In this Supplement the titles of the Transactions of Societies, of periodicals, and of journals, which appeared in the Catalogue of 1866, have not been repeated. In other respects the Supplement has been prepared on the same plan as the original Catalogue.







A CIVIL ENGINEER. Personal recollections of English engineers, and of the introduction of the railway system into the United Kingdom. 8vo.

Lond. 1868

The prevention of panics; or, suggestions for an economical system of national finance in connection with the construction of public works in any country in the world, without either subscriptions, loans, mortgages, bonds, or interest. 2nd edition. Tract. 8vo. vol. 155. Lond. 1866

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AND ARCHITECT. Letters to "The Times on the attacks made by Sir Benjamin Hall, Bart., M.P., President of the general board of health, and the Registrar-General, on the waterworks companies of London. With additions. Tract. 8vo. vol. 152. Lond. 1855 diary of General Sir Tract. 8vo. vol. 183. No place or date

F. W. M. Replies to passages in the lately-published C. Napier, affecting Lieutenant-General Sir R. England, G.C.B. (For private circulation.)

FOREIGNER. On the alleged decline of science in England.

vol. 192.
MEMBER. Scientia scientiarum: being some account of the
objects of the Victoria Institute, or Philosophical Society of Great Britain.
vol. 155.

Tract. 8vo.
Lond. 1831

origin and Tract. 8vo. Lond. 1865

MERCHANT. Port of Southampton on the banks of the Thames. Tract. 8vo. vol. 178.

Lond. no date

MIDDLE-AGED CITIZEN. London railways: a contribution to the parliamentary papers of the session. Tract. 8vo. vol. 179.

Lond. 1867

PRACTICAL ENGINEER. The engineer's guide to the Royal and mercantile navies. Carefully examined and revised by Mr. D. F. M Carthy. 12mo. Cuts.

(Weale's Rudimentary Series.)

4th edition.

Lond. 1866

the people Lond. 1853

TRAVELLER UNDERGROUND. Our coal and our coalpits; in them, and the scenes around them. 8vo. Cuts. ABBOTT, F., Lieut.-Col., C.B. Practical treatise on permanent bridges for Indian rivers. 2nd edition. With a description of the use of wells for foundations, by Captain P. T. Cautley. Tract. 8vo. Plates and cuts.

Agra, 1850

(From the "Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal.")

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