Das gelehrte England, oder Lexikon der jetzlebenden Schriftsteller in Grosbritannien, Irland und Nord-Amerika, von Jahre 1770 bis 1790. Nachtrag und Fortsetzung, 1790 bis 1803, Volume 1

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Pagina 281 - An Account of a Method of Copying Paintings upon Glass, and of making Profiles by the Agency of Light upon Nitrate of Silver; with Observations by H.
Pagina 267 - An historical journal of the expeditions by sea and land, to the north of California; in 1768, 1769, and 1770; when Spanish establishments were first made at San Diego and Monte-Rey. From a Spanish MS. Translated by William Reveley, Esq.
Pagina 131 - A Determination of the Average Depression of the Price of Wheat in War below that of the preceding Peace, and of its readvance in the following...
Pagina 93 - Select letters on the trade and government of America; and the Principles of law and polity, applied to the American colonies.
Pagina 259 - Thoughts on Outline, Sculpture and the System that Guided the Ancient Artists in Composing their Figures and Groupes: Accompanied with Free Remarks on the Practice of the Moderns, and Liberal Hints Cordially Intended for their Advantage. To which Are Annexed Twenty-Four Designs of Classical Subjects Invented on the Principles Recommended in the Essay.
Pagina 75 - Observations on the Produce of the Income Tax, and on its Proportion to the Whole Income of Great Britain: including Important Facts respecting the Extent, Wealth and Population of this Kingdom.
Pagina 266 - A JOURNAL OF OCCURRENCES AT THE TEMPLE, during the Confinement of Louis XVI.
Pagina 108 - REMARKS on the nature and extent of liberty, as compatible with the genius of civil societies ; on the principles of government and the proper limits of its powers in free states ; and, on the justice and policy of the American war. Occasioned by perusing the Observations of Dr Price on these subjects.
Pagina 296 - A Guide to the Cathedral Church of Salisbury. With a particular Account of the late great Improvements made therein, under the Direction of James Wyatt, Esq.
Pagina 2 - Transactions of a Society for the Improvement of Medical and Chirurgical Knowledge.

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