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Sumptibus authoris, typis J. Watts. Vœneunt apud B. Barker, bibliopolam Westmonasteriensem., 1734 - 148 pagina's

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Pagina 12 - So shall the fairest face appear, When youth and years are flown: Such is the robe that kings must wear, When death has reft their crown.
Pagina 6 - Tis in vain from my fortune to fly; 'Twas hers to be false and to change, 'Tis mine to be constant and die.
Pagina 4 - To forsake the fine folk of the town ; To think that a beauty so gay, So kind and so constant would prove ; Or go clad like our maidens in grey, Or live in a cottage on love ? What though I have skill to complain, Tho...
Pagina 50 - Susan, Susan, lovely dear, My vows shall ever true remain ; Let me kiss off that falling tear ; We only part to meet again. Change as ye list, ye winds ; my heart shall be The faithful compass that still points to thee.
Pagina 14 - How could you say my face was fair, And yet that face forsake? How could you win my virgin heart, Yet leave that heart to break?
Pagina 6 - And when she looks down on my grave, Let her own that her shepherd was true. Then to her new love let her go. And deck her in golden array ; Be...
Pagina 14 - Why did you promise love to me, And not that promise keep? Why did you swear my eyes were bright, Yet leave those eyes to weep?
Pagina 2 - DESPAIRING beside a clear stream, A shepherd forsaken was laid ; And while a false nymph was his theme, A willow supported his head : The wind that blew over the plain, To his sighs with a sigh did reply, And the brook, in return to his pain, Ran mournfully murmuring by.
Pagina 48 - I my true love find ? Tell me, ye jovial sailors, tell me true If my sweet William sails among your crew...
Pagina 6 - Then to her new love let her go, And deck her in golden array, Be finest at...

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