Edwin, second son of the late Edwin Tooth, esq., of Sydney, and grandson of Robert Tooth, esq., of Swift's Park, Cranbrook, Kent.

At Temple Lodge, Richmond, Yorkshire, aged 81, George Smurthwaite, esq. At Luptens, Brentwood, aged 27, Mary, wife of Chr. J. H. Tower, esq.

At his residence, Stebbington-street, Oakley-square, from bronchitis, aged 80, Richard Golding, esq., an eminent historical engraver.

At Southfield, Loughborough, the resi dence of her mother, aged 26, Susan Emily, wife of the Rev. H. W. Wasse, M.A., vicar of Prestwold and Hoton, and youngest dau. of the late J. E. Brooke, esq,, of Hotham House, Yorks.

At Fonthill Bishop, Wilts, aged; 70, Rev. Barton Bouchier, M.A., Rector of Fonthill Bishop. See OBITUARY.

Dec. 29. At Sherborne House, Malvern Wells, aged 68, Sir Francis Lyttelton Holycake Goodricke, Bart. See OBIT


At the residence of her brother-in-law, Capt. Lewis Maitland, R.N., J.P., Portland House, Southsea, Hants, Mary Anne, third dau. of the late Sir John Newbolt, formerly Chief Justice of Madras, and latterly chairman of the Winchester Quarter Sessions.

Aged 33, after a long illness, Major Frederick Fletcher Vane, late of the 23rd (Royal Welch) Fusiliers.

At 15, Blackheath-terrace, aged 29, Emily Ada, wife of Edward Roche, esq., and youngest dau. of the late Leader Stevenson, esq., of Vanbrugh-fields, Blackheath.

At Eardisley Vicarage, near Hereford, aged 36, the Rev. William St. Leger Aldworth, third son of Richard Oliver Aldworth, esq. See OBITUARY.

At Hammersmith, aged 39, William Stone, son of John Marshall, esq., Horsforth Hall.

At 31, Tavistock-place, W.C., aged 32, Margaret Annie Thompson, wife of James Hannay, esq.

At Kingston-on-Thames, aged 15, Edmund Hunter, eldest son of E. H. Fricker, esq., J.P.

At 15, Marlborough-buildings, Bath, aged 89, Christopher Barrow, esq.

Aged 57, Mr. Robert Wardell, of the Royal York Hotel, Margate. He was formerly well known in connection with the Royal Gardens, Vauxhall.

In Eaton-place, Robert Charles Mellish, esq., K.H., a retired diplomatist. He was appointed to the Foreign Office in January 1824, and was attached to the embassy at Constantinople from May, 1828, to March, 1830. In November,1834,he was appointed

a gentleman usher to Queen Adelaide, and remained connected with her Majesty's household till her death. Mr. Mellish was selected to act as secretary to the Earl of Wilton's special mission to the Court of Saxony, to invest the late King with the Order of the Garter, in 1842. He retired from the diplomatic service in January, 1855, upon a superannuation pension.

From an overdose of morphia, taken medicinally, aged 23, Dr. Ritchie, one of the most rising physicians in London. "Last week," says the Medical Times and Gazette, "he was quite well; now he is in his grave. On Thursday night he was well, cheerful, and busy; on Friday afternoon [Dec. 29] he was dead. He had been in the habit of working late at night and taking strong tea; then, being wakeful, he took occasionally a little morphia. It had on two or three occasions been difficult to rouse him in the morning, but last Friday he could not be roused at all. He had evidently taken an overdose. He was alive, but all attempts to support life were unavailing. An inquest was held, and these facts were brought out, as well as the proofs that he was in very prosperous money circumstances, and was about to start on Friday for a week's holiday in Scotland with his relations. The verdict was 'Death from morphia taken medicinally.' Dr. Ritchie, though only twenty-three years old, had already earned for himself a name which will endure in the history of medical



Dec. 30. Aged 89, William Palmer, esq., of Streamstown, co. Westmeath, who lately assumed the title of Baronet. was the second son of the late Patrick Palmer, esq., LL.D., of Glanmore, co. Longford, by Catherine, eldest dau. and co-heir of Edward Smyth, esq., of Callowhill, co. Fermanagh. Mr. Palmer, who was educated at Shrewsbury School, and was formerly an officer in the 53rd Foot, served in the expedition against PortoRico, and in the West Indies under Sir Ralph Abercrombie. He claimed the title of Sir Wm. Palmer, bart., of Wingham, as a descendant of Sir Thomas Palmer, the first baronet. He was for a short time entered in Lodge's "Peerage and Baronetage," and also in Mr. Walford's "County Families," as having succeeded to the baronetcy; but as no satisfactory evidence was produced to show upon what ground he assumed the title, his name has been omitted from more recent editions. He was twice married: first, in 1802, to Helen, dau. of J. Gratrix Hill, esq., of Fieldtown, co. Westmeath, and secondly, in 1844, to Charlotte, dau.

of Colonel Patton, and eaves, by the former, a son, William, vicar of Whitchurch, Dorset, who, if he can show a clear line of descent from the Palmers of Wingham, would now become a baronet.

At Salisbury, Henry Wedderburn Johnstone, esq., Commander R.N., sixth son of the late James Raymond Johnstone, esq., of Alva House, Stirling, N.B.

At Deddington, Oxon, aged 61, after a long and painful illness, Mrs. Susanna Cotton Risley. She was the only child of the late Robert Wells, esq., and niece of the late John Barber, esq., of Adderbury Wext, Oxon, and married, in 1828, the Rev. Wm. Cotton Risley, who was formerly Vicar of Deddington, by whom she has left, with other issue, Holford Cotton, who was born in 1831.

At his residence, Many-gates House, Sandal, near Wakefield, aged 67, Edward Green, esq.

At the Rectory, Hauxwell, aged 78, the Rev. Mark James Pattison, rector of Hauxwell, near Bedale.

At Stanton Prior, Somerset, aged 87, the Rev. James Phillott, Rector of Stanton Prior. The deceased gentleman was the youngest son of the late Venerable James Phillott, D.D., Rector and Archdeacon of Bath, Somerset, by Sarah, dau. of Thomas King, esq., of Bath. He was born at Bath in the year 1778, educated at Winchester, and at the early age of 16 elected to a scholarship at Corpus Christi College, Oxford, where he graduated B. A. in 1798, and proceeded M.A. 1802. He was appointed in 1815 to the rectory of Stanton Prior, which he held up to the day of his death. The reverend gentleman, who was a magistrate for the county of Somerset, and Master of St. John's Hospital, Bath, married, in 1804, Caroline, daughter of Richard Harris, esq., of Esher, Surrey, by whom he has left issue five children, two sons and three daughters.

At Latimer Rectory, Bucks, aged 17, Elizabeth Hester, eldest dau. of the Rev. Bryant Burgess.

At Knaresborough, aged 77, Sarah Ann, relict of Henry Wilkins, esq., of The Elms, Bath.

At 103, Onslow-square, Frances Cresswell, only surviving dau. of the late Francis Cresswell, esq., of Cresswell, Northumberland.

At 20, Albion-street, Hyde-park, Francis John Woodgate, esq., younger son of the late Rev. Stephen Woodgate, Pembury,


After a long and painful illness, at the house of her son-in-law, the Rev. Benjamin Kent, of Norwood, aged 74, Mary

Lowe, widow of the Rev. John Hall, of Chesham.

At Oaklands, Okehampton, Devon, aged 60, Mrs. Horatia Holley. She was the third dau. of the late Admiral Windham, of Fellbrigge, Norfolk, by Anne, dau. of Peter Thellusson, esq., of Broadsworth, Yorkshire, and married, in 1832, James Hunt Holley, esq., of Oaklands, by whom he has left, with other issue, Windham Hunt, B.A. of Trinity Hall, Cambridge, who was born in 1835.

At Stanwix, near Carlisle, Cumberland, aged 73, Mrs. Jane Bayley, of Stanwix. She was the eldest dau. of the late Anthony Hamond, esq., of Hutton Bonville, in the county of York, by the dau. of Close, esq., of Richmond, Yorkshire. She married, in 1816, the Rev. John Bayley, M.A., formerly Fellow and Tutor of Emanuel College, Cambridge, by whom, who died in 1838, she has left issue one son, Charles John, M.A. of Trinity College, Cambridge, and C.B., formerly Colonial Secretary at Mauritius, and latterly Governor of the Bahamas, during the greater part of the civil war in the United States.

At Barnton House, Midlothian, aged 21, Charles William Ramsay-Ramsay, esq., of Barnton and of Sauchie, Stirlingshire, only son of the late Wm. Ramsay-Ramsay, esq., of Barnton, who was some time M.P. for Midlothian, by the Hon. Maria, only dau. of James, Tenth Lord Torphichen, and was born at Barnton, in the year 1844. Mr. Ramsay was present at the celebration a few weeks ago of the coming of age of Sir Norman Macdonald Lockhart, of Lee and Carnwath, and was then in his usual health. While returning to Lanark from a ball given by Mr. Monteath, of Carstairs, the driver of the omnibus on which Mr. Ramsay, with other gentlemen, was riding, confused by the darkness of the night, mistook a turn of the road, and drove the omnibus under some trees, a branch of one of which dragged Mr. Ramsay off the vehicle. In falling, Mr. Ramsay's leg, coming in contact with the iron step of the carriage, sustained a wound below the knee, which was at first disregarded as a mere scratch, but which ultimately ended in erysipelas. The deceased was unmarried, and had only attained his majority in February last. His estates will probably devolve on his cousin, Sir Alexander C. GibsonMaitland, Bart., of Clifton Hall, Midlothian, whose mother was the eldest dau. of Mr. George Ramsay of Barnton, the grandfather of the deceased.

Dec. 31. At 12, Wilton-street, Grosvenor-place, the Hon. Mrs. Rowland

Smyth, wife of Major-General John Rowland Smyth, C.B., and dau. of the late Lord Tenterden, Chief Justice of the Court of King's Bench.

At Bonchurch, Isle of Wight, aged 40, Swinburne Fitzhardinge Berkeley, esq. He was the eldest son of the Hon. George Charles Grantley Berkeley, who was formerly M.P. for West Gloucestershire, and an officer in the Coldstream Guards, by Caroline Martha, dau. of the late Paul Benfield, esq. He was born in 1825, and married, in 1862, Eliza Maria, dau. of the late John Gray, esq., of Whamlands, Northumberland, and widow of Edward Dixon, esq., of Horseley, Worcestershire.

At Eldon Villa, Redland, Bristol, aged 71, Lieut.-Colonel William Stewart, late of the Madras Army.

At North Elmham Vicarage, Norfolk, Pleasance, wife of the Rev. H. E. Knatchbull.

At Comely-park-place, Dunfermline, aged 84, Amelia Hazell, widow of James Adamson, esq.

At Clarens, near Montreux, Switzerland, aged 23, Emma Eliza Norman, younger dau. of the late John Fussell, esq., of Nunney Court, Somerset.

At 87, Harcourt-street, Dublin, aged 73, Harriette, widow of William Richardson, esq., of Moy, co. Tyrone, King's Proctor for Ireland. She was the second dau. of Clement Taylor, esq., M.P., D.L., &c., of Tovil House, Maidstone, Kent.

At Arista, Miss Frederika Bremer. See OBITUARY.

At Landersdau, aged 60, Colonel A. Kennedy. He was an Irishman, who enlisted in the French army as a private in 1826, and had risen by his distinguished services in the Morea and in Algeria, and particularly in 1857, in Marshal Randon's expedition against the Kabyles, to the rank of colonel and commander of the Legion of Honour.

At Vienna, aged 80, M. Henry Anschütz, who was generally allowed to be the first of the German actors. The deceased was for more than forty years a member of the Burg Theatre, and it was not until four or five years ago that his powers of body and mind began to fail him. "He was," says the Times' Vienna correspondent, "truly great as King Lear, and I recollect to have heard a distinguished English diplomatist say that he had never seen the part so well given elsewhere."

At Paris, aged 50, M. Thuiller, president of a section of the Council of State, who had been for some time in failing health. Two years ago, when he appeared for the first time on the bench of govern

ment speakers in the Corps Legislatif, he displayed great oratorical talent, and since that début he was frequently spoken of as likely to be Minister of the Interior. He was undoubtedly the most brilliant 61 new man that the Empire has produced; for Billault, De Morny, Rouher, Baroche, Troplong, Chaix d'Est, Ange, Delangle, and even Walewski, had made a reputation for parliamentary ability before the coup d'état.-Daily News.

At Passy, Madame Carmouche, once an actress, named Jenny Vertpré, who, a quarter of a century ago, was the star of the French plays at the Olympic, and made a great hit in the "Chatte Metamorphosée en Femme." Her existence

had long been forgotten except by her personal friends.

At Florence, aged 86, Professor Michel Angelo Migliazini, keeper of the ancient monuments in the Royal Galleries of Florence. His labours in archæology and numismatics have made his name familiar to most antiquaries throughout Europe.

Madame Andelew, a Russian authoress of some note. This lady was the wellknown writer of works relating to political economy and Selavonic literature, some of which have been translated into English and French. It is said that her youth was passed in Siberia with her father, and that she married there, and lived for many years at Kiachta.

At Perigueux, Joseph Frouty, an exsoldier, and a Knight of the Legion of Honour. "At the attack of the Mamelon Vert, in the Crimea, Joseph Frouty was bugler in the 46th Regiment of Infantry. His battalion attacked the Russian batteries, but their ranks having been thinned by a discharge of grape-shot, and most of the officers killed or wounded, the men hesitated, no longer hearing the voice of their chiefs. Then Frouty ran forward and sounded the charge, the men advanced, and the Mamelon Vert was carried. The old bugler received the cross of the Legion of Honour for this daring act. His brother, a labourer like himself, attended the funeral, likewise wearing the cross of the Legion of Honour, which he had received for saving several lives during the late inundations. - Galignani.

At Rosslea, in Fermanagh, aged 95, Luke Lynch, "a man," says the Ulster Observer, "who might with justice be cited as an illustration of the saying 'that it is amongst the Irish peasantry the real nobility of the country may be found. Although this man occupied a comparatively humble position in society, and although he was born and lived all his life in a retired district, he could trace

a direct line of descent from the Redhanded Neill, from the Owen Roe, from the O'Reillys of Cavan, and from the M'Mahons of Monaghan and Dartry. The deceased had a brother who, about forty years ago, emigrated to South Carolina, and settled at Cheraw, where he became an extensive planter. One of his sons was a major-general in the Confederate army, but was prevented by sickness from taking active service. Another son, James, was a colonel, and commanded on James's Island, off Charleston, during some of Gilmore's most determined attacks; he died in the service. Another son is the Right Rev. P. N. Lynch, Bishop of South Carolina, who lately visited Europe on a diplomatic mission from the Government of Mr. Davis, and while here he visited his uncle at Rosslea. At that time his father was in good health, and on a visit with another son, Dr. John Lynch, of Columbia S.C. The deceased was a man of very considerable attainments, and intimately acquainted with every phase of Irish politics. could freely converse on every political change that came over the country since he saw the volunteers of 1782 under drill, and he retained his mental faculties to the last."


Jan. 1. At Idenhurst, Mayfield, Sussex, aged 43, Sir Francis William Sykes, bart. The deceased baronet was the eldest son of the late Sir Francis William Sykes, bart., of Basildon Park, Berks, by Henrietta, dau. of Henry Villebois, esq., of Marham, Norfolk, and was born at Basildon Park in 1822. He entered the army as ensign in the 97th Regt., Dec. 31, 1839, and became lieutenant April 15, 1842. He succeeded his father in 1843, and was appointed lieutenant in the 2nd Life Guards in the same year, but retired from the army in 1844. The first baronet, having acquired a considerable fortune in India, was elected, after his return to England, to represent Wallingford in Parliament. The late baronet, having died unmarried, is succeeded in the title by his brother Frederick, late Captain 11th Hussars, who was born in 1826.

In Portland-place, London, aged 76, Sir William Baynes, bart. See OBITUARY.

In St. Martin's, Stamford, suddenly, aged 76, William Mitton, esq., formerly a solicitor at Snaith, Yorkshire.

At St. Leonard's-on-Sea, aged 22, Caroline Eleanor, dau. of Francis Charles and the late Caroline Octavia Fitzroy.

At 66, Lincoln's-inn-fields, aged 79, Oliver Farrer, esq., of Ingleborough, Yorkshire. See OBITUARY.

At 11, St. Leonard's-terrace, Maida-hill,

of small-pox, aged 34, the Rev. Michael Plaskitt, curate of St. Saviour's.

At Olands, Milverton, Somerset, aged 76, Philip Broadmead, esq., J. P.

At Warwick, aged 64, the Rev. Charles Edward Carles.

At Bath House, Lewisham, Louisa, widow of Francis Greenfield, esq., Ordnance Storekeeper, Tynemouth Castle, and dau. of the late Capt. Joseph Martineau, Royal Artillery.

At 8, Scarsdale-terrace, Kensington, aged 50, the Rev. Henry Okey James Belfour, M.A. He was for eighteen years one of the Masters of the Kensington Grammar School.

Jan. 2. Aged 50, Maria Caroline Laura, wife of the Rev. Joseph Philip Knight, and dau. of the late Newton Dickenson, esq., and Lady Boughton, of Brunswicksquare, Brighton.

Aged 59, the Rev. T. R. Redwar, incumbent of St. Thomas's Church, Liberty of the Rolls.

At Boulogne-sur-Mer, aged 80, Emma, widow of Colonel Thornhill Warrington.

At Warnford Lodge, Leamington, aged 81, Fanny, widow of Lieutenant-Colonel Francis Ralph West.

Aged 39, Major Thomas E. Marsland, 1st Regiment Derby Militia, eldest son of the late John Marsland, esq., of Stockport, Cheshire.

At No. 74, Gower-street, Bedfordsquare, of measles, Ann Mary, wife of Charles Thomas Newton, esq., of the British Museum. See OBITUARY.

At 6, Ravenscourt-terrace, Hammersmith, aged 66, Ann, wife of the Rev. William Crowe.

At his residence, Beaufort House, Parkrow, Bristol, aged 74, Joseph James Kelson, esq., M.R.C.S., Eng. He was one of the junior assistant surgeons of th Army at Waterloo.

At Yew Tree House, near Huddersfield, aged 13, Elizabeth Wentworth, dau. of Rev. William Ffolliott.

Jan. 3. At Baden Baden, Count Gustave Blucher de Wahlstatt, brother of Prince Blucher, and grandson of FieldMarshal Prince Blucher. He was born Aug. 3, 1808, and married, at Florence, Sept. 23, 1828, the youngest dau. of the late Sir Robert Dallas, Chief Justice of the Court of Common Pleas.

At 28, Savile row, Major-General Francis Westenra, late of 5th Dragoon Guards. He entered the service as ensign on the 31st of July, 1817, and obtained the ranks respectively of lieutenant, 24th October, 1821; captain, 31st December, 1825; major, 28th June, 1838; lieutenantcolonel, 11th November, 1851; colonel,

28th November, 1854; major-general, 5th September, 1865; and was placed on halfpay, 14th March, 1845.

At Torquay, aged 70, the Hon. and Rev. Daniel Heneage Finch-Hatton, M.A. See OBITUARY.

At 42, Clarges-street, Piccadilly, Colonel Thomas Tulloch, of Tannachie, late of H.M.'s 42nd Regt. Royal Highlanders, with which he served throughout the Eastern campaign, 1854 to 1856. He retired from the service, Oct. 26, 1858.

Suddenly, at the Elms, East Woodhay, Hants, aged 65, Mrs. George Broun, widow of Captain George Broun, Royal Navy, and eldest dau. of the late General Granby Clay, of Baring-crescent, Exeter.

At her residence, Brynymor, Bangor, aged 76, Penelope Herdsfield, relict of the Rev. Hugh Price, M.A., formerly one of the vicars of the above parish.

At Hamilton House, Charlton Kings, Cheltenham, aged 36, Elizabeth Sandys Woodhouse, wife of Lieutenant George Stratton, Royal Navy, and eldest dau. of the late Richard Frances, esq., St. Andrew House, Droitwich.

At Torquay, Katharine Mary, youngest dau. of the late George Whieldon, esq., of Springfield House, Warwickshire, and The Grove, Hants.

At The Grove, Hammersmith, aged 42, Sophia, wife of W. Cheetham, esq., of the War Office.

Jan. 4. After a few days' illness, at his residence, Broom House, Fulham, aged 82, the Right Hon. Laurence Sulivan. See OBITUARY.

At Taplow Court, aged 58, Colonel Frederick Paget, youngest son of the late Hon. Berkeley Paget, youngest son of Henry, first Earl of Uxbridge and brother of the first Marquis of Anglesey. Colonel Paget was formerly in the Coldstream Guards, and had sat in the House of Commons for Beaumaris. The deceased gentleman married, Nov. 26, 1856, Maria Georgiana, eldest dau. of Mr. Charles Pascoe Grenfell, by Lady Georgiana Molyneux.

At St. Vincent's, Addington, Kent, Mary, wife of Charles Devon, esq.

At Sidmouth, Devon, aged 10, George, only son of Lieut.-Colonel George Woodfall, late of the H.E.I.C.'s Service, Madras and Persia.

At Longcroft, Torquay, very suddenly, Annie Louisa, second dau. of H. Phillpotts, esq., and granddau. of the Bishop of Exeter.

At the Manor House, Portslade, Sussex, aged 72, Sarah Anne, wife of John Borrer, esq.

At Worcester, aged 79, Mr. John White

house, a Peninsular veteran. The deceased, who entered the army at an early age, served through the whole of the Peninsular campaigns, and had received a medal and nine clasps. He left the army when still young, and during the latter part of his life exchanged the duties of a soldier for the more peaceful avocation of a verger at the Cathedral.

At 25, Montague-street, aged 59, from a street accident, Mr. John Dinnen, R. N., inspecting officer of the Steam Branch in the Department of the Controller of the Navy. On leaving the Admiralty, Whitehall, the previous evening, the deceased, in crossing the road, was knocked down by a hansom cab, and sustained such injuries that he was at once taken to Charing-cross Hospital in a cab. It was found that he had sustained a slight cut on the ear and an abrasion on the forehead, and after being attended to he left the hospital in a cab for his residence. On the next morning he was taken with serious symptoms, and died, it is believed, from concussion of the brain. Mr. Dinnen was senior inspector of machinery afloat (1847), and had been on the books of the Fisgard since the 1st Jan., 1863.

Jan. 5. Suddenly, of bronchitis, aged 53, William Henry Tenison Pery, Earl of Limerick. See OBITUARY.

At No. 4, Connaught square, Hydepark, aged 67, William James Sutherland, esq., late Major 21st Regt. Scots Fusiliers.

At 14, Norfolk-crescent, Bath, Mary Elizabeth, widow of the Rev. John Rossell, of Louth.

After a few days' illness, while on a visit at the residence of her brother-inlaw, the Rev. Robert Roberts, vicar of Haverhill, Suffolk, aged 68, Maria, widow of Frederick Peter Ripley, esq., of Carshalton, Surrey, and dau. of the late Josias Nottidge, esq., of Rose Hill, Wixoe, Suffolk.

At No. 3, Warrior-square, St. Leonard'son-Sea, aged 83, Rebecca, widow of Captain Richard Turner, R.M.

At his residence, 26, Henrietta-street, Bath, after a short illness, Major C. H. Thomas, late of H.M.'s 11th Bengal Native Infantry, retired, and eldest son of the late General Lewis Thomas, C.B.

At 13, Bedford-place, Russell-square, aged 86, Elizabeth Mary Twining, widow of Richard Twining, esq.

At Bitterne, near Southampton, at the residence of her brother, Captain Edward Fancourt Cavell, R. N., Georgiana Frances, youngest dau. of the late Edward Jackman Cavell, Lieut. R.N.

At Chase Cliffe, Derby, aged 58, Emma,

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