A Song for Rifle-Clubs.

HURRAH for the Rifle !-In days long ago

Our fathers were fear'd for the bill and the bow,
And Edwards and Harrys in battles of old

Were proud of their archers so burly and bold:

While Agincourt, Cressy, and Poictiers long since,

With great John of Gaunt, and the gallant Black Prince, Tell out from old pages of history still

What Englishmen did with the bow and the bill.

Hurrah for the Rifle !-When England requires,

She still shall be proud of the sons of our sires;
And rifle and bayonet then shall do more
Than ever did billhook or longbow of yore;

From hedgerow and coppice and cottage and farm
The foreigner's welcome, GOD wot! shall be warm,
And the crack of the rifle shall hint to the foe

How terrible once was the twang of the bow.

The Departure of the Baltic Fleet.



THE cannons have thunder'd their parting salute;

And veil'd in the clouds of that storm,

Each ship like an iceberg majestic and mute

Is lifting its pinnacled form;

The canvas is spreading and swells to the breeze, The anchors are weigh'd, one by one,

And away the proud giants walk over the seas

With their top-gallant sails in the sun!


The Sov'reign in Person is leading them out,

And-Hark to the tempest of cheers

That make her yacht reel with that heart-stirring shout, And move her great spirit to tears!

Ah, Yes, for this Fleet is no holiday sight,

No melodrame's beautiful scene,

But death-dealing champions of Justice and Right

To combat for GOD and the Queen!


And now in a terrible calm of suspense

The whole world is holding its breath,

As guessing what must be not many days hence,
Destruction and Vengeance and Death!

While steadily, sternly, the dignified Fleet
Moves forward, like Fate, on the foe,
Resolved this Disturber in battle to meet,

And crush him (please GOD!) at a blow.


Seal'd up in his harbours let Nicholas see

The doom of Sinope betimes,

And Revel, and Cronstadt, and Helsingfors be

The price of his blunders and crimes!

Give Aland to Sweden; and set a Police

Of Europe united and strong

In Gottland or Dago to keep the world's peace,

And fetter this Russian from wrong.


GOD speed you! the Queen from her quarter-deck cries,
And bless you where'er you may roam!

GOD speed you! the heart of her people replies,
And conquerors bring you safe home!

GOD send you escape from all ruin and wrack,

And a speedy return to Spithead,

With half Russia's navy in chains at your back,

And half the world's Tyranny dead!

The Soldier Comforted.


AWAY to the War has the Soldier departed,

And with him both Husband and Father are gone,— His children, half-orphans, are left broken-hearted, His half-widow'd wife remains weeping alone! He goes like a Soldier-courageously, cheerly

To fight for the Right at his country's command, But leaves with a pang lest those he loves dearly

Should pine, in his absence, for Want in the land!

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