Rovings in the Pacific, from 1837 to 1849: With a Glance at California

Longman, Brown, Green, and Longmans, 1851

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Pagina 21 - MURRAY.—AN ENCYCLOPEDIA OF GEOGRAPHY: Comprising a complete Description of the Earth: exhihiting its Relation to the Heavenly Bodies, its Physical Structure, the Natural History of each Country, and the Industry, Commerce, Political Institutions, and Civil and Social State of all Nations. By Hugh Murray, FRSE New Edition ; with
Pagina 6 - hoards. COPLAND.—A DICTIONARY OF PRACTICAL MEDICINE; Comprising General Pathology, the Nature and Treatment of Diseases, Morhid Structures, and the Disorders especially incidental to Climates, to Sex, and to the different Epochs of Life, with numerous approved Formule of the Medicines recommended. By
Pagina 17 - Five are now ready. LOUDON'S ENCYCLOPEDIA OF AGRICULTURE; Comprising the Theory and Practice of the Valuation, Transfer, Laying-out, Improvement, and Management of Landed Property, and of the cultivation and economy of the Animal and Vegetahle Productions of Agriculture, including all the latest Improvements. Fifth
Pagina 5 - cloth. BULL.—HINTS TO MOTHERS, For the Management of their Health during the Period of Pregnancy and In the Lying-in Room: with an Exposure of Popular Errors in connexion with those suhjects, etc.; and Hints upon Nursing By Thomas Bull, MD New Edition, carefully revised
Pagina 5 - CABINET LAWYER (THE). A Popular Digest of the Laws of England, Civil and Criminal ; with a Dictionary of Law Terms, Maxims, Statutes, and Judicial Antiquities ; Correct Tahles of Assessed Taxes, Stamp Duties, Excise Licences, and Post-Horse Duties; Post-Office Regulations, and Prison Discipline.
Pagina 12 - with 40 Woodcuts, 6s. cloth. HOWITT.—VISITS TO REMARKABLE PLACES; Old Halls, Battle-Fields, and Scenes illustrative of Striking Passages In English History and Poetry. By William Howitt. New Edition. Medium Svo. with 40 Woodcuts,
Pagina 5 - A DICTIONARY OF SCIENCE, LITERATURE, AND ART; Comprising the History, Description, and Scientific Principles of every Branch of Human Knowledge ; with the Derivation and Definition of ail the Terms in general use. Edited
Pagina 7 - DALE.—THE DOMESTIC LITURGY AND FAMILY CHAPLAIN : in Two Parts: the First Part heing Church Services adapted for Domestic Use, with Prayers for every Day of the Week, selected exclusively from the Book of Common Prayer. Part II. comprising an appropriate Sermon for every Sunday in the Year. By the Kev. Thomas Dale, MA, Canon-Residentiary of St. Paul's Cathedral. 2d Edition. Post 4to.
Pagina 17 - giving their Natural History, accompanied hy such Descriptions, Engraved Figures, and Elementary Details, as may enahle a heginner, who Is a mere English reader, to discover the name of every Plant which he may find in flower, and acquire all the information respecting it
Pagina 14 - cloth. KIRBY AND SPENCE.-AN INTRODUCTION TO ENTOMOLOGY; Or, Elements of the Natural History of Insects: comprising an account of noxious and useful Insects, of their Metamorphoses, Food, Stratagems, Hahitations, Societies, Motions, Noises, Hyhernation, Instinct, etc.

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