonwealth. The History of the later Roman Commonwealth. By Thomas Arnold, D. D. Two

2 50 vols.of the English edition. Reprinted entire in 1 vol., Svo. Arnold.— The Life and Correspondence of Thomas Ar

nold, D. D. By Arthur P. Stanley, A. M. 2d American from the 5th London edition. One handsome 8vo. volume,

2 00 Arnold.—Lectures on Modern History, delivered in Lent

Term, 1812, with the Inaugural Lecture delivered in 1811. By Thomas Arnold, D. D. Edited, with a Preface and Notes, by Henry Reed, M. A., Prof. of Eng. Lil. in the University of Pennsylvania. 12mo..

1 25 Coit.-- The History of Puritanism. Puritanism :

: or, a Churchman's Defence against its aspersions, by an appeal to its own history. By Thomas W. Coit, D. D., Rector of Trinity Church, New Rochelle. 12 mo., 528 closely-printed pages,

1 50 Carlyle. - The Life of Schiller: Comprehending an Ex

amination of his Works. By Thomas Carlyle, author of "The French Revolution,” etc. 12m0., paper

cover 50 cis., cloth, Greenhow.– The History of Oregon and California, and

the other Territories on the North-west coast of North America, accompanied by a Geographical View and Map of those countries, and a nuinber of docuinents as proofs and illustrations of the History. By Robert Greenhow, Librarian and Translator to the Department of State. One Svo. vol. with Map,

2 50 Guizot.-General History of Civilization in Europe, from

the fall of the Roman Empire to the French Revolution. By M. Guizot, late Professor of History, now Privne Minister of France. With occasional Notes by C. S. Henry, D. D., Prof. of Philosophy and History in the University of the city of New York. One vol. 12mo.,

1 00 Guizot.-History of the English Revolution of 1640, from

the Accession of Charles I. to bis Death. By F. Guizot, the Prime Minister of France; Author of " History of Civilization in Europe," etc., etc. Translated by William Hazliti. In two volumes, 12mo. Paper cover $1,00, or iwo volumes bound in one, cloth,

1 25 Hamilton.—The Life of Alexander Hamilton, edited by his son, John C. Hamilton. Two volumes, 8vo.,

5 00 King.-The Argentine Republic. Twenty-four years in

the Argentine Republic; embracing its Civil and Military History, and an account of its Political condition before and during the Administration of Gov. Rosas; his course of Policy, the Causes and Character of his interference with the Government of Montevideo, and the Circumstances which led to the Interposition of England and France. By Col. J. Anthony King, an officer in the Army of the Republic. One volume, 12m0.,

1 00 Kohlrausch.—HIistory of Germany, from the Earliest Pe

riod to the Present Time. By Frederick Kohlrausch, Chief of the Board of Education for the Kingdom of Hanover, and late Professor of History in the Polytechnic School. Translated from ihe last German edition, by James One vol., sro., of 500 pages, with complete Index,

1 50 Michelet.—The History of France, from the Earliest Pe

riod. By M. Michelet, Professor of History in the College of France.

Two volumes, 8vo.
Michelet.—The History of the Roman Republic. By M.

Michelet. Translated from the French. One vol., 12mo.
Michelet.—The Life of Martin Luther, gathered from his

own Writings. By M. Michelet. Translated by G. H. Smith, F. G. S.

12ino., paper cover 50 ets., cloth, Michelet. - The People. By M. Michelet. . Translated by G. H. Smith, F. G. S. 12mo., paper cover 37 cts., cloth,

62 Napoleon.-Pictorial History of Napoleon Bonaparte, —

, iranslated from the French of M. Laurent de L'Ardeche, with five hundred spirited illustrations, afier designs by Horace Vernet, and twenty original Portraits engraved in the best style. Complete in two handsome volumes, 500 pages each,

3 50 O'Callaghan.- History of New Netherland; or, New-York

under the Dutch. By E. B. O'Callaghan, Corresponding Member of the N. Hork Historical Society. One handsome 8vo. volume, of 500 pages, accompanied with a fac-simile of the original Map of New-Netherland.

2 50 Rowan.-History of the Revolution ; Its Causes and Consequences. By F. Maclean Rowan. 2 vols., 18mo., 75 cis; or 2 vols. in 1,

63 Taylor.-A Manual of ory A Manual of Ancient

and Modern History, comprising :-1. Ancient History, containing the Political History, Geographical Position, and Social State of the Principal Nations of Antiquity, carefully digested from the Ancient Writers, and illustrated by the discoveries of Modern Scholars and Travellers. 2. Modern History, containing the Rise and Progress of the Principal European Nations, their Political History, and the Changes in their Social Condition, with a History of the Colonies founded by Europeans. By W. Cooke Taylor, LL.D., of Trinity College, Dublin. Revised, with additions on American History, by C. S. Henry, D. D., Professor of History in the University of New-York. One handsome volume, 8vo., of 800 pages,

2 25 For convenience as a Class-Book, the Ancient or Noderu portion can be had in separate volumes. Twiss.—The Oregon Territory ; Its History and Discove

ry, including an account of the Convention of the Escurial; also, the Trea-
tics and Negotiations between the United States and Great Britain-held at
various times for the settlement of the Boundary Line--and an examination
of the whole question in respect to Facts and the Law of Nations. By
Travers Twiss, D. C. L., Professor of Political Economy in the University
of Oxford. One volume, 12mo.; paper cover 50 cts., cloth,

American Poets.-Gems from American Poets. Contains

selections from nearly one hundred writers, among which are-Bryant, Hal

leck, Longfellow, Percival, Whittier, Sprague, Brainerd, Dana, Willis, Pinckney, Allston, Hillhouse, Mrs. Sigoumey, L. M. Davidson, Lucy Hooper, Mrs. Embury, Mrs. Hale, etc., etc. One vol., 32mo., frontispiece, gilt leaves. Forming one of the series of " Miniature Classical Library.

373 Burns.—The Complete Poetical Works of Robert Burns,

with Explanatory and Glossarial Notes, and a Life of the Author. By James Currie, Nr. D. Illustrated with six steel engravings. 16mo. Forining one of the series of "Cabinet Edition of Standard British Poets."

1 25 Cowper.-- The Complete Poetical Works of William Cow

per, Esq., including the Hymns and Translations from Mad. Guion, Milton, etc., and Adam, a Sacred Drama, from the Italian of Battista Andreini, with a Memoir of the Author. By the Rev. Henry Stebbing, A. M. One vol., 16mo., 800 pages, $1,50, or in 2 vols.

1 75 Forming one of the series of “ Cabinet Edition of Standard British Poets.» Dante.— The Vision of Hell, Purgatory, and Paradise, of

Dante Alighieri. Translated by the Rev. Henry Cary, A. M., with a Life
of Dante, Chronological View of his Age, Additional Notes and Index.
Illustrated with twelve steel engravings, from designs by John Flaxman,
R. A., and a finely engraved Portrait. One elegantly printed vol., 16mo.,

1 50 Campbell.— The Complete Poetical Works of Thomas

Campbell. Ilustrated with a fine Portrait and several handsome Steel

Engravings. One volume, 16mo. (In press.)
Homer.— The Iliad and Odyssey of Homer. Translated

by Alexander Pope. Embellished with numerous Engravings from Flax

man's designs. One elegant printed volume, 16mo. (In press.) Hemans.— The Complete Poetical Works of Felícia He

mans, printed from the last English edition, edited by her sister. Illustrated with six Sicel Engravings. Two beautifully printed and portable vol

2 50 umes, 161no, Hemans.-Songs of the Affections. By Felicia Hemans.

One volume, 32mo. gilt. Forming one of the series of “ Miniature Classi

cal Library.' Lewis.—Records of the Heart. By Sarah Anna Lewis. One volume, 12mno.,

1 00 Lord.—Poems. "By William W. Lord. i2mo., illuminat

75 Moore.— The Complete Poetical Works of Thomas Moore,

beautifully printed in clear legible type, in exact imitation of the recent corrected London edition. Illustrated with numerous fine Steel Engravings

and an elegantly-engraved Portrait of the Author. One volume, 8vo. Moore.—Irish Melodies. By Thomas Moore, with the

original prefatory Letter on Music, from the 13th London edition. Minialure volume. Forming a portion of the uniform series or " Miniature Classical Library."

38 Moore.-Lalla Rookh; an Original Romance. By Thos.

Moore. One volume, 32mo., frontispiece, cloth gilt. Forming a portion of the series of " Miniature Classical Library."

38 Milton.-- The Complete Poetical Works of John Milton,

with Explanatory Notes and a Life of the Author, by the Rev. Henry Steb-
bing, A. M. Illustrated with six Steel Engravings. One volume, 16mo.
Forming one of the series of “ Cabinet Edition of Standard Pocts."-
O The Latin and Italian Poems are included in this edition.

1 25 Milton.- Paradise Lost. By John Milton. With Notes,

50 by Rev. H. Stebbing. One volume, 18mo., cloth 39 cts., gilt leaves Milton.-Paradise Regained. By John Milton. With

38 Notes, by Rev. H. Stebbing. One vol., 18mo., cloth 25 cts., gilt leaves, Pollok — The course of Time. By Robert Pollok. With

a Life of the Author, and complete Analytical Index, prepared expressly for this edition. 32mo., frontispiece. Forming one of the series of " Miniature Classical Library.”

38 Pope. The Complete Poetical Works of Alexander Pope,

elegantly printed. illustrated with a fine Portrait and numerous Engrav

ings. One volume, 16mo. (In press.)
Scott.-- The Poetical Works of Sir Walter Scott, Bart.

Containing Lay of the Last Minstrel, Marmion, Lady of the Lake, Don
Roderick, Rokeby, Ballads, Lyrics, and Songs, with a Life of the Author.
Illustrated with six Steel Engravings. One volume, 16mo.,

1 25 Scott.—Lady of the Lake: A Poem. By Sir Walter Scott.

50 One volume, 18mo., frontispiece, cloth 38 cents, gilt edges, Scott.—Marmion: A Tale of Flodden Field.' By Sir Walter Scott. One volume, 18mo., frontispiece, cloth 38 cents, gili edges,

50 Scott. - Lay of the Last Minstrel : A Poem. By Sir Walter Scott. One volume, 18mo., frontispiece, cloth 25 cents, gilt edges,

38 Thomson.—The Seasons: A Poem. By James Thomson.

One volume, 32mo., cloth, gilt leaves. Forming one of the series of “ Miniature Classical Library.”

38 Southey.—The Complete Poetical Works of Robert

Southey, Esq., LL. D. The ten volume London edition, in one clegant vol., royal 8vo. Illustrated with a Portrait and several fine Sicel Engravings,

3 50 Thoughts in Past Years: A collection of Poetry, chiefly

Devotional, by the author of " The Cathedral.” One vol., 16mo., elegantly printed,

1 25 Tasso.—The Jerusalem Delivered, of Torquato Tasso.

Translated into English Spenserian verse, with a Life of the Author, by J. H. Wiffen. Two volumes of the last London cdition, reprinted in one elegant 16mo. volume, illustrated with a finely-engraved Portrait and several

beautiful Steel Engravings. Token of Affection. One volume, 32mo., frontispiece, ,

31 Token of Friendship. One volume, 32mo., frontispiece, , ,

31 Token of Love. 'One volume, 32mo., frontispiece, cloth, , gilt leaves,


D. Haas.




Hook.—The Cross of Christ; Or, Meditations on the

Death and Passion of our Blessed Lord and Saviour. Edited by W. F.

Hook, D. D., Vicar of Leeds. 16mo., Hooker.— The Complete Works of that learned and judi

cious divine, Mr Richard Hooker, with an account of his Life and Death. By Isaac Walion. Arranged by the Rev. Jolin Keble, M. A. First American from the last Oxford edition. With a complete general Index, and Index of the texts of Scripture, prepared expressly for this edition. Two elegant voluines, 8vo.,

4 00

Ives. — The Apostles Doctrine and Fellowship: Five Ser


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neat, s

Token of Remembrance. One volume, 32mo., frontis

31 , cloth, gilt Token of the Heart. One volume, 32mo., frontispiece, cloth, gili leaves. Forming a portion of the series of “Miniature Classical

31 " Young.--Night Thoughts. The Complaint, or Night Thoughts. By Edward Young, D. D: Miniature size volume, clegantly,

38 printed. Forming a portion of the series of" Miniature Classical Library.",

Arnold. -- Rugby School Sermons: Sermons preached in

the Chapel of Rugby School, with an Address before Confirmation. By

Thomas Arnold, D. D. One volume, 16mo.,
Anthon.-An Easy Catechism for Children; 'or, The

Church Catechism with Scripture Proofs. By Henry Anthon, D. D., Rec-
tor of Si. Mark's Church, New-York. Pari 1,

64 Anthon.–Catechisms on the Homilies of the Church. By Henry Anthon, D. D., Rector of St. Mark's Church, New-York. 18mo.,

61 paper cover, A Kempis.-Or the Imitation of Christ : Four books by Thomas a Kempis. One elegant volume, 16mo.,

1 00 Book of Common Prayer. A new and beautifully illus

trated edition, printed from the authorized copy adopted at the last General Convention of ihe P. E. Church. The illustrations are engraved on steel, from the unique designs of Overbeck, accompanied with a finely executed illuminated title-page. In five varieties of size, embracing 8vo., 12mo., 16mo., 18mo., and 2 Imo. The type of the last two will be found to be much larger than any edition heretofore printed. They may be had in the following styles of binding :-8vo. Turkey morocco extra, $5,00; Do. imitation,

; Do. with 2 clasps, $7,00 ; Sheep very neai, $ .-12mo. Turkey morocco extra, $3,50; Do. with clasp, $1,50; Do. imitation, $ Sheep very neat, $1,25.--16mo. Turkey morocco extra, 3,00; Do. withi clasp, $1,00; Imitation of morocco, S. :--18mo. Turkey morocco extra, $2,50; Do. with clasp, $3,50 ; Imitation of morocco, $. ; Sheep

.--24mo. Turkey morocco extra, $2,50 ; Do. with clasp, $3,50; Imitation of morocco, S -Or in rich silk Velvet and Gold with clasp. In press--a pocket edition 32 and 4emo. size, very beautiful clear type.

On cash account, discount of 20 per cent.
Burnet.-An Exposition of the XXXIX Articles of the

Church of England. By Gilbert Burnet, D. D., late Bishop of Salisbury.
With an Appendix, containing the Augsburg Confession, Creed of Pope Pius
IV., &c. Revised and corrected, with copious Notes and Additional Re.

ferences, by the Rev. James R. Page, A. N. One handsome svo. volume, 2.00 Burnet.--The History of the Reformation of the Church

of England, by Gilbert Burnet, D. D., late Lord Bishop of Salisbury; with the Collection of Records and a copious Index, revised and corrected, with additional Notes and a Preface, By the Rev. E. Nares, D.D., late Professor of Modern History in the University of Oxford. Illustrated with a frontis. piece and twenty-three engraved Portraits, forming four elegant 8vo vols.,

800 A cheap edition is printed, containing the History in three volumes, without the Records, which form the fourth volume of the above. Price, in boards,

2 50 Bible Expositor. Confirmation of the Truth of the Holy

Scriptures, from the Obscrvations of recent Travellers, illustrating the Manners, Customs, and Places referred to in the Bible. Published under the direction of the Society for the Promotion of Christian Knowledge, London, Illustrated with 90 cuts. One volume, 12mo..

75 Beaven.—A Help to Catechising. For the use of Clergy

men, Schools, and Private Families. By James Beaven, D. D., Prof. of Theology at King's College, Toronto. Revised and adapted to the use of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States. By Henry Anthon, D. D., Rector of St. Mark's Church, N. Y. 18mo., paper cover. Forming No. 1 of a series of " Tracts on Christian Doctrine and Practice,” now

in course of publication under the superintendence of Rev. Dr. Anthon. Bradley.–Family and Parish Sermons: Preached at Clap

ham and Glasbury. By the Rev. Charles Bradley. From the seventh London edition. Two volumes in one, avo.

1 25 Bradley.-Practical Sermons for every Sunday throughout the year and principal holidays. Two vols. of English edition in one 8vo.,

1 50 Cruden.-Concordance of the New Testament. By Al

exander Cruden, M. A. With a Memoir of the Author by W. Youngman. Abridged from the last London edition, by William Pation, D. D. Portrait. One volume, 32mo., sheep,

50 Cotter. - The Mass and Rubrics of the Roman Catholic

Church, translated into English, with Notes and Remarks. By the Rev.
John R. Cotter, A. M. 18mo.,

50 Churton.- The Early English Church; Or, Christian His

tory of England in early British, Saxon and Norman Times. By the Rev. Edward Churton, M. A. With a Preface by the Right Rev. Bishop sves. One volume, 16mo.,

1 00 Clarke. —Scripture Promises, under their proper heads,

representing the Blessings Promised, and the Duties to which Promises

are made. By Samuel Clarke, D. D. Miniature size, Evans.—The Rectory of Valehead; Or, The Records of

a Holy Home. By the Rev. R. W. Evans. From the twelfth English edition. One volume, 16mo.,

75 Faber.— The Primitive Doctrine of Election ; Or, an His

torical Inquiry into the Ideality and Causation of Scriptural Election, as received and maintained in the primitive Church of Christ. By George Stanley Faber, B. D., author of "Difficulties of Romanism,"

"" Difficulties of Infidelity,” &c. Complete in one volume, 8vo.,

1 75 Foster.- Essays on Christian Morals, Experimental and

Practical. Originally delivered as Lectures at Broadmead Chapel, Bristol. By John Foster, author of " Essays on Decision of Character, etc. One volume, 18mo,,

50 Gresley.-Portrait of a Churchman. By the Rev. W.


' Gresley, A. M. From the 7th English edition. One elegant vol. 16mo.,

75 Gresley. – A Treatise on Preaching, in a series of Letters

mons, preached in the principal Churches of his Diocese, during his Spring Visitation, 1814. By the Right Rev. L. S. Ives, D. D., LL. D. 16mo.,

63 James.—The True Christian; Exemplified in a Series of Addresses, by Rev. John Angell James. One volume, 18mo.,

38 James.— The Anxious Inquirer after Salvation Directed and Encouraged. By Rev. John Angell James. One volume, 18mo.,

38 James.— İlappiness, its Nature and Sources. By Rev. John Angell James. One volume 32mo.,

25 James.—The Young Man from Home. In a Series of

Letters, especially directed for the Moral Advancement of Youth. By Rer.
John Angell James. Fifth edition. One volume, 18mo.,

38 James. The Widow Directed to the Widow's God. By Rev. John Angell James. One volume, 1mo.,

38 Kip.— The Double Witness of the Church. By Rev. Wm.

Ingraham Kir, author of “Lenten Fasi." One volume, 12mo. Second edition. Boards 75 cents, cloth.

1 00 Kingsley.-- The Sacred Choir: A Collection of Church

Music, consisting of selections from the most distinguished Authors, among whom are the names of Hayden, Mozart, Beethoven, Pergolessi, &c. &c., with several pieces of Music by the Author; also, a Progressive Elementary System of Instruction for Pupils. By George şıngsley, author of the Social Choir, &c., &c. Fourth edition.

75 Light in the Dwelling; Or, A Harmony of the Four Gos

pels, with short id simple Remarks, adapted to reading at Family Prayers, and arranged in 365 sections, for every day in the year. By the Author

of " Peep of Day,'' “ Line upon Line," etc., etc. One volume., 8vo. Lyra Apostolica. From the Fifth English edition. One elegantly-printed volume,

75 Magee.--On Atonement and Sacrifice : Discourses and

Dissertations on the Scriptural Doctrines of Atonement and Sacrifice, and on the Principal Arguments advanced, and the Mode of Reasoning employed, by the opponents of those Doctrines, as held by the Established Church. By the late most Rev. William Magee, D. D., Archbishop of Dublin. Two volumes, 8vo.,

5 00 Marshall. -- Notes on the Episcopal Polity of the Holy

Catholic Church, with some account of the Developments of Modern Religious Systems. By Thomas William Marshall, B. A., of the Diocese of Salisbury. Edited by J. M. Wainwright, D. D. With a new and complete Index of the Subjects and of the 'Texts of Scripture. One vol., 12mo.,

1 25 Maurice.-The Kingdom of Christ ; Or, Hints respecting

the Principles, Constitution, and Ordinances of the Catholic Church. By Rev. Frederick Denison Maurice, M. A. London. One vol., 8v0., 000 pages,

2 50 Manning. - The Unity of the Church. By the Rev. Hen

ry Edward Manning, M. A, Archdeacon of Chichezier. One vol. 16mo., 100 Matrimony.— The Manual of Matrimony and Connubial

Companion; gathered together for the Safety of the Single and the Weal of the Wedded. By a Bachelor. One volume, miniature size,

311 More.-Practical Piety. By Hannah More. Two vols.,

32mo., frontispieces. Forming one of the series of the “ Miniature Classcal Library."

75 More.- Private Devotion: A series of Prayers and Medi

tations, with an Introductory Essay on Prayer, chiefly from the writings of Hannah More. From the twenty-fifth London edition. One volume, 32mo., frontispiece, cloth gilt. Forming one of the series of the “ Miniature Classical Library."?

31 Newman.—Parochial Sermons. By John Henry Newman,

B. D. Six volumes of the English edition in two volumes, 8vo., Newman.-Sermons Bearing on Subjects of the Day. By John Henry Newman, B. D. One volume, 12mo.,

1 25 Ogilby.-On Lay-Baptism : An Outline of the Argument

against the Validity of Lay-Baptism. By John D. Ogilby, D. D., Professor of Ecclesiastical History. One volume, 12mo.,

775 Ogilby.-Catholic Church in England and America.

Three Lectures. I. The Church in England and America, Apostolic and Catholic: II. The Causes of the English Reformation; III. lis Character . ,


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By John Henry Newman, 500

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Palmer.--A Treatise on the Church of Christ."""Designed


5 00

2 50

chiefly for the use of Students in Theology. By the Rev. William Palmer, M. A., of Worcester College, Oxford. Edited, with Notes, by the Ri. Rev. W.R. Whitlingham, D. D., Bishop of the Protestant Episcopal Church in

the Diocese of Maryland. Two volumes, 8vo., Pulpit Cyclopædia and Minister's Companion; containing

three hundred and sixty Skeletons and Sketches of Sermons, and eightytwo Essays on Biblical Learning, Theological Studies, and the Composition and Delivery of Sermons. By the author of “Sketches and Skeletons of 400 Sermons,' " Christian Daily Portion," etc. The London edition of

four volumes complete in one 8vo. vol. of over 600 pages, Paget.—Tales of the Village. By the Rev. Francis E.

Paget, M. A. Three elegant volumes, 18mo.,, Pearson.-- An Exposition of the Creed. By John Pearson,

D. D., late Bishop of Chester. With an Appendix, containing the principal Greek and Latin Creeds. Revised and corrected by the Rev. W. S.

Dodson, M. A., Peterhouse, Cambridge. One volume, 8vo., Philip.--Young Man's Closet Library. By Robert Philip.

With an Introductory Essay, by Rev. Albert Barnes. 12mo., Philip. -Love of the Spirit, traced in His Works: a Com

by the Rev. W. Gresley, M. A. Revised, with Supplementary Notes, by the Rev. Benj. I. Haighi, M. A., Rector of All Saints' Church, New-York. One volume, 12mo.,

1 25

panion to the Experimental Guides. By Robert Philip. One vol. 18mo.,

1 75

2 00

1 00



1 00

1 00

2 00


1 25

1 00

2 25

1 00

5 00

6 50

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Philip.-Devotional and Experimental Guides. By Robert

Philip. With an Introductory Essay by Rev. Albert Barnes. Two vols. 12mo. Contaming Guide 10 ihe Perplexed, Guide to the Devotional, Guide to the Thoughưul, Guide to the Doubiing, Guide to the Conscientious, Guide to Redemption.

1 75 Philip.---Lady's Closet Library: The Marys, or Beauty of

Female Holiness: The Marthas, or Varieties of Female Piety; The Lydias, or Development of Female Character; The Hannahs, or Maternal Mutluence of Sons. By Robert Philip. Each volume, Eno.,

50 Sherlock. --The Practical Christian; Or, the Devout Pen

itent; a Book of Devotion, containing the Whole Duty of a Christian in all Occasions and Necessities, filled to the main use of a holy lite. By R. Sherlock, D. D. With a Life of the Author, by the Ri. Rer. Bishop Wilson, Author of " Sacra Privata,'' &c. One elegant volume, 16mv.,

1 00 Spinckes.—Manual of Private Devotions: collected from

the writings of Archbishop Laud, Bishop Andrews, Bishop Ken, Dr. Hickes, Mr. Kettlewell, Mr. Spinckes, and other eminent old English divines. With a Preface by the Rev. Dr. Spinckes. Edited by Francis E. Paget, M.

1 00 A.

One elegant volume, 1610.,
Spencer. - The Christian Instructed in the Ways of the

Gospel and the Church, in a series of Discourses delivered at St. James'
Church, Goshen, N. Y. By the Rev. J. A. Spencer, M. A., late Rector.

1 25 volume, 16mo. Sutton.—Disce Vivere– Learn to Live: Wherein is shown

that the Life of Christ is and ought to be an Express Pattern for Imitation unto the Life of a Christian. By Christopher Sutton, D. D. 16mo.,

1 00 Swart.-Letters to my Godchild. By the Rev. J. W. Swart,

A. M., of the Diocese of Western New-York. One vol., 32mo, cloth, gilt leaves,

38 Taylor. --The Sacred Order and Offices of Episcopacy

Asserted and Maintained; to which is added Clerus Domini, a Discourse on the Othee Minisierial. By the Rt. Rev. Bishop Jereiny Taylor, D. D. One volume, 16mo.,

1 00 Taylor.— The Golden Grove: A choice Manual, contain

ing what is to be Believed, Practised, ar Desired, or Prayed for; the Prayers being filted for the several Days of the Week. To which is added, a Guide for the Penitent, or a Model drawn up for the Help of Devout Souls wounded with Sin. Also, Festival Hymns, &c. By the Right Rev. Bishop Jeremy Taylor. One volume, 16mó.,

50 Wilson.-Sacra Privata.—'The Private Meditations, Devo

tions and Prayers of the Right Rev. T. Wilson, D. D., Lord Bishop of Sodor and Man. First complete edition. 16mo., ornamented,

1 00 Wilberforce.—Manual for Communicants ; Or, The Order

for Administering the Holy Communion ; conveniently arranged with Meditations and Prayers from old English Divines: being the Eucharistica of Samuel Wilberforce, M. A., Archdeacon of Surrey, (adapted to the American service.) 38 cenis, gilt leaves

50 Wilson.—Expository Lectures on St. Paul's Epistle to the

Colossians ; in which the Apostle's argument respecting the Errors on the subject of the Mediation of Christ, prevailing at Colosse, is applied to the present Circumstances of our Protestant Church. By Daniel Wilson, Bishop of Calcutta. One volume, 12mo.,


Bouissangault.-Agricultural Chemistry. Rural Economy,

in its relations with Chemistry, Physics, and Meteorology; or, Chemistry
applied to Agriculture. By J. B. Bouissangault. Translated, with Notes,
etc., by George Law, Agriculturist. 12m0., over 500 pages,

1 50 Falkner.—The Farmer's Manual : A Practical Treatise on

the Nature and Value of Manures, founded from Experiments on various Crops, with a brief account of the most Recent Discoveries in Agricultural Chemistry. By F. Falkner and the author of “ British Husbandry."12mo., cloth,

50 Farmer's Treasure, The : containing “Falkner's Farmers Manual," and "Smith's Productive Farming,'' bound together. 12mo.,

.75 Marshall.— The Farmer's Hand-Book: Being a Full and

Complete Guide for the Farmer and the Emigrant. Comprising— The
Clearing of Forest and Prairie Lands; Gardening; Farming Generally;
Farriery; The Management and Treatment of Canile; Cookery; The
Construction of Dwellings; Prevention and Cure of Disease; with copi-
ous Tables, Recipes, Hints, &c., &c. By Josiah T. Marshall. One volume,
12.10., illustrated with numerous wood engravings. Neatly bound. -

Price $1; paper cover,
Smith.— Productive Farming : A Familiar Digest of the

most recent Discoveries of Liebig, Davy, Johnston, and other celebrated
writers on Vegetable Chemistry, showing how the results of Tillage miglit
be greatly augmented. By Joseph A. Smith. 12mo., cloih,

50 II. ARCHITECTURE AND MECHANICS. Ewbank.-Hydraulics and Mechanics: A Descriptive and

Historical Account of Hydraulic and other Machines for raising Water, including the Steam and Fire Engines, ancient and modern; with Observarions on various subjects connected with the Mechanic Aris ; including the Progressive Development of the Steam Engine. In five books. Illustrated by nearly three hundred engravings. By Thomas Ewbank. Second edition, with a Supplement. One handsome volume of 600 pages,

3 50 Lafever.- Beauties of Modern Architecture; consisting of

forty-eight Plates of Original Designs, with Plans, Elerations, and Sections-also a Dictionary of Technical Terms; the whole forming a complete Manual for the Practical Builder. By M. Latever, Architect.Large Svo.,

6 00 Hodge. — The Steam Engine: Its Origin and gradual Im

provement, from the time of Hero to the present day, as adapted to Manufactures, Locomotion, and Navigation. "Illustrated with 48 Plates, in full detail, numerous wood-cuts, &c. By Paul R. Hodge, C. E. One volume folio of plates, and letter press in 8vo.,

10 00 III. MEDICINE AND CHEMISTRY. Chavasse.—Advice to Mothers on the management of their

Pye Henry Chavasse, Member of the Royal College of Surgeons, London.
From the ihird English edition. One volume, 18ino., 180 pages. Paper

25 cents, cloth De Leuze.--Practical Instruction in Animal Magnetism.

By J. P. F. De Leuze. Translated by Thos C. Hartshorn. Revised edition with an Appendix of Notes by the 'Translator, and Letters from eminent

Physicians and others, descriptive of cases in the U. States. One vol. 12m0., Fresenius.--Chemical Analysis. Elementary Instruction

in Chemical Analysis. By Dr. C. Rhemigins Fresenius. With a preface

by Prof. Liebig. Edited by I. Lloyd Bullock. 12mo., cloth, Hall

. --The Principles of Diagnosis. By Marshall Hall, M. D., F. R. S., &c. Second edition, with many improvements, by Dr.

John A. Sweet. One volume, 8vo., Liebig.–Fainiliar Letters on Chemistry, and its relation to

Commerce, Physiology, and Agriculture. By Justus Liebig, M. D. Edited

by John Gardner, M. D. One volume, bound, Leger. ---Animal Magnetism, or Psycoduanamy. By Theo

dore Leger, M. D., late Prof. of Anatomy at the Practical School. Paris.

One voluine, 12mo., Wilson.—On Healthy Skin: A Popular and Practical

Treatise on Henlthy Skin; with Rules for the Medical and Domestic Treatment of Cutaneous Diseases. By Erasmus Wilson, F. R. S. 12mo., illus. trated,

IV. USEFUL ARTS, Cooley.— The Book of Useful Knowledge: A Cyclopædia

of Six Thousand Practical Receipts, and Collateral Information in the Arts, Manufactures, and Trades; including Medicine, Pharmacy, and Domestic Economy, designed as a compendious Book of Reference for the Manufacturer, Tradesman, Amateur, and Heads of Families. By Arnold James Cooly, Practical Chemist. Illustrated with numerous wood engravings.

Forming one handsome volume, 8vo., of 650 pages. Price, bound, Parnell.–Applied Chemistry, in Manufactures, Arts, and

Domestic Economy Edited by E. A. Parnell. Illustrated with numerous wood engravings, and specimens of Dyed and Printed Cottons. Paper

cover 75 cents, cloth Ure. – Dictionary of Arts, Manufactures and Mines; con

taining a clear Exposition of the Principles and Practice. By Andrew Ure, M. D., F. R. S., &c. Illustrated with 1:2 10 engravings on wood. One

thick volume of 1310 pages, bound in leather, Ure.— A Supplement to Dr. Ure’s Dictionary: Recent Im

provements in Arts, Manufactures, and Mines, (being a Supplement to his Dictionary.) By Andrew Ure, M. D. 8vo., illustrated with 200 cuts, $1,50. The complete Work, with Supplement, bound in iwo volumes,

V. MILITARY. Halleck.—Elements of Military Science and Art; or, A

Course of Instruction in Strategy, Fortification, Tactics of Battles, &c., embracing the Duties of Staff, Infantry, Cavalry, Artillery, and Engineers; Adapied to the Use of Volunteers and Mililia. By H. Wager Halleck, A. M., Lieut. of Engineers U. S. Army. One volume, 12mo., illustrated with numerous Diagrams.

MISCELLANEOUS. Arnold.—The Miscellaneous Works of Thomas Arnold, D. D., with nine additional Essays, not included in the English collection.

, , Arthur.—Tired” of House-Keeping. By T. s. Arthur,

author of " Insubordination, etc. etc. *18mo., frontispiece. Forming one

of the series of “Tales for the People and their children.” Cooley.—The American in Egypt. With Rambles through

Arabia-Petrua and the Holy Land, during the years 1839–40. By James
Ewing Cooley. Illustrated with numerous Steel Engravings, also Etch-

ings and Designs by Johnston. One handsome vol., Svo., 610 pages, Corbould.—The History and Adventures of Margaret

Catchpole, a Suffolk Girl. By the Rev. Richard Corbould. 8vo., paper

cover, 2 steel plates, Dumas.-Marguerite De Valois : An Historical Romance.

By Alexander Dumas. 8vo., paper cover, Ellis.—The Women of England; 'Their Social Duties and

Domestic Habits. By Mrs. Ellis. One volume, 12mo., Ellis.—The Mothers of England; Their Influence and

Responsibility. By Mrs. Ellis. One volume, 12mo., Ellis. — The Minister's Family; Or Hints to those who

would make Home happy. By Mrs. Ellis. One volume 18mo., Ellis.—First Impressions; Or Hints to those who would

make Home happy. By Mrs. Ellis. One volume, 18mo., Ellis.—Dangers of Dining Out; Or Hints to those who

would make Home happy. By Mrs. Ellis. 18mo., Ellis.—Somerville Hall; Or Hints to those who would make Home happy. By Mrs. Ellis. 18mo..

The above four volumes form a portion of series of “Tales for the People and their children.'' Embury.—Nature's Gems; Or, American Flowers, in their

Native Haunts. By Emma C. Embury. With twenty plates of Plants carefully colored after Nature, and landscape views of their localities, from drawings taken on the spor, by E. W. Whitefield. One imperial octavo

volume printed on the finest paper, and elegantly bound. Frost.- The Book of the Navy: Comprising a General

History of the American Marine, and particular accounts of all the most celebrated Naval Battles, from the Declaration of Independence to the present time, compiled from the best authorities. By John Frosi, LL. D. With an Appendix, containing Naval Songs, Anecdotes, &c. Einbellished with numerous original Engravings, and Portraits of distinguished Naval Com

., Frost. - The Book of the Army: Comprising a General

Military History of the United States, from the period of the Revolution to the present time, with particular accounts of all the most celebrated Battles, compiled from the best authorities. By John Frost, LL. D. Illustrated

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Offspring, during the periods of Infancy, Childhood, aud Youth. By Dr.

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1 75

with numerous Engravings and Portraits of distinguished Commanders.volume, 12mo

1 25 Frost. — The Book of the Colonies : comprising a History

of the Colonies composing the United States; from the discovery in the 10th century to the commencement of the Revolutionary War. Compiled from the best authorities. By John Frost, LL. D. 12mo., illustrated,

1 00 Frost.- The Book of the Indians of North America.

Their Manners, Customs, and Present State. Compiled from the most recent authorities. By John Frost, LL. D. 12mo., illustrated,

1 00 Frost. — The Book of Good Examples: drawn from Au

thentic History and Biography. Designed to illustrate the beneficial effects of Virtuous Conduct. By John Frost, LL. D. 12m0., illustrated,

1 00 Frost.— The Book of Illustrious Mechanics of Europe and

America. Translated from the French of Edward Foncaud. Edited by
John Frost, LL. D. 12m0., illustrated,

1 00 Foster.—Biog., Lit. and Philo. Essays, contributed to the

Eclectic Review. By John Foster, author of " Essays on Decision of Human Character," etc. One volume, 12mno.,

1 25 Fremont.- Oregon and California Expedition. Narrative

of the Exploring Expedition to the Rocky Mountains in the year 1842, and to Oregon and North California in the years 1813-4. By Brevet Capt. J. C. Fremont. Reprinted from the official report ordered to be published by the United States Senate. One volume, 8vo., paper cover, 25 cents; or printed

on thick paper, bound, Gilfillan.—Modern Literature and Literary Men: Sketches

of Modern Literature and Eminent Literary Men. (Being a Gallery of Literary Portraits.) By George Gilfillan. One volume, 12m0., cloth, $1,25; or in two parts, paper cover,

1 00 Grant. — Memoirs of an American Lady, with Sketches of

the Scenery and Manners in America, as they existed previous to the Rev.

olution. By Mrs. Grant, (of Laggaw.) 12mo., paper cover 50 cts., cloth, Goldsmith. -Pictorial Vicar of Wakefield. The Vicar of

Wakefield. By Oliver Goldsmith. Ilustrated with upwards of 100 engravings on wood. One beautiful volume, octavo, of 300 pages, $1,25; the

same 12mo., 75 cents; miniature size, Hobson. — My Uncle Hobson and I; or Slashes at Life with a Free Broad-axe. By Pascal Jones. 12mo., paper cover 50 cts., cloth,

75 Kip.— The Christmas Holydays in Rome. By the Rev. William Ingraham Kip, M. A. 12mo.,

1 00 Letter-Writer. The Useful Letter-Writer, comprising a

succinct Treatise on the Epistolary Art, and Forms of Letters for all ordinary occasions of Life. Compiled from the best authorities. Frontispiece, 32mo., gilt leaves. Forming one of the series of “Miniature Classical Library."

38 Lover.-Handy Andy: A Tale of Irish Life. By Samuel

Lover. Illustrated with twenty-three characteristic steel engravings. One volume, Svo, cloth $1,25, boards $1,00 Cheap edition, two Plates, paper,

50 Lover, L. S. D.- Treasure Trove: A Tale. By Samuel Lover. 8vo., two steel engravings, paper cover,

25 Manzoni

. - The Betrothed. I Promessi Sposi; The Betrothed. By Alessandro Manzoni. A new translation. Two volumes, 12mo., paper cover, $1,00; cloth,

1 50 Maxwell.–Fortunes of Hector O'Halloran, and his man

Mark Antony O'Toole. By W. H. Maxwell. One volume, 8vo., two plates, paper, 50 cents; twenty-four plates, boards, $1,00, cloth,

1 25 Pure Gold from the Rivers of Wisdom: a collection of short

Extracts from the most eminent writers-Bishop Hall, Jeremy Taylor, Barrow, Hooker, Bacon, Leighton, Addison, Wilberforce, Johnson, Young, Southey, Lady Montague, Hannah More, etc. One volume, 32mo., frontispiece, cloth, gilt. Forming one of the series of " Miniature Classical Library."

31 Reid.-A Dictionary of the English Language. Con

taining the Pronunciation, Etymology, and Explanation of all words authorized by eminent writers; to which are added a Vocabulary of the Roots of English words, and an Accented List of Greek, Latin, and Scripture Proper Names. By Alexander Reid, A. M., Rector of the Circus School, Edinburgh. With a Critical Preface by Henry Reed, Prof. of Eng. Lit. in the University of Pennsylvania. One volume, 12mo., of near Go0 pages, 1 00

well bound in leather, Surrenne.—Pronouncing French Dictionary. The Stand

ard Pronouncing Dictionary of the French and English Languages. Part 1. French and English. Part II. English and French. By Gabriel Surrenne, F. A. S. E. One volume, 12mo., near 900 pages, strongly bound,

1 50 Stewart.-On the Management of Horses, Stable Econo

my: a Treatise on the Management of Horses, in relation to stabling, grooming, feeding, watering, and working. By John Stewart, Veterinary Surgeon. With Notes and Additions, adapting it to American Food and Climate, by A. B. Allen. 12mo., illustrated with 23 engravings,

1 00 Southgate.-- Visit to the Syrian Church. Narrative of a

visit to the Syrian (Jacobite) Church of Mesopotamia ; with statements and reflections upon the present state of Christianity in Turkey, and the character and prospects of ihe Eastern Churches. By the Right Rev. Horatio Southgate, D. D. One volume, 12mo., with a Map,

1 00 Southey.-Life of Oliver Cromwell. By Robert Southey. One volume, 18mo.,

38 Sewell. —Gertrude: A Tale. Edited by the Rev. W. Scwell, B. A. 12mo., cloth 75 cents, paper cover,

50 Woman's Worth: Or, Hints to Raise the Female Charac

ter. First American from the last English edition, with a Recommendatory Notice. By Emily Marshall. 18mo.,

38 World, The, in a Pocket Book. Or Universal Popular

Statistics, embracing a condensed account of the Conimerce, Agriculture,
Government, History, &c. of every Nation on the Globe ; with numerous
Statistical Tables. 18mo.,

50 Warren.-Law Studies: a Popular and Practical Intro

duction to Law Studies and to every depariment of the Legal Profession,
Civil, Criminal, and Ecclesiastical; with an account of the state of Law in
Ireland and Scotland, and occasional Ilustrations from American Law.-
By Samuel Warren, F. R. S., author of “ Ten Thousand a Year," etc.

Revised, with an American Introduction and Appendix, by Thomas W.

Clarke, Counsellor at Law. One vol., 8vo., 675 pages, Zschokke.- Incidents of Social Life amid the European

Alps. Translated from the German of J. H. Zschokke, by Louis Sirack. 12m0.,

JUVENILE. Burdett. --Never too Late : an American Domestic Tale.

By Charles Burdett. 18mo. Forming a portion of the second series of

"Tales for the People and their Children." Burdett.-Chances and Changes; or, Life as it is, Illustrat

ed in the Iristory of a Straw Hat. By Charles Burdett. 18mo. Forming

a portion of the second series of " Tales for the People and their Children." Blossoms (The) of Morality: intended for the Amusement

and Instruction of Young People. Illustrated with 23 original designs by

Darley. 18mo.; Bache. —Clara's Amusements. By Mrs. Anna Bache.

Illustrated with numerous engravings. Square 16mo., Barwell.—Little Lessons for Little Learners, in words of

One Syllable. By Mrs. Barwell. Illustrated with many cuts. Square,

16mo., cloth, Boone. Adventures of Daniel Boone, the Kentucky

Rifleman. By the author of "Uncle Philip's Conversations." One vol.,

18mo. Forming one of the series of "A Library for my Young Countrymen." Boys' Manual. Comprising a summary view of the Studies,

Accomplishments, and Principles of Conduct, best suited for promoting

Respectability and Success in Life. _One volume, 18mo., Cotton.-Elizabeth ; or, the Exiles of Siberia. By Mad

ame Cotton. Miniature size. Forming one of the series of " Miniature

Classical Library." Copley.- Early Friendships. ' By Mrs. Copley. With a

frontispiece. One volume, 18mo., Cameron.—The Farmer's Daughter: a Tale of Humble

Life. By Mrs. Cameron, author of "Emma and her Nurse," " The Two

Mothers, etc., etc. One volume, 18mo., frontispiece, Child's Delight; a Gift for the Young. Edited by a Lady.

One volume, small 4to. Embellished with six steel engravings, colored in

the most attractive style. Bob, the Squirrel. The Travels and Extraordinary Ad

ventures of Bob, the Squirrel. Illustrated with twelve handsomely-colored

Plates. Square 16mo. Child's Favorite: a Present for the Young. Edited by a

Lady. Illustrated with twelve colored plates, 16mo. De Foe.- Pictorial Robinson Crusoe. The Life and Ad

ventures of Robinson Crusoe. By Daniel De Foe. With a Memoir of the Author, and an Essay on his Writings, with upwards of 300 spirited Engravings, by the celebrated French artist, Grandville. One elegant volume,

pages, Edgeworth.-Moral Tales. By Maria Edgeworth. Illus

trated with original designs, by Darley. Three volumes, price 37 1-2 cents

each, or three volumes bound in one, Edgeworth.—Popular Tales.' By Maria Edgeworth. Il

lustrated with designs by Croome. One volume, 18mo., Edgeworth.–Stories for Children. By Maria Edgeworth. One volume, 18mo., with illustrations.

Either of ihe three above Tales can be had separately bound. George's Journey to the Land of Happiness. Translated

from the French. 'Beauufully illustrated with sixteen colored engravings.

Square 16mo. Guizot.— The Young Student; or, Ralph and Victor.

By Madame Guizot. From the French, by Samuel Jackson. One volume of 500 pages, with illustrations. 75 cents, or, in three volumes,

Forming a portion of series of " Tales for the People and their children.” Hudson. The Adventures of Henry Hudson. By the

author of "Uncle Philip's Conversations." Frontispiece, 18mo., cloth,

Forming one of the series of " A Library for my Young Countrymen." Holiday Tales: consisting of pleasing Moral Stories for the

Young. One volume, square 16mv., with numerous illustrations, Howitt. - The Child's Picture and Verse-Book. Common

ly called “ Otto Speckter's Fable-Book.” Translated from the German, by Mary Howitt. Illustrated with 100 Engravings on wood. Square 12mo.,

in ornamental binding, Howitt.—My own Story; or, the Autobiography of a Child.

By Mary Howitt. 18mo., two plates, Howitt.—My Uncle, the Clock-Maker; a Tale. By Mary

; Howill. 18mo., Iwo plates, Howitt.—The two Apprentices: a Tale for Youth. By

Howitt. 18mo., , Howitt. —Love and Money; an Every-Day Tale. By Mary

Howitt. 18m0., two plates, cloth gilt, Howitt. -- Little Coin, much Care; or, How Poor People

Live. By Mary Howitt, 18m0., two plates, Howitt. ---Sowing and Reaping; or, What will Come of it.

By Mary Howiu. plates, Howitt.— Alice Franklin ; a Sequel to Sowing and Reap

ing: a Tale. By Mary Howitt. 18mo., two plates, cloth gilt, Howitt.-Work and Wages; or, Life in Service: a Tale.

By Mary Howiit. 18m0., two plates, cloth gilt, Howitt.—Strive and "Thrive: 'a Tale. By Mary Howitt.

, two plates, Howitt.-Who shall be Greatest : a Tale. 'By Mary How

itt. 18mo., iwo plates, cloth gilt, Howitt. - Which is the Wiser; or, People Abroad : a Tale.

By Mary Howitt. 18m0., iwo plates,


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