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Bn. 1925. £6 7s. 6d.


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(Edition limited to 500 numbered and signed copies.) Demy 4to.
cloth, pp. XII. 188. L., 1925. £2 2s.
Kennett (Austin)-Bedouin Justice.

Laws and customs among the
Egyptian Bedouin, illustrated. Cr. Svo. cloth, pp. XIV. 158.
L., 1925.
7s. 6d.

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12s. 6d.

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Fr. 9.

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(Grammaire, textes,

vocabulary. 12mo.

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[blocks in formation]

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Read (F. W.)-Egyptian Religion and Ethics, with 5 plates.

cloth, pp. VI. 152. L., 1925.

4s. 6d.



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I 2mo.

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HISTORY AND GENERAL LITERATURE. Harrison (Paul W.)-The Arabs at Home. Illus. 8vo., pp. 357. L.,

1925. 15s.

Meraat el-Haramain- "The Mirror of the Sacred towns of Mecca and Medina; a historical, geographical, and social account of a journey to Al Hedjaz, Mecca, and Medina. Illustrated with plates (some coloured) portraits, maps and plans, 2 vols. Roy. 8vo. cloth. Co., 1925. £2/16/

Persia-Trade and Industry. Apr., 1925. L., 1925. IS. 6d. Wali (Khan Sahib Abdul)-Life and Work of Jawad Sabat, an Arab traveller. With a review of his romantic career as a Christian and Moslem. Ist edition. Arabic and English. Cr. 8vo., pp. 9. Ca., 1925. 5s.


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pagné du commentaire d'Ai-Ala As-Santamari.

P., 1925. 12fr. 50.


12mo., pp. 205.

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Ghazâli-Ad-dourra al-Fâkhira, la Perle Précieuse de Ghazâli; Traité d'eschatologie Musulmane, publié d'après les manuscrits de Leipzig, de Berlin, de Paris, et d'Oxford, et une lithographie orientale, avec une traduction française par Lucien Gautier. sewn, pp. XVI. 90, 111.

Lg., 1925. 8s. 6d.



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his friend and pupil, Sir Richard Burton, and illustrated by John
Kettelwell. 8vo. cloth, pp. XII. 169. L., 1925. 6s.
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Schrifttaf. u. 6 Kt-Skizzen. 8vo., pp. VII. 444. Bn., 1925.

14s. 6d. Montesquieu Lettres Persanes-Collationnées sur l'edition originale Préface de Paul Valéry. Illustrations de Ch. Martin. 4to. P.,


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Numairi. Vol. IV.

6s. 6d.

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Kitab al Intisar-Ou Le Livre du Triomphe et de la réfutation d'Ibn er-Rawendi l'hérétique. Par Abou 1-Hosein Abderrahim Ibn Mohammed Ibn Osman el-Khayyat. Texte arabe, publié pour la première fois d'après le manuscrit unique conservé dans la Bibliothèque Egyptienne du Caire, avec une introduction, des notes, et des index. Par. H. S. Nyberg. 8vo. sewn, pp. 66, 252. Co., 1925. 4s. Mardrus (. C., Dr.)-Le Koran. Traduction littérale complète des Sourates Essentielles. 8vo. P., 1925. 20fr.

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Tarikh kanisat Urshalim al-arthuduksiya-History of the orthodox church of Jerusalem. In Arabic. 8vo. boards. 8vo. boards.

Co., 1925. 6s.



Macalister (R. A. S.)-A Century of Excavation in Palestine, with 36 illustrations. 8vo. cloth, pp. 335. L., 1925. IOS. 6d. Sarre (Friedrich)—Die Keramik von Samarra, unter mitwirkung von Ernst Herzfeld mit beiträgen Vom Material prüfungsamt der Technischen Hochschule Berlin und von Dr. Hans Arnold. 202 textbildern und 39 tafeln, darunter 12 in farbendruck. Ausgrabungen von Samarra, Bd. II.) Roy. 4to. cloth, pp. IX. 103. Bn., 1925. £3 10s.


Mit (Die

Budge (Sir E. A. Wallis)—The Rise and Progress of Assyriology, with 32 plates. Roy. 8vo. cloth, pp. XIX. 321. L., 1925. £1 5s. Budge (Sir E. A. Wallis)-Babylonian life and history. Second edition, re-written throughout and enlarged. With 11 plates and 22 illustrations in the text. 8vo. cloth, pp. XXI. 296. L., 1925.

IOS. 6d.

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7s. 6d.

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