George B. McClellan: The Young Napoleon

HMH, 9 dec. 2014 - 482 pagina's
“Sears has finally unraveled the mystique of this complex, brilliant Civil War general†.†.†. A fascinating story” (James M. McPherson, author of Battle Cry of Freedom).

“Commander of the Northern army in the Civil War, Gen. George McClellan saw himself as God’s chosen instrument for saving the Union. Self-aggrandizing, with a streak of arrogant stubbornness, he set himself above President Lincoln, whom he privately called ‘the Gorilla.’ To ‘the young Napoleon,’ as McClellan’s troops dubbed him, abolition was an ‘accursed doctrine.’ Fond of conspiracy plots, he insisted that the Lincoln administration had traitorously conspired to set him up for military defeat. Although he constantly anticipated one big, decisive battle that would crush the South, he squandered one military opportunity after another, and, if Sears is correct, he was the worst strategist the Army of the Potomac ever had. Based on primary sources, letters, dispatch books, diaries, newspapers, this masterly biography is an astonishing portrait of an egotistical crank who could snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.” —Publishers Weekly

“Engagingly written and thoroughly researched, Sears’s persuasive critique is the best and most complete biography of this controversial general.” —Library Journal

“The best biography of McClellan ever published. Sears uses intensive research, including new material, to document the tormented, wasted military career of a talented man†.†.†. The enigma of McClellan has never been explained so well†.†.†. Historians should be grateful.” —The Washington Post Book World

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George B. McClellan: the young Napoleon

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Sears finds serious faults with McClellan's generalship in each of the Civil War campaigns, especially in 1862 in Virginia and at Antietam, Maryland, perhaps the turning point battle of the war. He ... Volledige review lezen


1 The Making of a Soldier
2 On Peacetime Service
3 Life in a Civilian World
4 The Call to War
Map of Western Virginia Theater
5 Building an Army
6 General of All the Armies
7 The Grand Campaign
12 Opportunity of a Lifetime
Map of The Maryland Theater
13 The Battle of Antietam
Map of The Antietam Battlefield
14 The Last Command
15 The Political Arena
16 Campaign for the Presidency
17 The Old Soldier

Map of Eastern Virginia Theater
8 On the Peninsula
9 The Battle for Richmond
Map of The Richmond Battlefields
10 Impasse at Harrisons Landing
11 General Without an Army
A Memoir for History
Back Matter
Back Flap
Back Cover

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Stephen W. Sears is the author of many award-winning books on the Civil War, including Gettysburg and Landscape Turned Red. A former editor at American Heritage, he lives in Connecticut.

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