The American Almanac and Repository of Useful Knowledge for the Year ..., Volume 21

Gray and Bowen, 1849

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Pagina 5 - Rich's Illustrated Companion to the Latin Dictionary and Greek Lexicon : Forming a Glossary of all the Words representing Visible Objects connected with the Arts, Manufactures, and Every-day Life of the Ancients.
Pagina 220 - THE Congress of the United States consists of a Senate and House of Representatives, and must assemble at least once every year, on the first Monday of December, unless it is otherwise provided by law.
Pagina 220 - They are chosen by the Legislatures of the several States, for the term of six years, one third of them being elected biennially. The Vice-President of the United States...
Pagina 14 - Diamond Latin-English Dictionary. A Guide to the Meaning, Quality, and right Accentuation of Latin Classical Words. Royal 32mo.
Pagina 281 - Court has original jurisdiction over all criminal cases, which are not otherwise provided for by law; and exclusive original jurisdiction of all crimes amounting to felony at the common law; and original jurisdiction of all civil cases which are not cognizable before Justices of the Peace, until otherwise directed by the General Assembly; and original jurisdiction...
Pagina 220 - Representatives shall be composed of members elected agreeably to a ratio of one Representative for every seventy thousand six hundred and eighty persons in each State, and of one additional representative for each State having a fraction greater than one moiety of the said ratio, computed according to the rule prescribed by the Constitution of the United States...
Pagina 5 - The Works of Quintus Horatius Flaccus, illustrated chiefly from the Remains of Ancient Art, with a Life by the Rev. HH Milman," 8vo., a beautiful and luxurious edition.
Pagina 143 - The gross amount of all moneys received from whatever source for the use of the United States, except as otherwise provided in the next section, shall be paid by the officer or agent receiving the same into the Treasury, at as early a day as practicable, without any abatement or deduction on account of salary, fees, costs, charges, expenses, or claim of any description whatever.
Pagina 157 - California excepted) and any office in Great Britain and Ireland, the entire postage is 24 cents the single letter, which may be prepaid or sent unpaid. Between the offices of California and Oregon and those of Great Britain and Ireland, the entire postage is 59 cents the single letter, which may be prepaid or sent unpaid.
Pagina 143 - States, during the fiscal year next preceding; and also the number of persons employed, and the occupation and salary of each person, at each custom-house, during the period aforesaid.

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