This Mar.

WHERE will it end?-Demolish what we may
Of forts and fleets and hecatombs of lives,
Nothing is done, while Nicholas survives
A Titan thrown but to renew the fray:

Scatheless in hostile victory's proudest day

Far off the solitary despot thrives;

And, ere we touch him, we must wade knee-deep
Through seas of servile but unguilty blood,
And, while our cannons to destruction sweep

Host after host of that serf-multitude,

He in his malachite and golden pride Will neither heed home-woes nor foreign might, But madly wilful thus will hide aside,

And watch secure the struggling millions fight.

The Cause.

ONE man,

-a despot ruthless and insane,

Counted a god by his barbarian hordes,

One man, whose lustful will is sworn to gain

The whole world's throne through their fanatic swords,

He, monarch of their wills and deeds and words,

Evil, ambitious, pamper'd, proud, and vain,

Forces the contest: truly, is this war

A war of principles; for England fights, Champion of freedom, with a tyrant Czar, Protesting manfully for all men's rights Against their bad enslaver: let kings reign

As God's chief servants for His people's good;

But, if both GOD and Man their hearts disdain,

They are rejected,-let them be withstood.

Hymns for our Day of Prayer, on the Declaration of War.

O GOD! our Refuge and Defence,

Most just, and merciful, and strong, By Whose eternal Providence

The right is help'd against the wrong,

O LORD our fathers' Friend of old,

Their children's only Succour now; In grace forgivingly behold

Thy people who before Thee bow!

Great Judge of all in all the earth,

True Source of liberties and laws,

Thou seest that we now go forth

To combat in a righteous cause :

Duty commands our Nation's way
Reluctant to the battle-field,

And unto Thee we pray this day

To be for us both sword and shield!

Truly, we have deserved Thy wrath,—
For many sins it were most meet;

Yet, let us never tread the path

Of Thy correction in defeat: Forgive, and speed us; for we stand

Thy combatants for truth and right; And trust to see Thy guardian hand

Advance our standards in the fight!

We ask no glory, but to bless,
By making wrongful wars to cease;

We seek no conquest, but success

In leading men to live at peace :

We trust not in our ships or swords,

But in Thy Name, O Guard and Guide,

Because the battle is the LORD's,—

And God is seen on Duty's side!


Be gracious, Lord, to us

Who seek Thy face this day,

And in the time of trouble thus

To Thee devoutly pray.

Forgive all evil past,

And grant our Nation grace

To live as those who pray and fast

And run the Christian race.

With alms for those in need

We come and trust on Thee,

That Thou wilt give us power to speed The Right by land and sea.

From those who hate us now

All help and safety send;

Be Thou our rock, our champion Thou,

Our Queen-and-People's Friend!

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