"the german Pronunciation to the substantive are added the
"Gender, the genitive, dative and the termination of the plural
"to the Adjectives are added the irregular comparative forms
"and to the irregular Verbs all irregularities are added. - The
"print of the Dictionaries is beautiful and the price very low."
MEISSNER. The German Exercise Book, being a
Collection of Exercises intended as a supplement
to every German Grammar, or as a necessary
assistant for German Practice and Self-Tuition.
8vo. Cloth. 1857

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A key to ditto. 8vo. sewed. 1858 0 "Progressive Exercises, for writing more extended composi"tions, tales, letters, historical prose" etc. GEISSLER. Die schönsten deutschen Balladen und Gedichte. (Collection of the most beautiful German Ballads and Poems. Goethe, Schiller, Bürger, Uhland, Heine, Freiligrath etc. etc. Herausgegeben von Geissler. 2nd Ed., illustrated with the heads of the chief poets.


Cloth neat.

"This is one of the most beautiful collections of german "poems published, it gives the essence of all that is grand and "distinguished in german poetry, and therefore of particular "value to the student."

COLLECTION of the most esteemed Tales and Novels of

Germany. (Klassischer Novellenkranz.)

"These novels and tales are adapted for Ladies
and Class Readings. vol. I. 8vo. Cloth ..

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1. ZSCHOKKE's Abenteuer der Neujahrsnacht, sewed 2nd Ed.
2. HAUFF'S Othello

3. VARNHAGEN's Sterner und Psitticher.

4. HOFFMANN's Fräulein Scuderi, 2nd Edit.

5. ZSCHOKKE, der todte Gast

6. KINKEL'S Hauskrieg

7. STIFTER'S Hochwald

8. ZSCHOKKE'S Fürstenblick

Part. 5 to 8 forms the 2nd Volume Cloth
Part 9 ZSCHOKE'S Loch im Aermel

ZSCHOKKE'S Vier Erzählungen. Cloth

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"Nothing is more difficult than to recommend to German "Scholars a good volume of elegant prose, which will make them "acquainted with the best authors and also tend to unite amuse"ment with instruction. This Collection presents the Reader with "nine Masterpieces' elegant and amusing tales by excel"lent writers and also with such as may safely be placed "in the hands of every one without danger; in consequence "slight alterations of text have been deemed necessary, so as to "make these tales suitable for young ladies and for classes." FRANCK'S Deutscher Briefsteller. (German Letter- 0 3 6 writer.) 8vo. Cloth.

"This collection not only facilitates the composition of ger"man letters, but serves the scholar as a book of study and as a "model of german prose composition, for it contains a collec"tion of letters by classical german authors."


CLASSICAL GERMAN DRAMAS. SCHILLER'S Neffe als Onkel, with english Notes by M. Meissner. 12mo.

1866. boards

"The text has been slightly modified so as to give this Edi"tion a 'distinct character' as a Class Book." SCHILLER'S Wilhelm Tell, with english notes by

M. Meissner. 12mo. 1859 .

GOETHE'S EGMONT, with english notes by O. v. Wegnern. 12mo. 1863...

"The notes to these celebrated Dramas are historical, gram"matical and explanatory, and facilitate the reading and appre"ciation of these classical pieces."

French Language.
I. Step.

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Cloth . 0 3 0

"This is the first book for the nursery."
AHN'S French Class Book for Beginners, being the first

Course of the French Method adapted from the
german original and improved by Dudevant. 4th
Edition. 1862.

"This remarkable book was published first in Germany and
"has now reached the 150th Edition!"
FRENCH SELF-TAUGHT, A new system, on the most

simple principles for self-tuition, with the complete english pronunciation of every word. POÉSIES DE L'ENFANCE, chosies par François Louis.

(French Poetry for Children.) 12mo. 1859. boards "This collection has been made with great care, giving easy "and short pieces such as are rarely found in similar collections "and are adapted for the youngest children."

II. Step.

FRENCH GRAMMAR by Ahn. "Author's eighth Edition."

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"This is one of the most remarkable school books ever pub"lished for the french language."

FRENCH READER compiled after Ahn and other Readers

by Dudevant. With English Notes. 8vo. Cloth. 0 16
It contains: I. Detached sentences, Substantives, Adjectives

Pronouns, Verbs, Particles. II. Anecdotes. III Short pieces from
Natural history. IV. Fables. V. Tales. VI. Descriptive Prose.
DUDEVANT'S French and English Idiomatic Phrases

and Dialogues; indispensable for a rapid acquisition of the French Language. 12mo. 1856. Cloth 0 2 6 SPIER'S French and English and English and French Dictionaries. 2 Vol. 8vo. 1854. Cloth

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ditto. ditto. abridged 12mo. . BARRET'S French and English pocket Dictionary. 24. Cloth 1855.

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with english notes by A. DUDEVANT.

No. I. MOLIÈRE'S le BOURGEOIS GENTILHOMME. Comedie. 16o. paper boards. 1 s. 6 d. "This School series will be continued and embrase Racine, "Corneille and Modern Theatre."

Italian Language.

ITALIAN SELF-TAUGHT. A new system on the most simple principles for self-tuition, with the complete english pronunciation of every word . MARCHETTI'S Italian Grammar. 3rd Ed. 1860. 8vo. Cl.

Key to the Grammar. 8vo. sewed..

"One of the most practical Grammars published, full of "exercises, reading lessons and Dialogues." MARCHETTI'S Italian and English Idiomatic Dialogues

for the rapid acquisition of the language. Cloth BLANC'S Italian and Engl. pocket Dictionary. 24mo. Cl. MILLHOUSE Italian and English Dictionary. 2 Vols. 8vo. Cloth

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Spanish Language.

SPANISH SELF-TAUGHT, A new system on the most simple principles for self-tuition with complete engl. pronunciation

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SALVO'S Spanish Grammar. 2nd. Ed. 1862. 8vo. Cloth
Key to the Grammar. 8vo. sewed .
Spanish and English Idiomatic Dialogues. Cl.
BLANC'S Spanish and English pocket Dictionary. Cloth
DE MIER, El Commerciante Español. 8vo..
Art de la Correspondance commerciale espagnole-franç. 0 2 6

Portuguese Language.

CABANO'S Portuguese Grammar. 2nd Ed. 8vo. Cl. 1860
MONTEIRO'S Portuguese and Engl. Idiomatic Dialogues.


VIEYRA'S Portuguese and English Pocket Dictionary.

Arte de Correspondencia commercial portuguez
FONSECA, Prosas Selectas (Portuguese Reader). 1837

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LUND'S Danish Grammar. 2nd Ed. 8vo. Cloth. 1860 0

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Danish and English Idiom. Dialogues. Cl. 1857 Danish and English Pocket Dictionary. 12mo. Cloth. 1857 FERRALL and REPP'S Danish and English Dictionary. 2 Vols. 12mo. 1863. 1/2 bound. HOLST'S Dansk Laesebog. Vol. I Prose 6 s. Vol. II Poetry 0 BRESEMANN'S ditto with german Notes. 12mo. 0 4

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The Princess Alexandra and the Royal House of Denmark. A Genealogy; giving an account of Danish history from the Sea-Kings-down to the family of the Princess of Wales. 12mo. 1863 .

Swedish Language.

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LENSTRÖM'S Swedish Grammar. 2nd Ed. 8vo. Cl. 1861. .

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£ s. d.

01 0






Swedish and Engl.Dialogues. 12mo. 1857
Svensk Loesebog i prosa og poesi. 8. 1843
Sveriges Litteratur Historia. 8vo. 1841
TEGNER'S Frithiofs-Saga. 12mo
Swedish and English Dictionary. 12mo. Cloth. 1857 0

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Dutch Language.

AHN'S Dutch Grammar. 2nd. Ed. 1860. 8vo. Cloth
HARLEN'S Dutch and Engl. Dialogues. 12mo. Cl. 1858
Dutch and English Dictionary. 12mo. Cloth

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Russian and Turkish Languages.

Russian, Turkish, French and English Vocabulary
for Travellers in the East. 2nd Ed. 12mo. Cl. 1858
ALEXANDROW'S Russian Grammar. 8vo. 1867. Cloth
Russian and English Dictionary. 12mo. Cloth .

Modern Greek Language.

VLACHO'S Modern Greek Grammar, 8vo. 1867. Cloth
BYZANTIUS Dictionnaire grec-franç. et fr.-gr. imp. 8vo.
DEHÈQUE, Dictionnaire grec moderne française. 12mo.

Commercial Correspondences.

GERMAN AND ENGLISH, Commercial Correspondence
FRENCH AND ENGLISH ditto by Dudevant
ITALIAN AND ENGLISH ditto by Marchetti
FLÜGEL'S Triglotte, oder kaufmännisches Wörterbuch.
Deutsch, Englisch, Französisch. 8vo.

RHODE'S praktisches Handbuch der Handels-Correspon-
denz deutsch, französisch, englisch und italienisch.
8vo. Cl.

MANITIUS, der kaufmännische Correspondent deutsch,
englisch, französisch, italienisch und spanisch
SCHULTEN, deutsche, holländische, französische und
englische Handels-Correspondenz. 8 vo.
LEIPZIGER Handels-Correspondent
FORT, kaufmännische Correspondenz

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in the press.

£ S. d.

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0 10 6

0 6 0

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KEEGAN'S kaufmännische Phraseologie in französischer

und englischer Sprache.


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"The author has laid the student of Shakspearian literature under deep "obligations. That literature is now of itself an important and distinctive "branch of study. Innumerable essays, criticisms, commentaries, expositions, "and lectures upon Shakespeare have been published in England, Germany "and France. Their titles, authors' names, and dates of appearance have "been collected together by Mr. Thimm, and arranged in alphabetical order. "Prefixed to each list is an historical account of the progress of Shakspea"rian criticism in the three countries, which instructively shows the growth "of the appreciation of the exhaustless dramas. The book is both valuable "as a reference, and as a study of the advance in the English and Conti"nental estimation of Shakspeare.. It is the fullest compilation of the kind "we have; Bohn's edition of Lowndes has hitherto been the most complete "record on the subject; but to the works, there enumerated Mr. Thimm has "added the titles of at least one hundred and seventy more books in the "English, and nearly three hundred in the German and French Department. "Mr. Thimm's is therefore the most perfect collection of Shakspeariana."

It has been his "endeavour to place before the lovers of the great dramatistes" an elaborate Catalogue of what the Times calls, the "Shakspeare Library" and he has succeeded in accomplishing his object. Shrewsbury Observer. 1865.

From the Preface.

The first "Shakspeariana" by Wilson, published in 1827 was too imperfect to be of much use.

Mr. Halliwell's, which appeared in 1841, is very useful for the varions early editions of Shakspeare's works; but for so great a student of the dramatist and his history, his collection of Commentaries and essays (which only extends to 233 numbers) is singularly imperfect. Sillig's Shakspeare Literatur bis Mitte 1854 was decidedly the most perfect production of its kind, which had hitherto seen the light.

Nevertheless I could not relinquish the idea of publishing my own Collectanea; for notonly were my materials and the labour expended upon them considerable (the subject has occupied me for more than 12 years) but it was moreover a part of my plan to classify the productions of England, France and Germany, in a manner as yet unattempted. Halliwell had only 26 additions to Wilson, I had over 600 more than Sillig, enough in themselves to constitute quite a new work. The latest addition to Shakspearian literature has appeared in the new edition of "Lowndes-Manuel" by Mr. Henry Bohn, and constitutes a "Shakspeariana" of which I cannot but speak in the very highest terms. And yet it will be found, on comparison, that I have at least 120 additional references in the English, and nearly 300 in the German and French departments.

"Southey said, when Isaac Reed's contribution appeared, Comments "upon Shakespeare keep pace with the National Debt: yet I should like to "see his book and would buy it, if I could. Of course; and a costly store "is obtained by such continual additions” ́ ́.

The complete Catalogue, as far as it is possible for a Bibliographer to give, of this Shakespeare "Library" it has been my endeavour to place before the lovers of the great dramatist.

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