The Antiquary, Volume 2

Edward Walford, George Latimer Apperson
E. Stock, 1880

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Pagina 58 - If you your lips would keep from slips, Five things observe with care: Of whom you speak, to whom you speak, And how and when and where.
Pagina 111 - Quidquid agunt homines, votum, timor, ira, voluptas, Gaudia, discursus, nostri est farrago libelli.
Pagina 193 - Muses' anvil, turn the same (And himself with it) that he thinks to frame, Or for the laurel he may gain a scorn, For a good poet's made as well as born; And such wert thou. Look how the father's face Lives in his issue; even so, the race Of Shakespeare's mind and manners brightly shines In his well-turned and true-filed lines, In each of which he seems to shake a lance, As brandished at the eyes of ignorance.
Pagina 202 - To THE MOST HIGH AND MIGHTY PRINCE JAMES, BY THE GRACE OF GOD, KING OF GREAT BRITAIN FRANCE, AND IRELAND, DEFENDER OF THE FAITH, &c., the Translators of the Bible wish Grace, Mercy and peace, through JESUS CHRIST our Lord.
Pagina 226 - Damn with faint praise, assent with civil leer, And without sneering, teach the rest to sneer; Willing to wound, and yet afraid to strike, Just hint a fault, and hesitate dislike; Alike reserved to blame, or to commend, A tim'rous foe, and a suspicious friend; Dreading ev'n fools, by flatterers besieged, And so obliging, that he ne'er obliged...
Pagina 190 - The name of Shakespeare is the greatest in our literature, — it is the greatest in all literature. No man ever came near to him in the creative powers of the mind ; no man had ever such strength at once, and such variety of imagination.
Pagina 60 - Ways and Means for the Inhabitants of Delaware to become Rich : Wherein the several growths and products of these Countries are demonstrated to be a sufficient Fund for a flourishing Trade. Humbly submitted to the Legislative Authority of three Colonies Printed and sold by S. Keimer, in Philadelphia, MDCCXXV.
Pagina 61 - A True and Faithful Account of the several Informations exhibited to the Honourable Committee appointed by the Parliament to Inquire into the late dreadful Burning of the City of London.
Pagina 174 - In the county of Hereford was an old custom at funerals to hire poor people, who were to take upon them the sins of the party deceased. One of them (he was a loní, lean, ugly, lamentable poor rascal), I remember, lived in a cottage on Rosse highway.
Pagina 126 - Locke," to me far more Than Bramah's patent worth, And now my losses I deplore, Without a " Home " on earth. If once a book you let them lift, Another they conceal, For though I caught them stealing "Swift," As swiftly went my

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