INDIA, BURMA & CEYLON-HISTORY & GEANERAL LITERATURE-Continued. Indien (Boeck)-Reisen u. Erlebnisse in Nepal, Ost-u., Westhimalaja,

British Indien u. Ceylon. 340 Bilder nach den vielgerühmten photographischen Aufnahmen des Verfassers. I. Im Banne des Everest. II. Indische Gletscherfahrten. III. Indische Wunderwelt. Lg. 1 7s. 6d.

Iyengar (T. R. Sesha)-Dravidian India. Vol. I. 8vo. cloth. M.. 1925. 8s. 6d.

Jayaswal (K. P.)-Hindu Polity (A Constitutional History of India in
Hindu times. In two parts.
1st edition. Cr. 8vo., pp. 28, 277.
Ca., 1924. 18s. 6d.

Mangroves of South Tenasserim (The)--Being an account of an inves-
tigation of various products of the littoral forest of Southern
Burma. (Indian Forest Records, Vol. X., Pt. X.) By J. A.
Pilgrim. Cr. 4to. paper. Ca., 1925. 2S.

Mazumdar (B. C.)-Orissa in the Making, with a foreword by Sir Edward A. Gait, with illustrations and maps. Cr. 8vo. half-bound boards, pp. XI. 247. Ca., 1925.

Mordecai (Margaret)—Indian Dream Lands. Roy. 8vo., pp. 407. L.,

1925. 15S.

[blocks in formation]

Mukherjee (L., Prof.)-History of India (Hindu period). 3rd edition. 16mo., pp. 2, 150. Ca., 1924. 2s. 6d.

Norton (Lieut.-Colonel E. F.) (and other members of the Expedition)— The Fight for Everest, 1924, with maps and illustrations. Roy. Svo., pp. X. 372. L., 1925. £15s.

Ormiston (W.)-The Butterflies of Ceylon. Roy. 8vo., pp. 455.



Payne (C. H.)-Scenes and Characters from Indian History. As described in the works of some Old Masters. Compiled and edited with historical and explanatory notes by C. H. Payne. Cr. 8vo. cloth, pp. VIII. 251. L., 1925. 6s.

Proceedings of the Twelfth Indian Science Congress (Benares, 1925). 8vo. sewn, pp. XXIII. 356. Ca., 1925.


Rao (K. Vyasa)-Foundations of Indian Swaraj. 12mo., pp. 118. M., 1925. 2S.

Ronaldshay (Earl of)—Indien aus der Vogelschau. Mit 40 abb. u. e. Karte. Roy. 8vo., pp. 228. Lg., 1925. £1.

Ross (Colin)-Heute in Indien. Mit 80 Obb. auf Taf. u. I. (eingedr.) Kt. 8vo., pp. 330. Lg., 1925. IOS. 6d.

Sapre (B. G.)—The growth of Indian Constitution and Administration. Second edition, revised and enlarged. 8vo. cloth, pp. XX. 592. B., 1925. 8s.

INDIA, BURMA & CEYLON-HISTORY & GEANERAL LITERATURE-Continued. Sen (Rai Bahadur Dinesh Chandra)-Glimpses of Bengal life, stray notes on some Bengali Ballads, Minachetan, or the song of Goraksanath on Chandidas, Chaitanya's desertion of Nadia, Humour in old Bengali poetry. Being lectures delivered to the Calcutta University in 1915 (with a supplement). 8vo. cloth, pp. VII., 313, VII. Ca., 1925. Surishwar aur Samrät Akabar-On relations between the Jain Pontiff Hiravijaya and Akbar, by Munirâj Sri Vidyâvijayajî. Translated from the original Gujarati into Hindi by Krishnalal Varma. 8vo. cloth, pp. 24, 414.

Agra, 1923. 6s. 6d.

Thompson (Edward)-The other side of the medal (Indian Mutiny). Pp. 143. L., 1925. 5S.

Vath (Alfons)-Der hl. Thomas der Apostel Indiens. Eine Untersuchung über den historischen Gehalt der Thomas-Legende. Mit einer Karte. (Abhandlungen aus Missionskunde und Missionsgeschichte, herausgegeben im Auftrage des Franziskus-Xaverius Missionsvereins von Dr. Peter Louis. Viertes Heft.) 8vo. boards, pp. VII. 91. Aachen, 1925. 4s.

Villiers-Stuart (J. P. Col.)—Letters of a once Punjab Frontier Officer to his nephew, giving his ideas on fighting on the North-West Frontier and in Afghanistan. Svo., pp. 94. L., 1925. 5S. Viswanatha (S. V.)-International Law in Ancient India. Cr. 8vo. L., 1925. IOS. 6d.

LANGUAGE AND LITERATURE. Belgrave (M. Dorothy) and Hart (Hilda)—Indian fairy tales and legends. Illus. by Harry G. Theaker. Edit. by Capt. E. Vredenburg. Roy. 8vo., pp. 104. L., 1925. 3s. 6d. Bohtlingk (Otto von) Sanskrit-Wörterbuch in kürzerer Fassung. Tl. 7 (Sanskr. u. Ant.) S-h. General-Index zu d. 6 Nachtr. u. letzte Nachtr. 4to., pp. 11, 390. Lz., 1925. £1 5s. Chandrasekhara Mahatmya-The glory of Chandrasekhar.

extracts from Devi Purana (with Bengali translations).

Contains Compiled Cr.

by Mahabharat Sarma. 1st edition. Bengali and Sanskrit. 16mo., pp. 12, 240. Chittagong, 1925. 38.

Corpus Inscriptionum Indicarum-Vol. I. Inscriptions of Asoka, new edition by E. Hultzsch, Ph.D., with 55 plates. sm. folio cloth, D., 1925. £555.

131, 260. Dána-Manjari Blossoms of Gifts. Being a Bengali metrical translation of a Pali work named Dasa Danapatthuppakarana by a Singhalese Thero (Buddhist monk). Trans. by P. Sthavira. Bengali and Pali. 1st edition. Cr. 16m0., pp. 2, 4, 8, 6, 280, 12. Chittagong, 1924. 6s.


Descriptive Catalogue of Manuscripts in the Central Library, Baroda— Vol. I. Vedic. Compiled by Gajanan K. Shrigondekar, M.A., and K. S. Ramaswami Shastri Siromani (Gaekwad's Oriental Series, No. 27). 8vo. boards, pp. 264. Baroda, 1925. IIS.

All in 9s.

INDIA, BURMA & CEYLON-LANGUAGE & LITERATURE-Continued. Dharma Dîpikâ—A Sanskrit Grammar by Mangalavijaya. Sanskrit. 8vo. cloth, pp. XV. 512. Bhavnagar, 1925. Hertel (J.) Indische Märchen. Hrsg. (mit 7 Abb.) aus d. illustr. (J.)—Indische Mahabharata-Hs. in d. Bayr. Staatsbibliothek in München. PP. 392. Jena. 5s.

8vo., Indo-Iranische Quellen und Forschungen-Heft VI. Die Arische Feuerlehre, I. Teil, von Johannes Hertel. 8vo. cloth, pp. 187.

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Lg., 1925. Kalidasa-Sakuntala (Cacuntala). Drama in 7 Akten. Deutsch von Hermann C. Kellner (Neudr.). 8vo., pp. 111. Lg., 1925. IS. Kirtan-Giti-Sangraha-A collection of Kirtan songs in praise of Srikrishna, Chaitanya, etc. Contains about 200 songs and poems by ancient and modern poets. In Bengali and Sanskrit. Cr. 16mo. cloth bound, pp. 16, 227. Ca., 1925. 3s.

Lekhapaddhati-Sanskrit text, edited by the late Chimanlal D. Dalal,
M.A., with preface, notes, and Sanskrit-English glossary by
Gajanan K. Shrigondekar, M.A. (Gaekwad's Oriental Series, No.
19). 8vo. boards, pp. XI., 130. Baroda, 1925. 4S.
Mahä-kassapa-caritam-The great Pâli poem. Composed by The Rt.
Rev. Pandit, Widurupola Piyatissa, In Pali. 8vo. half-bound
boards, pp. III. 124. Col., 1924. 5S.

Paia-sadda-mahannavo-A comprehensive Prakrit Hindi Dictionary,
with Sanskrit equivalents, quotations, and complete references.
By Pandit Hargovind Das T. Sheth.
Sm. crown 4to.
Ca. (1923-5). £2 10s.
Paramananda (Swami)-Rhythm of life; poems.

1925. $2.

3 vols.

12mo., pp. 112.


Sâdhanamâla-Sanskrit text, edited by Benoytosh Bhattacharyya, M.A. (Gaekwad's Oriental Series, No. 26). 8vo. boards, pp. XXIII. 342. Baroda, 1925. IOS.

Seidenstücker (K. Dr.)-Handbuch der Päli-Sprache (Elementargrammatik, Texte, Glossar). Tl. 3. 8vo., pp. IV. 99. Lg., 1925. 7s. 6d. Sencourt (Robert)-India in English Literature. With 4 illustrations (2 in colour). 8vo. cloth, pp. X. 468. L., 1925. 18s. Spandakarikas (The) of Vasugupta, with the Nirnaya by Ksemaraja. Sanskrit text, edited with preface, introduction and English translation by Pandit M. Kaul, Shastri, M.A. (Kashmir Series of Texts and Studies, No. 42). 8vo. cloth, pp. 9, 78, 137. Srinagar, 1925. 8s. 6d. Cr. 8vo., pp.

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Tagore (Rabindranath)—Broken ties, and other stories. 235. L., 1925. 7s. 6d. Unvala (J. M.)-The Pahlavi text, King Husrav and his Boy," published with its transcription, translation, and copious notes. 95. P. 30fr. Vrihat Yavana Sanhita-A work on Hindu Astrology by Yavanacharyya. The text with a Bengali translation. Compiled and edited by Anathnath Smritibhushan. 1st edition. Bengali and Sanskrit 16mo., pp. 3, 1, 195.

Ca., 1924. 35.

INDIA, BURMA & CEYLON-LANGUAGE & LITERATURE―continued. Williston (Teresa Peirce)-Hindu stories. Il. (Folk tales retold for children). 12mo., pp. 111. Ch., '16, '25. $1.25.


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12s. 6d.

Aiyar (B. R. Rajam)-Rambles in Vedanta. Being a collection of his contributions to The Prabuddha Bharata," 1896-98. 8vo. cloth, pp. XLVI. 888. L., 1925. Avalon (Arthur)-Greatness of Shiva; Mahimnastava of Pushpadanta with the Sanskrit commentary of Jagannatha Chakravarti. Translated with commentary by Arthur Avalon, 2nd edition. 8vo. sewn, PP. 23, 27. M. 1925. 35. Bhakti-Sandarbhah-Prathama-Sankhya.

A Sanskrit work on Vaishnava philosophy of devotion by the famous Vaishnava saint, Jiva Goswami. Pt. I. Bengali and Sanskrit. Cr. 8vo. 243, 2. Ca., 1924. 3s.

Chhandogyopanishat—The text with a Bengali translation of Sankaracharyya's commentary on the same. 1st edition. In Bengali and Sanskrit. Demy 12mo., pp. 650. Ca., 1925. 3S. Mânameyarahasya-Slokavârtikam—A versified summary of the doctrines of the Hindu Philosophies, by Prof. L. Sreenivasachar. Sanskrit. 8vo. Mysore, 1925. 12s. 6d.


Panchatantra-Translated from the Sanskrit by Arthur W. Ryder. 8vo. cloth, pp. VII. 470. Ch., 1925. £1. Schuré (Edouard)—Die grossen Eingeweihten.

Skizze e. Geheimlehre d. Religionen; Rama-Krishna-Hermes-Moses. Autor. Ubers. von Marie Steiner (Vorio von Dr. Rudolp Steiner). Svo., pp. XV. 480. Lg., 1925. 12s. 6d.

Sircar (Mahendranath)—The System of Vedantic Thought and Culture. Svo. cloth, pp. XI. 328. Ca., 1925. 12s. 6d.

Süryasiddhänta-Sanskrit text, edited and provided with a commentary called Sudhävarsini, by Mahamahopadhyaya Sudhakara Dvivedi. Complete reprint (Bibliotheca Indica). 8vo. sewn, pp. 10, 333. Ca., 1925.


Tambyah (T. Isaac)-Foregleams of God; a comparative study of Hinduism, Buddhism and Christianity. 8vo. cloth, pp. XXVII. 486. L., 1925. IOS. 6d.


Rahamin (Atiya Begum Fyzee)-The Music of India.


Chapter I. Works on Indian Music. (2) Practical Experts. (3)
History of Indian Music. (4) Sur Adhaya (Law of Tones). (5)
Tala Adhaya (Law of Rhythm or Time). (6) Ast Adhaya (Law of
Musical Instruments). (7) Râga Adhaya (Law of Tunes). (8)
Tales of Indian Music. With 16 full-page illustrations, also two
appendixes by Sri Thakur Jessrâjsinghji Seesodia, of Udaipur, (1)
Astrology, (2) Tables of Svarâs, and their Astrological Significance.
4to. cloth, pp. 94. L., 1925.

12s. 6d.


André (Capt. P. J.)—L'Islam Noir, contribution a l'étude des confréries religieuses islamiques en Afrique occidentale, suivie d'une étude sur l'Islam au Dahomey. Préface de M. J. Carde. 12mo. sewn, pp. 129. P., 1924. 2s. 6d. Babinger (Franz)-Die frühosmanischen Jahrbücher des Urudsch. Nach den Handschriften zu Oxford und Cambridge erstmals herausgegeben und eingeleitet von Franz Babinger. In Turkish. (Quellenwerke des Islamischen Schrifttums, II. Band.) 8vo. sewn, pp. XXIV. 139. Hannover, 1925.

12s. 6d. Célarie (Mme. Henriette)—Nos soeurs musulmanes. Scènes de la vie du désert. 16mo. P., 1925. 9fr.

Glück (H.) u. Diez (E.)-Die Kunst des Islam. Bn., 1925. Goodrich-Freer (A.)-Things seen in Constantinople. With illus. 18mo., pp. 158. L., 1925. 3s. 6d.

Islams (Beiträge zur Kunst des). Festschrift für Friedrich Sarre (zugleich 2. Halbbd. des Jahrbuchs der asiat. Kunst, 1925. Lg., 1925. £2 15s. Lane-Poole (Stanley) The Muhammadan Dynasties: Chronological and genealogical tables with historical introductions.


edition, with 2 coloured diagrams and 9 tables. 8vo. cloth, pp. XXVIII. 361. P., 1925. £1 5s.

(Announced in error at £1 1s. in the previous issue of this list.) Mary-Rousselière (André)-La Turquie constitutionnelle. Contribution. à l'étude de la politique intérieure turque. Thèse pour le doctorat (sciences politiques et économiques). 8vo., pp. 360. Rennes,

1925. Mott (John R.) The Moslem world of to-day.

1925. 8s. 6d.

Peaudeleu (Dr.)—Aux Dardanelles, à Lemnos, sur
Souvenirs de la guerre d'Orient.

Pp. 214.

8vo., pp. 436. L.,

les bords du Vardar. P., 1925. Fr. 10.

Pernot (Hubert)-Voyage en Turquie et en Grèce du R. P. Robert de

[blocks in formation]

Rohde (Hans)-Der Kampf um Asien. Erster Bd. Der Kampf um

Orient u. Islam. Zweiter Bd.


Stillen Ozean. Mit 12 u. 15 Karten.

1925. 17s. 6d.

Kampf um Ostasien u. den 8vo., pp. 270 u. 368. Lg.,

Samojlowitsch (A.)-Short grammar of the Turkish (Osmanli) language,
in Russian and Turkish. (Publications of the Oriental Living
Languages Institute, Leningrad, No. 10.) 8vo. sewn, pp. 154.
Leningrad, 1925.
6s. 6d.

Sarre (F.) Keramik u. andere Kleinkunde der islamischen Zeit von
Baalbek. Mit 87 Textabb. u. 6 (2 farb.) Taf. 2°
6 (2 farb.) Taf. 20 pp. III. 29.
Bn., 1925. 18s.

Wensinck (A. J.)-Handbook of early Muhammadan Tradition, alphabetically arranged. The work will make about 300 pp., and will appear early in 1926. Price £1 6s.


Acta Orientalia-Ediderunt Societates orientales Batava, Danica, Norvegica Redigenda curavit Sten Konow. Vol. IV. Pars I., 1925.

Vol. IV.

Subscription per year £1 1s. Postage extra.

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