Eighteenth Century Vignettes

Chatto & Windus, 1894 - 305 pagina's

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Pagina 138 - Right under the pump-room windows is the King's Bath; a huge cistern, where you see the patients up to their necks in hot water. The ladies wear jackets and petticoats of brown linen, with chip hats, in which they fix their handkerchiefs to wipe the sweat from their faces; but, truly, whether it is owing to the steam that surrounds them, or the heat of the water, or the nature of the dress, or to all these causes together, they look so flushed, and so frightful, that I always turn my eyes another...
Pagina 272 - If you had never seen it I would make you a most pompous description of it, and tell you how the floor is all of beaten princes—that you can't set your foot without treading on a Prince of Wales or Duke of Cumberland.
Pagina 25 - Verse sweetens toil, however rude the sound. All at her work the village maiden sings; Nor, while she turns the giddy wheel around, Revolves the sad vicissitude of things.
Pagina 19 - This day, being Sunday, January 28, 1727-8, about eight o'clock at night, a servant brought me a note, with an account of the death of the truest, most virtuous, and valuable friend that I, or perhaps any other person, was ever blessed with.
Pagina 71 - May the hatred of all the young, beautiful, and virtuous for ever be your portion, and may your eyes never behold anything but age and deformity ! May you meet with applause only from envious old maids, surly bachelors, and tyrannical parents; may you be doomed to the company of such ! and after death may their ugly souls haunt you ! " Now make Lovelace and Clarissa unhappy if you dare...
Pagina 301 - RICE. Ready-Money Mortiboy. With Harp and Crown. This Son of Vulcan. My Little Girl. The Case of Mr. Lucraft. The Golden Butterfly. BY BESANT AND RICE, continued— By Celia's Arbour. The Monks of Thelema. 'Twas in Trafalgar's Bay. The Seamy Side. The Ten Years
Pagina 19 - I cannot call to mind that I ever once heard her make a wrong judgment of persons, books, or affairs Her advice was always the best, and with the greatest freedom mixed with the greatest decency. She had a gracefulness, somewhat more than human, in every motion, word, and action.
Pagina 143 - London is literally new to me ; new in its streets, houses, and even in its situation : as the Irishman said, " London is now gone out of town." What I left open fields, producing hay and corn, I now find covered with. streets, and squares, and palaces, and churches. I am credibly informed, that, in the space of seven years, eleven thousand new houses have been built in one quarter of Westminster, exclusive of what is daily added to other parts of this unwieldy metropolis.
Pagina 277 - In strains more exalted the salt-box shall join, And clattering and battering and clapping combine ; With a rap and a tap, while the hollow side sounds. Up and down leaps the flap, and with rattling rebounds '." . I mentioned the periodical paper called

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