Mathematics Practically Applied to the Useful and Fine Arts

William Milner, 1844 - 301 pagina's

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Pagina 126 - ... the breadth, the remainder shall be esteemed the just length of the keel to find the tonnage ; and the breadth shall be taken from the outside of the outside plank in the broadest place in the ship, be it either above or below the main wales...
Pagina 126 - ... plumb line, in a parallel direction with the water, to a perpendicular point immediately over the load water mark at the fore part of the main stem, subtracting from such measurement the above distance, the remainder will be the ship's extreme...
Pagina 126 - ... above or below the main wales, exclusive of all manner of doubling planks that may be wrought upon the sides of the ship ; then multiplying the length of the keel by the breadth so taken, and that product by half the breadth, and dividing the whole by ninetyfour, the quotient shall be deemed the true contents of the tonnage.
Pagina 59 - After remarking that the mathematician positively knows that the sum of the three angles of a triangle is equal to two right angles...
Pagina 126 - Remainder shall be esteemed the just Length of the Keel to find the Tonnage; — and the Breadth shall be taken from Outside to...
Pagina 126 - ... drop a plumb line over the stern of the ship, and measure the distance between such line and the after part of the...
Pagina 126 - ... the length shall be taken on a straight line along the rabbet of the keel, from the back of the main stern-post to a perpendicular line from the fore part of the main stem under the bowsprit, from which subtracting three-fifths of the breadth, the remainder shall be esteemed the just length of the keel to find the tonnage; and the breadth shall be taken from...
Pagina 187 - The square of the hypothenuse is equal to the sum of the squares of the other two sides ; as, 5033 402+302.
Pagina 67 - AB of the circle into as many equal parts as the polygon is to have sides. With the points A and B as centers and radius AB, describe arcs cutting each other at C.
Pagina 152 - AF into the same number of equal parts, and through the points of division draw lines to D, and through the corresponding points where these lines meet the former draw a curve AD.

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