The History of the Life of King Henry the Second, and of the Age in which He Lived: In Five Books ; to which is Prefixed, a History of the Revolutions of England from the Death of Edward the Confessor to the Birth of Henry the Second, Volume 6


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Pagina 350 - Second was well verfed in c. 45- the knowledge of Hiftory, and retaining, by the help of a prodigious memory, whatever he had learnt, could avail himfelf readily of the events of paft times, no lefs than of his own experience in affairs, for the regulating of his conduct.
Pagina 284 - ę that, even " fooner than they could hope, fuch a mul" titude of the faithful would come to their " afliftance, as eye had not feen, nor ear heard* " neither had it entered into the heart of man to
Pagina 352 - T ne former is accufed by fome writers in * that age, of having been too parfimonious ; and his policy may have joined with his natural difpofition to make him incur this reproach, by warning him that a king, whofe title is doubtful, and whofe competitor is fupported by potent foreign allies, may often want money, and...
Pagina 393 - Europe, he performed an atchievement incomparably more extraordinary than that of Columbus ! But, befides the incredibility of the thing itfelf, another difficulty occurs ; that is, to know how it happened that no Englifh hiftorian, contemporary with him, has faid a word of this furprizing event, which, on his return into Wales, and public report of the many...
Pagina 342 - Yet this difference muft be noted, that in punifhing all offences againft his own perfon, Henry the Firft was implacably and inhumanly rigorous ; but his grandfon's feverity was exercifed only in behalf of his people and the public weal of his realm. Among the nobleft afts of clemency, that have ever embellilhed the hiftory of mankind, are thofe done by this prince.
Pagina 212 - ... to William the earldom which that king and his brother David, infeoffed in it by him, had formerly enjoyed many years, till on account of the unjuftifiable part they had taken in the, young king Henry's rebellion, it was given to Simon, the late earl of Northampton, in the year eleven hundred and feventy-four. William now renewed the grant he had made before to his brother, who held it of him in fee.
Pagina 351 - BOOK:v were remarkable, kept their reafon always' * clear and their majefty unimpaired. But continence was a virtue neither of them could boaft. Henry the Second took more care (efpecially after his marriage) to conceal his amours from the notice of the world, than Henry the Firft ; and fo far he did better: for decency in a king is refpeft to the publick. But they did not efcape the jealous eyes of his queen ; and her refentment at being...
Pagina 344 - Yet it does not appear, that Becket ever was able, in the utmoft height of his credit, to induce him to alter his political fyftem, or to follow any evil counfels, or to remove from his confidence any other minifter, who had faithfully ferved him.
Pagina 351 - ... had loved too much not to hate when he no longer loved her, brought upon him a great war, for the mifchiefs of which he was therefore, in fome degree, refponfible to his people, A prince ought to be very cautious, that no...
Pagina 344 - Both thefe monarchs thought it neceffary^ """ for the fafety of the crown, to raife up in its fervice new men, who, by the excellence of their talents, and the power given to them, might check the greatnefs of fome of the antient nobility, and be a counterpoife to it* Thefe they placed very high, but kept themfelves ftill above them...

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