WRIGHT, L. The Clifton and other remarkable suspension-bridges of the world. 2nd edition. Tract. 8vo. vol. 161.

T. Vide LE KEUX.


Lond. 1866

WYATT, M. D. A few observations on the early habitations of the Irish, and especially the crannoges or lake castles. Tract. 4to. vol. 52. No place or date

On the arts of decoration at the international exhibition at Paris, A.D. 1867; consisting of reports to the British Government on Class XV.-Decoration, &c.; Class XVIII. Carpets, tapestries, &c.; Class XIX.-Paperhangings, &c.: and to the French Government on " Ouvrages de tapissier et de decorateur," by Jules Dieterle and Mr. Digby Wyatt. 8vo. Lond. 1868

(Collected and reprinted for private circulation only.)


Lond. 1869

YOUNG, E. W. International floating tunnel. 8vo. Plates.
Captain H. W.
Remarks explanatory of a new system of contouring.
Tract. 8vo. vol. 158. Plate.
Lond. 1866
J. Specification of apparatus for brewing. Tract. 4to. Plate. Lond. 1854
J. R. A letter to his excellency the Earl of Clarendon, in reference to the
mathematical professorship in the Queen's college for Ulster. Tract. 8vo. vol. 193.
Lond. 1850
Tables intended to facilitate the operations of navigation and nautical
astronomy, as an accompaniment to the navigation and nautical astronomy. Vols. 99
and 100 of the Rudimentary Series. 12mo.
Lond. 1859

(Weale's Rudimentary Series.)

The analysis of numerical equations. Tract. 8vo. vol. 188. No place or date
M. The bill of costs; its pains and penalties. Tract. 8vo. vol. 183.

Lond. 1863


Lond. 1840

ZADKIEL. The grammar of astrology, containing all things necessary for calculating a nativity. 2nd edition. 12mo. ZANOTTO, F. Édifices et monuments remarquables de Venise illustrés, par L. Cicognara, A. Diedo, et J. A. Selva. Edition avec de nombreux notes et suppléments, en · richie de nouvelles planches et de la traduction Française. 2 vols. Folio. Plates. Venise, 1858 ZEITSCHRIFT, SCHWEIZERISCHE POLYTECHNISCHE. Unter mitwirkung mehrerer professoren der Schweiz. Polytechnikums und anderer fachmänner herausgegeben von Dr. P. Bolley und J. K. Kronauer. Vols. 1-13. 4to. Plates. Winterthur, 1856-68

ZEITUNG DES VEREINS DEUTSCHER EISENBAHN-VERWALTUNGEN. Organ des Vereins. 9 Vols. 4to. Plates and cuts. Leipzig, 1861-69

(Vols. for 1861; 1862, July to December; 1865; and 1866; wanting.) ZENDRINI, B. Memorie storiche dello stato antico e moderno delle lagune di Venezia, e de que' fiumi che restarono divertiti per la conservazione delle medesime. 2 vols. 4to. Maps. Padova, 1811

(Bound together.)

ZEUNER, Dr. G. Treatise on valve-gears, with special consideration of the link-motions of locomotive engines. 3rd edition, revised and enlarged. Translated from the German, with the special permission of the author, by Mori Müller. 8vo. Plates and cuts. Lond. 1869

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