Satirical Hits on the People's Education

American Common School Union, 1839 - 98 pagina's

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Pagina 60 - (the stimulis in driving being of the same use formerly that the lash is now.) Stripes and blows are the last and basest remedy, and scarce ever to be used but upon such as carry their brains in their backs, and have souls so dull and stupid as to serve for little else but to keep their bodies from
Pagina 28 - to have a more powerful influence upon the spirits of men than preachers themselves ; for as much as they have to deal with the younger and tenderer minds, and consequently have the advantage of making the first and deepest impressions upon them
Pagina 15 - Who does not know the value to a community of a plentiful supply of the pure element of water ? And infinitely more than this is the instruction of the common school; for it is the fountain at which the mind drinks, and is refreshed and strengthened for its career of usefulness and glory.
Pagina 15 - son, that sits up all the night to read the book which an apprentice lends him, lest the master's eye should miss it in the morning, shall stand and treat with kings, shall add new provinces to the domain of science, shall bind the
Pagina 60 - calculated, that he had made 700 boys stand on peas, 600 kneel on a sharp edge of wood, 5,000 wear the fool's cap, and 1,708 hold the rod"—amounting in all to 1,421,208 punishments, which, allowing five days for every week, would average above a hundred punishments every day. There is something extremely revolting in the idea of such a series
Pagina 14 - unworthy, not of freemen only, but of men, the narrow notion, that there is to be an education for the poor, as such. Has God provided for the poor a coarser earth, a thinner
Pagina 59 - of youth— persons fitter to lay about them in a coach or cart, or to discipline boys before a Spartan altar, or rather upon it, than to have any thing to do in a christian school. I would give those pedagogical
Pagina 28 - it being seldom found that the preacher mends what the school has marred, any more than a fault in the first concoction is ever corrected by the second. But now, if their power is so great, and their influence so strong, surely it becomes them to use it to the utmost, for the benefit of their
Pagina 68 - farmers, listen to Governor Everett, for he has spoken the following: " Husbandmen, sow the seed of instruction in your sons' and daughters' minds. It will grow up and bear fruit, though the driving storms scatter the blossoms of spring. Plant the germ of truth in the
Pagina 75 - that I may say a single word on a subject on which the orator has preceded me. It is a great and just boast of the pilgrims and their descendants, that they made early and ample provision for education. Farmers of Essex, hold fast to that boast.

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