Them was the Days

U of Nebraska Press, 1 jan. 1950 - 282 pagina's
"This is real Americana. What Mrs. McKeown has written is out and out history but a whacking good narrative as well. . . . Some of the finest adventure yarns you ever came across. . . A fascinating account."--Joseph Henry Jackson, San Francisco Chronicle. "It is America itself Mrs. McKeown writes about, the shaping of our country and the forging of our social conscience. . . . As readable as a novel, making effective use, indeed, of a novelist's devices, her book is also history of the first water and should have lasting value."--Dale L. Morgan, Saturday Review. "Mont Hawthorne embodies the spirit of America. . . . You feel as though you'd been a pioneer yourself."--Paul Jordan-Smith, Los Angeles Times. "When the reader picks up this book it is exactly like pulling up an armchair and settling down to hear for the first time a prime story-teller spin pioneer adventures in his own unvarnished way."--Seattle Times. "This true-life story of a family and a country at the beginning of an epoch contains life and death, hunger and cold, courage and endurance. It also contains humor and humanity. I don't see how it could disappoint any reader."--Walter Havighurst, Chicago Sunday Tribune Magazine of Books.

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